PNS Daily Newscast - April 20, 2018 

The DOJ delivers the Comey memos to Congress. Also on our rundown: More evidence that rent prices are out of reach in many markets; Wisconsin counties brace for sulfide mining; and the Earth Day focus this weekend in North Dakota is on recycling.

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Free Pet Care at Paws for Pets Festival Saturday

Pets are proven to improve their owner's health. Credit: Arizona Humane Society
Pets are proven to improve their owner's health. Credit: Arizona Humane Society
October 22, 2015

MESA, Az. - Statistics show pet owners have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rates. So this weekend the the AARP and the Arizona Humane Society are teaming up let pet owners show their animals some love.

The groups are co-hosting a "Paws for Your Pets" event in Mesa on Saturday. Cynthia Fagyas, communications director with the AARP, says the bond between people and their pets actually improves quality of life.

"Pets have a lasting and a positive impact on people's lives and it's especially poignant for seniors to have a pet," says Fagyas. "It really helps with isolation issues, it helps to decrease agitation and even memory loss."

Pets whose "parents" are over 50 years old will receive free vaccinations and micro-chipping will only be $25.

Fagyas adds, people will also get 20 percent off if they adopt a shelter pet.

"By offering a lot of these services for free while supplies last for pet owners over 50 it helps people who are struggling to make ends meet," says Fagyas. "This is an opportunity where we can provide some free services to help relieve some of that financial burden in caring for their pet."

The Paws for Pets Fall Festival runs from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Oakwood Creative Care in Mesa.

Suzanne Potter, Public News Service - AZ