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  The media's job is to interest the public in the public interest.  - John Dewey  


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Boise Office
1810 West State Street #420
Boise, ID 83702
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Lark Corbeil
Managing Editor

David Crandall
Business Manager

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Development Director

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Claire Carter
Associate Development Director

Mary Hulsebus
Executive Administator

  Media Trends and PNS

Today six major corporations control the information in most media outlets. The trend is consolidation and cross-marketing – resulting not in more voices, but more of the same voices. Under these pressures, journalists are often overworked, underpaid and driven toward increasingly sensationalized content.

From our perspective, the ability of mainstream media to support a vibrant democracy is in jeopardy. Gaining access to the public airwaves is increasingly dependent on being able to relate to journalists in time-saving ways. Often this expertise comes with a hefty price tag, and those with fewer resources have a harder time being heard and taken seriously in the public arena.

In response, more independent and alternative media are being created, but most people still get their news from mainstream sources.

What we do …

To support democracy and promote public dialogue in a rapidly changing media
environment, Public News Service (PNS) is a member-supported news service
that advocates journalism in the public interest. PNS's network of
state-based news services distribute high quality public interest news and
information to both mainstream and alternative media on a daily basis.
Support comes from non-profit organizations, foundations, individuals and
businesses for social responsibility.

See a Map of News Services States.

Our stories examine the effects of policy on areas that receive too little coverage, lifting up often marginalized voices and making greater journalistic breadth available to broadcasters and publishers.

How we do…

On a day-to-day basis we link with hundreds of grassroots organizations who keep us informed on a cross-cutting range of social justice, environmental and economic issues. In 2006, our independent services produced 2,142 radio and 40 television news stories, which aired 164,979 times by 3,721 radio stations nationwide (and 9 TV stations in Idaho.)

Broadcasters across the map use Public News Service stories-from conservative news/talk to public, community, ethnic and religious outlets, as well as their online sites. In addition to our television model in Idaho, and a bi-lingual news service
in New Mexico, we recently collaborated on a successful Spanish radio pilot
project with the Mainstream Media Project in the Pacific Northwest. 2007 plans for expansion include Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvannia
and others.

Currently, we manage independent news services in the following states:

California Nevada South Dakota
Colorado New Hampshire Tennessee
Idaho New Mexico Virginia
Iowa New York Washington
Massachusetts North Dakota West Virginia
Minnesota Ohio Wisconsin
Montana Oregon Wyoming

While the issues vary, our state-based producers cover a broad range of social, community and environmental topics, including:

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Animal Welfare

Arts & Culture

Budget Policy & Priorities

Campaign Finance Reform/Money in Politics

Children's Issues

Citizenship/Representative Democracy

Civil Rights

Community Issues

Consumer Safety

Criminal Justice

Cultural Resources


Domestic Violence

Early Childhood Education


Endangered Species & Wildlife

Energy Policy


Environmental Justice
Family/Father Issues

GLBTQ Issues

Global Warming/Air Quality

Gun Violence Prevention

Health Issues

HIV/AIDS Prevention


Human Rights/Racial Justice


Immigrant Issues

International Relief

Livable Wages/Working Families

Mental Health

Native American Issues

Nuclear Waste



Public Lands/Wilderness


Salmon Recovery

Senior Issues

Sexual Assault

Smoking Prevention

Social Justice

Sustainable Agriculture

Teen Pregnancy Prevention


Urban Planning/Transportation

Waste Reduction/Recycling

Water Quality

Welfare Reform

Women's Issues

Youth Issues