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Photo: The North Carolina Supreme Court is considering the cases of four inmates who had their sentences converted to life in prison under the Racial Justice Act. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

RALEIGH, N.C. - It's a waiting game now for supporters and opponents of North Carolina's Racial Justice Act (RJA). On Monday, the state Supreme Court heard arguments in the cases of four defendants who were the only inmates removed from death row under the RJA. The legislation was passed in 2009, ...Read More

According to federal figures, nearly 5000 pre-school kids were suspended from school in the most recent year. A disproportionate number were minority children. Photo credit: U.S. Department of Education.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Almost 5000 American children have been suspended from pre-school for behavior issues, acording to the latest federal figures, and a disproportionate number were minority kids. According to Jerri Derlikowski, education policy director at Arkansas Advocates for Families and Chil ...Read More

PHOTO: A new report compares how children are progressing on key milestones by state, across racial and ethnic groups. It says in Florida, children of all races need more support to thrive. Photo courtesy Kids Count.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – In just four years, children of color are expected to outpace the number of white children in the United States, according to the Census Bureau. A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation asks if those children will be prepared to succeed in their classrooms and beyond ...Read More

PHOTO: Debris on streets of coastal New York days after Hurricane Sandy. Advocates for the homeless say 17 months later, the housing situation for many is worse than it was last winter. Photo credit: Walt Jennings, FEMA.

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. – The one, two, three punch of the foreclosure crisis, Hurricane Sandy and the worst winter in recent memory has hit New York hard and – on Long Island especially – left advocates for the homeless staggering. Many low-income renters lost their dwellings in the w ...Read More

PHOTO: Swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy swung in favor of "big spenders" in the U.S. Supreme Court's McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission decision on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

ALTOONA, Iowa – Another important campaign finance decision handed down Wednesday by the U.S. Supreme Court is provoking both celebration and consternation across the country. The 5-to-4 ruling in McCutcheon v. the Federal Election Commission means instead of a total of $123,000, a single do ...Read More

PHOTO: Washington needs to do a better job planning for a more diverse population and workforce, says a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation that examines racial inequities in education and child well-being. Photo credit: Microsoft Images.

SEATTLE - Doors of opportunity may open or close for kids starting in early childhood depending on their race or ethnic background, and a new report examines those racial differences by state. In Washington, it says, children who are white or from some Asian/Pacific Islander subgroups fare far bett ...Read More

 Among other things, Justice Stephens is advocating for campaign spending reform, after the 2010 "Citizens United" decision that declared corporations are people and opened the floodgates to big corporate political donations. Photo by Steve Petteway/ US Supreme Court

CHICAGO - Since retiring from the bench in 2010, former Supreme Court Justice and Illinois native son John Paul Stevens has not been idle. His new book, out this month, has already caused a big stir in political and policy circles. It's called "Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Consti ...Read More

PHOTO: A new Annie E. Casey Foundation report on obstacles to success facing children of color finds only 41-percent of Arizona Latino children ages 3 to 5 are enrolled in pre-school or kindergarten. CREDIT: University of California

PHOENIX - According to Census Bureau projections, by 2018, children of color will represent a majority of kids in the United States. By 2030, the majority of the American labor force will be people of color. But a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation measures major obstacles to success for ...Read More

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