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    PNS Daily News - September 3, 20150 

    We’re covering a range of topics in today’s news including: Congress sets a date on the Planned Parenthood debate; in a step away from technology, Texas takes the lead in face-to-face jail visits; and the earth is losing its trees at alarming rates.


Every dollar donated buys nine meals at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. Courtesy: Food Bank of Northern Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – Imagine not knowing where your next meal will come from. Getting enough food to eat is a daily battle for one in six Hoosiers, including more than 340,000 children. Today is Hunger Action Day, and hunger-relief groups in Indiana are shining a light on the problem of food ins ...Read More

Keeping your back-to-school child healthy involves lots of physical activity, careful meal planning and setting a good example as an adult. Credit: Tomml/

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - One of the most important factors in keeping a child healthy is making sure he or she is getting plenty of exercise, according to a pediatrician at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Dr. Denise Dunlap recommended at least a full hour of moderate-intensity physical activity every da ...Read More

A Mercy for Animals investigation found chickens at a Dukedom, Tennessee, farm were bred to grow so quickly they became crippled under their own weight. Credit: Mercy for Animals.

DUKEDOM, Tenn. – A Tennessee chicken farm has lost its contract to provide chickens for McDonald's through Tyson Foods, after the chicken supplier announced it was terminating its contract with the farmer. Late last week, the animal rights group Mercy for Animals released the results of an un ...Read More

A neighbor, friend or relative may be among the one in seven Illinoisans at risk for hunger. Credit: DTL/Morguefile.

GENEVA, Ill. – Hunger may be invisible, but it has a face. A neighbor, colleague or even a relative may be among the one in seven Illinoisans at risk for hunger. September is Hunger Action Month in Illinois and around the nation, and Illinoisans are being encouraged to fight hunger in their c ...Read More

The Life is Why Family Health Challenge encourages families to eat healthier and get more regular physical activity over the next four weeks and into the future. Credit: Creativestock.

BISMARCK, N.D. – The number of children who are overweight or obese in North Dakota has been swelling for decades, but a month-long event starting Tuesday aims to gain some traction in reversing that trend. The Life is Why Family Health Challenge is broken down into four themed weeks. Americ ...Read More

Older baby boomers may be more vulnerable to hunger than other age groups, according to a new report. Credit: gleangenie/

DETROIT - As the Baby Boom generation continues its march toward senior status, experts say particular economic and health factors make them more vulnerable to hunger than other age groups. According to the latest Feeding America report, 13 million adults age 50 and older now receive some sort of c ...Read More

SNAP recipients must now have an in-person assessment to determine eligibility for the program. Credit: BPSUSF/Flickr.

INDIANAPOLIS – About 50,000 Hoosiers could lose food assistance in the next few months if they do not meet work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). A federal waiver that allowed adults without dependents to forgo work requirements during the recession is exp ...Read More

North Carolina lawmakers are considering a so-called TABOR amendment that would limit the state government's ability to raise taxes. Colorado has had such an amendment since 1992. Credit: Darren Hester/Morguefile.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Colorado may be almost 1,500 miles from North Carolina, but Tar Heel State lawmakers are looking into a constitutional amendment already in place there. The North Carolina State Senate recently approved what is often referred to as a Taxpayer Bill of Rights, or TABOR, which wo ...Read More

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