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    PNS Daily News - August 31, 20150 

    Among the stories we are following; President Obama renames the nation’s tallest peak; officials close in on a guns in parks policy; the death penalty on trial in California; and how dropping your devices could get you a better night’s sleep.

Senior Issues

Older baby boomers may be more vulnerable to hunger than other age groups, according to a new report. Credit: gleangenie/

DETROIT - As the Baby Boom generation continues its march toward senior status, experts say particular economic and health factors make them more vulnerable to hunger than other age groups. According to the latest Feeding America report, 13 million adults age 50 and older now receive some sort of c ...Read More

An SEIU Local 503 bargaining team has negotiated a pay raise with the state for home-care workers, who will earn up to $15 an hour by 2017. Credit: SEIU Local 503.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A pay raise is on the way for more than 20,000 home-care workers in Oregon. A new contract has been settled with the state by SEIU Local 503 that outlines a pathway of up to $15 an hour by 2017. Home-care workers currently have a base wage of $13.75 an hour. "Some people say, oh, ...Read More

AARP estimates that bad investment advice robs Americans of as much as $17 billion each year.

MADISON, Wis. – When a financial adviser gives you advice about where your money should be is that person telling you which investments will get him or her the highest commission, or which investments will actually be the best for your purposes? That question has led the U.S. Department of L ...Read More

An online tool is helping older Americans in Arizona, like those seen here, learn more about iPhones, social media, and other technologies that continue to develop at a very past pace. Photo courtesy of AARP Arizona.

PHOENIX - Some older people in Arizona and across the nation may not be as tech-savvy as, say, their grandchildren, but an online tool may help to even the technology knowledge gap between generations. Cynthia Fagyas, communications director with AARP Arizona, says the AARP TEK Academy, which stands ...Read More

Older Michiganders contribute to the state's economy at a rate higher than their percentage of the population, according to a new report. Credit: finance/

LANSING, Mich. - They've been called a burden or a drain on the economy, but according to a recent report, older Michiganders have much more economic clout than many believe. AARP's Longevity Economy Report shows that households headed by those age 50 and older contribute to the state's economy to ...Read More

Many nursing-home residents still are active and engaged with their communities, but those who receive Medicaid get only $50 a month to cover any incidentals. Photo credit: jcmunt/

NEW YORK - Residents of nursing homes in New York state who receive Medicaid haven't had a raise in 34 years. The issue isn't the cost of residential care - that's expensive, and it's paid for. But nursing home residents also get a monthly personal allowance of $50, an amount that hasn't changed si ...Read More

North Dakota lawmakers will convene Wednesday to begin a study on what can be done to better support family caregivers in the state. Credit: Silvia Jansen.

BISMARCK, N.D. – The next North Dakota Legislative Assembly is still more than a year away, but lawmakers are already busy preparing, including a meeting of the Interim Human Services Committee on Wednesday that will examine the issue of family care-giving. The panel will begin a study on wha ...Read More

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – It was 80 years ago this month that President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law, changing America forever. The act guaranteed that senior citizens would not grow old penniless. Sarah Jennings, director for AARP-South Dakota, says the program is ...Read More

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