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    PNS Daily News - July 28, 20150 

    A wide range of issues on today’s nationwide rundown including; the Boy Scouts of America open the door to gay adult leaders; we’ll tell you how Colorado schools are improving air quality for kids; and an update on Milwaukee’s mysterious lion case.


PHOTO: Critics claim the federal plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants will raise electricity prices, but a pair of reports suggest it'll mean lower bills for Iowa families. With participation in energy-efficiency programs under the Clean Power Plan, the analyses say that Iowa households could save up to $83 a month by 2030. Photo credit: Kameleon007.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Two new studies find the proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to cut carbon pollution from the nation's existing power plants makes a lot of financial sense for Iowa consumers. One report that looks at the economics of the Clean Power Plan is from Synapse Energy ...Read More

PHOTO: In direct contradiction to charges by many energy corporations, research is finding an EPA plan to reduce carbon emissions should actually cut electricity bills, if itís implemented using energy efficiency as well as renewables. Photo courtesy of World Resource Insitute.

RICHMOND, Va. – An Environmental Protection Agency plan to cut carbon pollution should actually save Virginia families money, if meeting the plan includes energy efficiency, according to two separate analyses. Critics of the Clean Power Plan charge it will sharply raise the cost of electricit ...Read More

PHOTO: The Environmental Protection Agency is due to finalize the Clean Power Plan this summer, and two new reports find lower electricity rates for consumers, and reduced emissions could be the result. Photo credit: MRBECK/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Clean Power Plan is expected to be finalized soon, and two new reports refute opponents' claims that the plan will increase electric bills for Ohioans. Synapse Energy Economics developed a scenario that includes investments in renewables and energy efficiency, and found ...Read More

PHOTO: Shifting away from Missouri's historic dependence on coal will ultimately save consumers money on their electric bills and help bolster job creation, according to two new reports. Photo credit: click/morguefile.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - According to two new reports, Missouri can help its residents save money while cutting carbon emissions as the state implements the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. Elizabeth Stanton, principal economist with Synergy Energy Economics, which put together on ...Read More

PHOTO: Environmentalists say current cleanup efforts will only remove 65 percent of toxic PCB contamination from the Hudson River. It has been there since the 1970s. Photo credit: Abigail Jones.

NEW YORK - Candle flames flickered along the shores of the Hudson River on Thursday night as New Yorkers from Manhattan to Schuylerville 200 miles north joined in a vigil calling for a thorough cleanup of toxic PCB contamination. General Electric, which dumped millions of pounds of industrial chemi ...Read More

PHOTO: A new poll commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation found 83 percent of those surveyed agree that Clean Water Act rules should apply to small waterways. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

HELENA, Mont. – When it comes to keeping small streams and wetlands clean, there's little controversy among hunters and anglers. A new poll commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation found 83 percent of those surveyed agree that Clean Water Act rules should apply to small waterways. Da ...Read More

PHOTO: A new poll shows nearly unanimous support for the EPA's clean water policy among hunters and anglers in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Pennsylvania stream photo courtesy of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

CARLISLE, Pa. – A poll of national and Pennsylvania hunters and anglers has found overwhelming support, even among self-described conservatives, for a controversial EPA clean water policy. Commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the survey found support for an EPA plan to ap ...Read More

PHOTO: A bipartisan survey of hunters and anglers demonstrates broad support for applying the same rules and standards of the Clean Water Act to smaller streams and wetlands. The EPA has come under criticism for restoring protections. Photo credit: Billy Hathorn/Wikimedia.

DENVER – A new national survey of hunting and fishing enthusiasts reveals broad support among voters of all political stripes for applying Clean Water Act standards to smaller streams and wetlands. The poll was commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation. Bill Dvorak, a river outfitter ...Read More

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