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PHOTO: A group of Montana parents has been visiting Walgreens stores around the state this week, asking that the company remove products from store shelves that have been shown to contain toxic chemicals. Photo credit: Microsoft Images

HELENA, Mont. – Montana parents who also are members of Montana Conservation Voters are asking Walgreens stores around the state to remove products from their shelves that have been shown to contain certain toxic chemicals – confirmed by test results from "So many chem ...Read More

PHOTO: A new group of Iowans has just been trained as "drift catchers" to monitor air samples for pesticides over the summer. Photo credit: D. Michael Burns.

DEWITT, Iowa - With the coming start of the growing season in Iowa, a group of volunteer "drift catchers" is preparing to spread out across the state to monitor the air for floating pesticides. Among the group is Greg King, who grows vegetables, fruits and flowers in rural DeWitt, and had some probl ...Read More

PHOTO: This photo, taken in 2010 following the Deepwater Horizon spill, shows an oil-covered pelican. Photo courtesy Louisiana Governor's Office.

AUSTIN, Texas - Nearly four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a new study says the disaster is far from over. Much research remains to be done, said Dr. Doug Inkley, senior scientist for the National Wildlife Federation, but the science shows that wildlife still are ...Read More

PHOTO: In cities across the state, cleanup days and events are on the calendars in the weeks ahead, helping residents properly dispose of items that can't be trashed. Photo credit: Loren Kerns

DES MOINES, Iowa - With more seasonable weather now settling in, folks across Iowa are being reminded that not everything can just go into the trash as they start to tackle projects around the house and the yard. Leslie Holsapple, Metro Waste Authority program coordinator, said that includes hazard ...Read More

PHOTO: Epinephrine auto-injectors, known as EpiPens, would be required in California's public schools under a bill being considered in the Legislature. Photo credit:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - An EpiPen can be a lifesaver for someone with a severe allergic reaction. That's why a state lawmaker wants them available in all public schools. Senator Bob Huff's bill (SB 1266) passed the Senate Education Committee last week and now heads to the Senate Health Committee. The b ...Read More

PHOTO: A long-running legal battle over which water bodies are covered by the Clean Water Act could be coming to an end, with a proposed rule to provide clarity on which are eligible. Photo credit:  Robert Nunnally

AUSTIN, Texas - It's a plan to better protect the most vulnerable waters across the state and nation, and among those giving cheers are some Texas beer lovers. The proposed rule aims to end the long-running legal battle over how to apply the Clean Water Act by clearly defining which water bodies fa ...Read More

PHOTO: The EPA is proposing a rule to close loopholes in the Clean Water Act that some estimates say leave 60 percent of Ohio’s streams and millions of acres of wetlands at risk of unchecked pollution and development. Photo credit: Ohio EPA.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Environmental Protection Agency is taking what some say is the biggest step forward for clean water in more than a decade. On Tuesday, the agency proposed a rule that would close what have been called loopholes in the Clean Water Act. Christian Adams, a state associate for Envi ...Read More

PHOTO: The Little Tennessee River, and other North Carolina streams and wetlands, could see greater protection if a proposed rule takes effect clarifying what types of waterways are covered by the Clean Water Act. Photo courtesy: North Carolina Wildlife Federation.

RALEIGH, N.C. - For more than a decade, 20 million wetland acres and 2 million miles of streams - including many in North Carolina - were left unprotected, despite the federal Clean Water Act. Experts say the gap in coverage was the unintended result of two Supreme Court decisions. On Tuesday, the ...Read More

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