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    PNS Daily News - July 31, 20150 

    We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; the Clean Power Plan will save Americans some money on their electric bills, concludes a new report; a new program launching in New York seeks to identify and treat people with mental health issues living in low income areas; in California, several grocers face big fines for selling produce tainted with illegal pesticides.

Women's Issues

PHOTO: Amid attacks on the organization, Planned Parenthood supporters and volunteers have been working overtime to ensure the St. Louis office remains a welcoming place for the patients it serves. Photo courtesy of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – With Republican lawmakers planning to vote as early as this week on a bill to block Planned Parenthood from federal funding, supporters of the organization are speaking out. Natasha Ceballos was a scared teenager when she visited Planned Parenthood in St. Louis as a patient, ...Read More

PHOTO: With its patient population at high risk for cervical cancer, the Colorado Community Health Network has been awarded $150,000 for a pilot project to improve screening rates across the state. Photo courtesy Colorado Community Health Network.

DENVER - Reinforcements in the battle against cervical cancer are on their way for women at risk in Colorado. The Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) has been awarded $150,000 to launch a pilot project to improve screening rates at clinics. The federal government recently changed guidelines f ...Read More

PHOTO: AARP's Public Policy Institute estimates the national value of unpaid family care for loved ones rivals the $469 billion annual sales of the four major tech companies combined. Photo credit: Chris Kirzeder/Alzheimer's Association.

SEATTLE - Nearly 20 percent of people over age 25 juggle jobs while they provide care for a family member who is older or has a disability. AARP's new report on family caregiving outlines caregivers' health and career challenges. It says more than half of caregivers surveyed feel "overwhelmed" by ...Read More

PHOTO: About 459,000 Oregonians are unpaid family caregivers for loved ones. Nationally, AARP estimates the value of this care rivals Wal-Mart's annual sales. Photo credit: Chris Kirzeder/Alzheimer's Association.

SALEM, Ore. – AARP has just updated its research on family caregiving, and what it shows is no surprise – one in five people over the age of 25 juggles a job and family in order to care for older loved ones. The new Valuing the Invaluable report recommends strategies for workplace flexi ...Read More

PHOTO: Over 1 million workers in North Carolina do not receive pay when taking time off to care for a sick child. And some families are calling on state lawmakers to support policies that would require employers to offer earned paid sick days, and expand family medical leave. Photo credit: Elin Luna/Morguefile.

RALEIGH, N.C. - While state lawmakers enjoy time off during their summer recess, some North Carolinians are continuing their work to fight for earned paid sick days. State law doesn't require workers earn paid sick days or receive legal protections when taking extended leave to care for a sick lov ...Read More

PHOTO: The annual Women Powering Change expo in Denver brings more than 100 state and national organizations together to discuss their work advancing issues like sustainability, social justice and gender empowerment. Image credit: Stuart Jenner.

DENVER – More than 1,000 attendees are expected at today's Women Powering Change expo in Denver. The event, which began as a small backyard gathering in 2013, now showcases the work of more than 100 advocacy organizations across Colorado and the U.S. Lauren Casteel, president and CEO with th ...Read More

PHOTO: Journalists are among those who would be covered under a proposal to extend overtime benefits to salaried workers up to about $50,000. Photo credit:

WASHINGTON – Working more than 40 hours a week without overtime pay is a fact of life for millions of salaried employees, but it's a fact the U.S. Department of Labor wants to change. First unveiled last week, a proposal to extend overtime benefits to workers making up to about $50,000 a year ...Read More

PHOTO: Women's health organizations are mobilizing after the U.S. Supreme Court delayed a new Texas law that would leave the state with fewer than 10 clinics providing abortion services. Photo credit: Night Owl/Wikimedia Commons.

AUSTIN, Texas – Women's health advocates in Texas are breathing a collective sigh of relief, after the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the state to delay a new law that would have closed all but nine of the clinics in Texas that perform abortion services. House Bill 2, passed in 2013, forces clini ...Read More

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