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    PNS Weekend Update0 

    In focus on our weekend nationwide rundown; the union representing the fired University of Cincinnati police officer involved in last week’s fatal shooting says he should get his job back; a potential compromise for Pennsylvania which has had no budget for a month; new tactics to combat Long Island’s heroin epidemic; and a call for grounding chopper training in the North Cascades.

Waste Reduction/Recycling

PHOTO: Two new reports debunk claims that the EPA's Clean Power Plan would cost Michiganders in the form of higher energy bills. Photo credit: click/morguefile.

LANSING, Mich. - If lower electricity bills sound good to you, two new reports find that the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan is the way to get there. The plan is expected to be finalized this summer. Opponents claim it will lead to higher bills, but a new analysis from Synapse ...Read More

PHOTO: Saturday is Colorado River Day in honor of the waterway that serves as the backbone of the West's economy and a critical source of drinking water for millions. The state's farmers and ranchers are hopeful Colorado's Water Plan will protect the river, and have already invested heavily in water-conservation efforts. Photo credit: Donna Boley/Wikimedia Commons.

DENVER - Saturday is Colorado River Day, marking the date in 1921 when the river was officially renamed from the Grand River to the Colorado. The future of the river is uncertain because of water shortages and increasing demand, and it features prominently in an emerging Colorado water plan. Steve ...Read More

Photo: The business aspect of recycling is subject to the ups and downs of the global marketplace, says the president of Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin. But Meleesa Johnson asserts that recycling still is less expensive than landfilling. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

STEVENS POINT, Wis. - National business publications sucha as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes recently have run articles saying recycling is in a crisis, but the president of Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin disputes that notion. Meleesa Johnson said there is no crisis, pointing out that the ar ...Read More

PHOTO: Disgust and contamination concerns keep people flushing the toilet after each use, according to a new survey from Indiana University-Bloomington. But the researchers say flushing the toilet less often could significantly reduce household water usage. Photo credit: M. Kuhlman.

INDIANAPOLIS - When it comes to water conservation, experts in Indiana say every drop in the bucket counts including those drops in the commode. According to a survey from Indiana University-Bloomington, toilets are a huge water guzzler, accounting for more than a quarter of household water use. ...Read More

PHOTO: Items like cleaning products, batteries, lawn fertilizer and oil should never be tossed in the garbage or poured down the drain as they pose health, safety and environmental risks. Photo credit: U.S. Army Environmental Command/Flickr.

DES MOINES, Iowa - Hazardous household chemicals can build up around the home and garage quickly, but they can't be tossed with the regular garbage, so Iowans are being reminded to dispose of them properly. It's estimated the average home has accumulated around 100 pounds of cleaning products, oi ...Read More

PHOTO: Thousands of Nevadans volunteer at food banks, hospitals, animal shelters, and schools each year, and AARP Nevada is seeking nominees for its highest honor given for volunteerism. Photo courtesy of Douglas County, Nevada.

LAS VEGAS – Nevadans who give their time and talents to help others can be nominated for an award that recognizes the positive contribution of volunteerism. Hilarie Grey with AARP Nevada says the 2015 AARP Nevada Andrus Award for Community Service – named after AARP founder Dr. Ethel Pe ...Read More

PHOTO: Every year, oil and gas development on public and tribal lands leads to the release of more than $360 million worth of natural gas into the environment, according to new analysis commissioned by the Environmental Defense Fund. Photo credit: U.S. Department of Energy.

DENVER - Oil and gas companies operating on public and tribal lands are squandering $360 million a year in natural gas, according to a new analysis released by the Environmental Defense Fund. Bill Midcap, director of external affairs for the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, said the amount of oil and ...Read More

PHOTO: Natural gas that is flared, vented or that simply leaks from development sites is costing New Mexico millions in lost energy royalties, says a new report that examines the financial and environmental impact of gas waste on federal and tribal land. Photo credit: Tim Evanson/Flickr.

SANTA FE, N.M. - New Mexico tops the nation for the amount of methane pollution released from oil and gas drilling on federal and tribal land, according to a new report for the Environmental Defense Fund. The study described the loss as a financial as well as environmental problem, since developers ...Read More

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