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    PNS Daily News - October 9, 20150 

    Featured on our Friday rundown; Republicans attempt to regroup in their failed quest for a new House Speaker; Connecticut’s highest court says “no” to reconsidering the death penalty; plus an update on protections for exotic animals.

Immigrant Issues

Plaintiffs in the case against SB 1070, Arizona's controversial immigration enforcement law, will appeal a ruling that upheld a notorious provision of the law. Credit: Bluegame/iStockphoto.

PHOENIX – The legal fight continues against Senate Bill 1070, Arizona's controversial immigration enforcement law. Plaintiffs announced Monday they will appeal a judge's ruling from last month that upheld the so-called "show me your papers" provision of the law. Victor Viramontes, national s ...Read More

Legislation awaiting Gov. Pat McCrory's signature or veto could change the forms of ID that law enforcement are allowed to accept, and increase the number of arrests of people lacking identification, which police say is a bad use of resources. Credit: hallshadow/

RALEIGH, N.C. – There is growing pressure on Gov. Pat McCrory to veto legislation that would impact a variety of populations in the state, including immigrants and migrant workers. House Bill 318, which supporters call the Protect North Carolina Workers Act, would prevent local police from ...Read More

Forty percent of prisoners on Riker's Island are there because they can't afford bail. Credit: Cdogsimmons/Wikimedia Commons

NEW YORK - New York state is taking a serious look at reforming bail for criminal defendants. Last week the state's chief judge said he will institute several changes including encouraging judges to set bail at affordable levels, reviewing bail amounts within 10 days of arraignment, and retraining j ...Read More

Several looming Congressional budget battles could turn into shutdown standoffs. Graph by National Priorities Project

RICHMOND, Va. - A government shutdown has been delayed at least until December, but a number of budget fights remain. Shutdowns pose a significant threat to Virginia's economy, due to the many federal offices and employees. A temporary agreement over funds for Planned Parenthood delayed the shutdo ...Read More

A measure is pending in the Commonwealth that would increase access to a driver's licenses for all qualified residents without regard to immigration status. Credit: Mike Clifford

BOSTON - Eleven states and the District of Columbia allow qualified residents to obtain a driver's license regardless of their immigration status - and a measure is pending at the state House to allow the Commonwealth to join that group. Eighty percent of state residents rely on a vehicle to get to ...Read More

More than three quarters of Latino voters support Pope Francis' theology on environmental conservation, according to a new study. Credit: Nico Campo/iStockphoto.

DENVER - One group particularly receptive to Pope Francis during his visit was the Latino community. A recent survey by GreenLatinos and ...Read More

Pope Francis used a visit to the White House to say climate change is an issue that can't wait. Green groups in New York wonder whether lawmakers at the state and federal level are getting that message. Courtesy: White House Government Photo

NEW YORK - In his first-ever visit to the White House, Pope Francis on Wednesday declared climate change is a problem that can no longer be left to future generations. But some wonder if New York lawmakers are getting the message. Peter Iwanowicz, executive director with Environmental Advocates of ...Read More

A gathering tonight in Des Moines brings together activists from across the nation who want to see an end to the immigration-detention quota. Credit: TheaDesign

DES MOINES, Iowa - As the presidential hopefuls continue to focus on Iowa with the all-important caucuses now slightly more than four months away, a gathering in the state tonight seeks to turn their attention to the detention of immigrants. Gabriela Flora, program director for the American Friends ...Read More

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