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    PNS Daily News - February 11, 20160 

    Our roundup of today’s news includes concern that the Supreme Court's decision on climate change regulations could scuttle the Paris climate agreement, presidential candidates are moving on from New Hampshire to South Carolina in search of delegates, and oyster aficionados are watching the latest efforts to restore Chesapeake Bay.

Immigrant Issues

There are practical, affordable ways to cover the state’s undocumented immigrant population, says New York's Community Service Society. (Tomasz Kobosz)

NEW YORK - Undocumented immigrants aren't covered under the Affordable Care Act, leaving about 457,000 people ineligible for coverage in New York alone. A new report from the Community Service Society, which advocates for impoverished New Yorkers, outlines what it calls "practical and affordable" ...Read More

U.S. immigration officials say they are taking a hands-off policy toward churches that provide sanctuary to refugees who could be deported. (Wikimedia Commons)

AUSTIN, Texas - A church in Texas has given a Guatemalan refugee sanctuary and is hoping that more religious organizations will follow suit. Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas has taken in a woman who church officials will only call Hilda. She says she came to the U.S. to escape vio ...Read More

The first undocumented immigrant to be sworn in as an attorney in New York could pave the way for others like him. (Jason Morrison)

NEW YORK - As the first undocumented immigrant admitted to the New York State Bar, Cesar Vargas is a permanent part of history. But the immigration activist and Bernie Sanders campaign staffer also may have paved the way for other undocumented youth brought to the United States as children, or "Drea ...Read More

The University of California has announced $5 million available to undocumented students through its Dream Loan program. (avidcreative/iStockphoto)

The University of California has announced $5 million in loans to undocumented students. The Dream Loan program is a follow-up to the California Dream Act of 2011 that allowed some undocumented youth to apply for state aid and scholarships, and to Assembly Bill 540, which granted them in-state tuit ...Read More

New state legislation aiming to strengthen and improve Colorado's SB 251 Driver's License program will be introduced in the House today. (Anyaberkut/iStockphoto)

DENVER - State Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, plans to introduce legislation in the House today that is designed to break through a political bottleneck keeping some immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses. The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act became law in 2013, but services only are ...Read More

The Zika virus is prevalent in the areas seen in purple, mostly in the Caribbean basin, Central and South America, and southern Mexico. (CDC)

AUSTIN, Texas - Public health officials in Texas are reporting nine cases of the Zika virus in the state's three largest cities. The Department of State Health Services said Tuesday it has confirmed seven cases in the Houston area and one in San Antonio, all persons who recently traveled to countri ...Read More

About 275 members of the Pennsylvania clergy have signed a letter condemning ICE raids. (New Santuary Movement)

PHILADELPHIA - The Philadelphia City Council on Thursday passed a resolution condemning recent deportation raids by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The resolution, introduced by Councilwomen Maria Quinones Sanchez and Helen Gym, comes just two weeks after Mayor Jim Kenney reins ...Read More

Data shows Connecticut police fired stun guns at black and Hispanic suspects at higher rates than whites. (Junglecat/Wikimedia Commons)

HARTFORD, Conn. - Preliminary data shows racial disparities in the use of stun guns by police in Connecticut. Connecticut is the first state in the nation to account for the use of stun guns, or tasers, by law enforcement. Though an official report hasn't been issued, David McGuire, legislative an ...Read More

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