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GRAPHIC: A map showing the variety of ways and locations local governments have invested in wired telecommunications networks. Advocates say communities and nonprofits offer competition to private-sector cable and fiber-optic companies. Photo credit: Community Broadband Networks.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - High-speed Internet networks operated by municipalities and nonprofits are fighting a pitched battle against the Comcasts and Verizons of the world, and the political and financial hurdles which small-scale Internet providers face are significant. Nearly 400 communities nationwide ...Read More

GRAPHIC: A poster calls for opponents of the FCC's proposed rule change on net neutrality to rally at the agency today. Credit: Free Press.

NEW YORK – Internet freedom advocates are calling for a day of action today at the Federal Communications Commission. Internet fast lanes are at the heart of the matter. The FCC is proposing that Comcast, Verizon and other service providers be allowed to charge more for outfits such as Net ...Read More

IMAGE: The Federal Communications Commission is expected to rule today on a proposal that would allow some Internet users, mainly huge corporations, faster online speeds than other users. (Image: UW Extension)

MADISON, Wis. - A ruling is expected today from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding "net neutrality," the concept that the free flow of information on the Internet occurs because all sites have the same access to all users. Advocates of net neutrality are urging the Commission to r ...Read More

PHOTO:  A leading advocate for rural America, Dee Davis, says potential FCC rule changes to the Internet could be another blow to those regions of the country still waiting for affordable broadband service. Photo: Greg Stotelmyer/Public News Service.

WHITESBURG, Ky. - The FCC's proposal to push the Internet toward a "pay to play" system similar to cable television has stirred a public outcry. Dee Davis, founder of the Center for Rural Strategies, says while the potential changes are "subtle," he fears they would be another blow to areas of the c ...Read More

GRAPHIC: A nationally recognized University of Wisconsin telecommunications expert says the nation's giant telecom companies are making big moves, confident that Net Neutrality will be changed by the Federal Communications Commission, and the battle is playing out in Wisconsin. Graphic courtesy UW Extension.

MADISON, Wis. - The biggest cable companies in the nation - Comcast, Charter, and Time Warner - are gambling heavily that the Federal Communications Commission will change Net Neutrality, the concept that everyone should have equal access to the Internet. University of Wisconsin Professor Barry Ort ...Read More

PHOTO: A Queens real estate agency advertising property for sale in Colombia. Colombian immigrants in New York and other states are finding their dream of owning a home is out of reach after 20 or 30 years of working in America, and are heading back to retire in Latin America. Photo courtesy Feet in 2 Worlds.

NEW YORK – Some long-held notions about immigrants in the U.S. are being turned on their head, as more Colombian immigrants in New York and other states, unable to afford buying homes post-recession, are heading back home to retire. According to a report by the immigrant advocacy group Feet ...Read More

PHOTO: Watchdog groups say a proposal to allow some Internet users faster speeds for higher prices runs counter to the Internet's purpose as an open forum for ideas and information. Photo credit: Ronstik/

PORTLAND, Ore. - Creating a "pay to play" system runs counter to what the Internet has been from the beginning, according to a watchdog group. Norman Solomon, co-founder of, said thousands of people are signing petitions protesting a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal t ...Read More

PHOTO: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, seen here (top left) at a meeting in January in Oakland, has signaled his support for rules that may threaten net neutrality by allowing broadband service to some companies at higher speed for higher prices. A pushback by opponents is forming quickly. Photo credit: Mark Scheerer.

NEW YORK – Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has signaled his intention to allow broadband Internet service providers such as Comcast or Time Warner Cable to charge content providers, including ESPN and Netflix, higher prices for faster download speeds. Internet freedom ...Read More

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