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PHOTO: North Dakota is the only state with a law on local pharmacy ownership. Voters will decide whether to repeal or keep it with Measure 7 on next week's ballot. Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass/Flickr.

BISMARCK, N.D. - When voters in North Dakota head to the polls next week, they'll decide whether or not to keep a 50-year-old law on the books concerning the local ownership of pharmacies. If passed, Measure 7 would open the door for major retail chains by removing the requirement that majority owne ...Read More

PHOTO: LR-126 would repeal Election Day voter registration in Montana, as well as late registration. More than 29,000 Montanans have used Election Day registration to cast a ballot. Credit: Deborah C. Smith

HELENA, Mont. - Election Day voter registration has been an option in Montana for about 10 years, with day-before registration also available. But that could change, depending on the outcome of a ballot measure from the state Legislature. LR-126 would repeal Election Day voter registration, and re ...Read More

Photo: Branch Out Cider collects apples from yards, gardens and acreages around Fort Collins to make their award-winning cider. Photo courtesy: Branch Out Cider

FORT COLLINS, Col. - Apples grow easily in many areas of Colorado, and this time of year farmers are busy harvesting their crops. But the fruit is also plentiful in the yards of Coloradans, who up until now had no use for the hundreds of apples their fruit trees produced. It's that observation th ...Read More

PHOTO: Ohio's Winter Crisis program begins Nov. 3, and assists eligible households with utility bill payments so they can keep their heat on. Photo credit: Brendan Wood/Flickr.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Temperatures are expected to dip today and while many Ohioans are running to their thermostat, others cannot afford to turn on their heat. Just in time for the cold weather, Ohio's Winter Crisis Program starts Nov. 3 to help qualified, low-income residents with winter heating costs ...Read More

PHOTO: Local public libraries are offering financial literacy fairs this fall, offering classes and tips on basic budgeting, saving for college and planning for retirement. Credit: Microsoft Images

BOISE, Idaho – Answers to common questions about finances are as close as your local library. Libraries around the state are offering financial literacy fairs, with tips on where to stash your cash, whether saving for retirement or college. Sue Walker, a library consultant at the Idaho Com ...Read More

Photo: North Carolina may have as many as two privately owned, online charter schools next year. Photo credit:

RALEIGH, N.C. – Starting next year, North Carolina's charter schools will expand beyond the four walls of a classroom. State lawmakers approved a pilot program in this year's budget that requires the state Board of Education to approve two statewide virtual charter schools – making the ...Read More

PHOTO: With hunger still a struggle for 20 percent of Minnesota families with children, a new "road map" to ending food insecurity is being launched at the annual Food Access Summit this year in Duluth. Photo credit: Gordon Flood/Flickr.

DULUTH, Minn. - Minnesota is set to roll out a new plan on ending hunger as hundreds of advocates from around the state convene at the annual Food Access Summit, beginning today in Duluth. Lucinda Jesson, Minnesota human services commissioner, says this year's gathering will include the public laun ...Read More

PHOTO: Pennsylvania college students pay the third-highest tuition in the nation, and graduate with the third-highest amount of debt for a four-year college. Photo credit: Keystone Research Center.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - A new report shows the long slide in state funding for higher public higher education has continued over the past four years, with negative impacts on individuals seeking a college education - and on the economy as a whole. Stephen Herzenberg, an economist and executive director o ...Read More

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