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    PNS Weekend Update - June 25, 20160 

    On this weekend’s rundown, we’re covering stories from across the globe, including: After Brexit, Google says many Britons may not know what they actually voted for; a Boston religious leader calls for peace in the wake of the Freddie Gray case acquittal; and Sunday marks one year since marriage equality was upheld by the nation’s highest court.

Public News Service - California

A new report shows more California children have health insurance, but the state lags behind on other major indicators of child well-being. (Cathy Yeulet/iStockphoto)

Sacramento, CA - A new report has good and bad news for California's kids. It says many more have health insurance, but poverty continues to threaten many aspects of their overall well-being. Comments from Jessica Mindnich (MIND-nick), director of research for the group Children Now. Despite the re...Read More

Public News Service - CA

The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked two of President Obama's executive orders on immigration. (Kconnors/morguefile)

LOS ANGELES -- Latino rights supporters are regrouping after the Supreme Court split 4-4 on the constitutionality of President Obama's immigration policy. The tie lets a lower court decision stand, blocking two of the president's executive orders. One program, Deferred Action for Parents of America...Read More

Public News Service - CA

A federal judge has ruled that the Bureau of Land Management does not have the authority to regulate fracking. (Jens Lambert Photography/iStockphoto)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – In a blow to the Obama administration's environmental agenda, a federal judge has struck down the Bureau of Land Management's fracking rules, saying that the president overstepped his authority. The judge ruled late Tuesday that the agency needs permission from Congress t...Read More

Public News Service - CA

Six California hospitals are linking their computer systems to better treat people who frequently seek emergency room care in multiple locations. (clarita/morguefile)

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A pilot program launching today between six Bay Area hospitals may provide a blueprint for a better way to treat patients who visit multiple emergency rooms on a regular basis -- through software that potentially could save the state millions. The idea is to reduce duplicate test...Read More

Public News Service - CA

Hikers enjoy Dinkey Creek in the Sierra National Forest, one area that has been left off the U.S. Forest Service list of places to be recommended for wilderness protection. (Steve Evans, California  Wilderness Coalition)

LOS ANGELES -- The futures of the Sequoia, Sierra and Inyo national forests are at stake, and the public has a once-in-a-generation chance to shape them. The U.S. Forest Service is taking public comment on its draft of the new forest plans, which come out every 20 to 30 years. Then they'll make rec...Read More

Public News Service - CA

Excursionistas disfrutan el Arroyo Creek en el Bosque Nacional Sierra, una área que ha sido dejada fuera de ls lista del Servicio Forestal de lugares por recomendar para protección silvestre. (Steve Evans, Californig Wilderness Coalition)

LOS ANGELES -- Los encuentros públicos surgen a toda velocidad en todo el estado para incluir aportaciones a los borradores de los nuevos planes de administración de bosques para la Sierra Sequoia y los Bosques Nacionales Inyo. Lo que se discute es a cuánta tierra debe recomendarse al...Read More

Public News Service - CA

The Obama family is visiting Yosemite National Park this weekend, and the Next 100 Coalition is asking him to promote cultural diversity on federal lands. (schick/morguefile)

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. -- President Obama, the First Lady and their daughters are visiting Yosemite National Park this weekend, and a group known as the "Next 100 Coalition" is hoping he'll touch on the need for cultural diversity in managing the nation's public lands. The visit comes ahead ...Read More

Public News Service - CA

Davy Brown Creek would be designated a wild and scenic river under the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act. (Cheryl Frei)

VENTURA, Calif. -- California conservation advocates this week are traveling to Washington, D.C., to join a national push for passage of several wilderness protection bills. They are praising President Obama for declaring three new national monuments in the Southern California desert in February: S...Read More

Public News Service - CA

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