PNS Daily News - December 9, 2016 

We’re featuring a variety of topics in today’s news including: the nation remembers a space hero; the American dream of upward mobility may be floundering; and the latest on presidential election recount efforts in three states.

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Public News Service - California

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congress is expected to vote by Friday on the Water Resources Development Act to improve cities' water infrastructure and ...Read More
LOS ANGELES – It looks like thousands of California veterans will soon be released from any obligation to pay back millions of dollars to the Pe ...Read More
MALIBU, Calif. - The mountain lion known as "P-45" that is roaming the Los Angeles area now is in hunters' sights over the deaths last weekend of at ...Read More
LOS ANGELES — The election that gave Republicans control of the White House and both houses of Congress isn't stopping the grassroots "Fight for ...Read More
SACRAMENTO, Calif - California's foster-care system looks after 60,000 children a year, and a new study points out ways to make improvements ...Read More
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The Bureau of Land Management has finalized rules that encourage increased solar and wind energy production on public lands ...Read More
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Supporters of public education say they're thrilled that voters passed both Propositions 55 and 58 by overwhelming margins ...Read More
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Dos iniciativas sobre educación, llamadas Propuestas 55 y 58, pasaron abrumadoramente el martes, para deleite de ...Read More
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