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    PNS Daily News - July 1, 20150 

    We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; 13 states are suing the EPA over the controversial Clean Water Rule; and a report on the defeat of some controversial education proposals in New York; and an Arizona congressman is backing legislation that would add greater protections to more than two million acres of public lands in the Grand Canyon State.

Public News Service - California

PHOTO: Salmon are already having a hard time in California. Critics of new legislation to fight the drought say it would divert more water to agriculture and threaten fish and wildlife species. Photo credit: Fucilef/morguefile

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Conservation groups say a bill introduced last week by a California Congressman to combat the drought would have devastating consequences for wildlife. House Resolution 2898, known as the "Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015," would allow more water to be pump...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: California's independent redistricting commission, created just four years ago as part of a sweeping initiative package, will remain in place following a U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding a similar redistricting system in Arizona. Photo credit: Kathleen Connally/Morguefile.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Election reforms that introduced an independent redistricting commission in California will remain in place, following a U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold a similar redistricting system in Arizona. California's independent redistricting commission was part of a sweepi...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: Companies running oil trains in California will be required to have a spill-response plan. Photo credit: vladyslav-danilin/shutterstock

Railroad companies soon won't be able to carry oil in California unless they have a safety plan - and put aside lots of money to cover any future spills. That's because a federal judge in San Francisco dismissed an industry lawsuit last week against California's new railroad safety law. Patti Goldm...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: On Wednesday a judge in San Bernardino County ruled the use of suction dredge mining equipment will continue to be banned in the Golden State. Photo credit: Klamath Riverkeeper.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Gold mining enthusiasts are disappointed and environmentalists are cheering after a judge ruled Wednesday a destructive type of river mining will not be allowed in California this summer. The San Bernardino County Superior Court ruled that a 2009 ban on suction dredge...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: The California red-legged frog is at the center of a controversy at Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica, which now is the subject of a lawsuit. Photo courtesy of Wild Equity Institute.

PACIFICA, Calif. – An environmental group is suing the California Coastal Commission and the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department to protect frogs and snakes on the city-owned Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica. The course was built on the Laguna Salada wetlands 83 years ago, and it ...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO:  The Our Tomorrow Campaign will survey LGBTQ Americans at Pride events and online. Photo courtesy Equality Federation

LOS ANGELES – San Francisco-based Equality Federation wants to ask all LGBTQ Americans, “Where do you think the movement should go from here?” It's part of the Our Tomorrow Campaign - and Equality Federation is working with more than 100 partner organizations to pass out surveys a...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: An expert forum today at the Commonwealth Club of California tackles the issue of potential health risks to children from cell phones and WiFi radiation. Photo courtesy of Camilla Rees.

SAN FRANCISCO – WiFi radiation that is pulsing in schools above safety limits recommended by independent scientists is just one of the health risks experts will tackle today at the Commonwealth Club, with a particular focus on health risks to children from cell phones and wireless technologies...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: Legislation under consideration in California would give nurse practitioners full practice authority. Photo credit: Brandon Flint/AARP

Three in four Californians supports the right of nurse practitioners to function as primary-care providers instead of having to work under the supervision of a doctor, according to a new AARP survey. AARP California supports state Senate Bill 323, which would expand nurse-practitioner responsibilit...Read More

Public News Service - CA

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