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    PNS Weekend Update - December 20, 20140 

    Among the stories on our weekend rundown; Cuba and a cyber attack top of mind for President Obama; an update from a state that just got a big boost in the fight against hunger; and no matter the weather your Christmas can still be green.

Public News Service - California

PHOTO: A new coalition of venture capitalists has formed to encourage more protected public land. Its members say beautiful places with recreational opportunities are attracting entrepreneurs and skilled workers that boost local economies. Photo of Lake Berryessa courtesy U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Dept. of the Interior.

SAN FRANCISCO — There's a link between successful start-ups and the great outdoors - and members of a new national coalition say it's a profitable one that should be encouraged. Some of the investment and venture capital firms in the "Conservation for Economic Growth Coalition" are California...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: Rice growing in a field. The California Air Resources Board is considering the state's first agricultural protocol for the cap and trade program. It would allow rice farmers to generate offsets to sell in California’s carbon market, providing a new source of revenue for growers while contributing to the state’s clean-air goals. Photo credit: Matthew Grimm, Environmental Defense Fund.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Rice farming in California is entering a new era. The Air Resources Board is considering a proposal to allow rice farmers to generate offsets to sell in the state's cap-and-trade market. The program will allow rice farmers to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions while creating new r...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for scammers. The AARP Fraud Watch Network has launched a free, online resource guide so Californians can protect themselves from holiday scams. Photo credit: Batman2000/FeaturePics.
Available In Spanish

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It may be the season of giving, but it's unfortunately the season of taking too. Whether it's an online shopping scam, gift card fraud or a fake charity asking for donations, AARP fraud expert Sally Hurme says always think twice before giving out personal information. "Whether...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: A packed courtroom hears closing arguments last week in San Francisco. The fate of City College of San Francisco (CCSF) now is in the hands of a judge who is deciding whether the school should lose its accreditation and close. Photo courtesy of California Federation of Teachers.
Available In Spanish

SAN FRANCISCO - Eighty-thousand City College of San Francisco students are waiting to hear if their school will be shut down. A judge is deciding whether CCSF deserves to have its accreditation revoked. Student and single mother Bouchra Simmons said the school is the only option for her and many ot...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: Well-meaning parents and other relatives may be rolling the dice when selecting toys for holiday giving. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group says it's important for buyers to do their own safety checks and consumer research on their purchases. Photo credit: graja/

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Before wrapping toys purchased as gifts this holiday season, it may be time to take a closer look at them. A rubber duck, backpack, shopping-cart play set and a tambourine all are on store shelves despite potential hazards, according to the annual Trouble in Toyland repo...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: About two-thirds of the crude oil shipped by rail in the U.S. is transported in DOT-111 tank cars. A lawsuit alleges they aren't sturdy or safe enough for that purpose, and asks the U.S. Department of Transportation to ban their use for oil shipment. Photo credit: dhaluza/Wikipedia.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Oil is being shipped across the country in train cars that the federal government says are unsafe, and two environmental groups are taking on the U.S. Department of Transportation, saying the agency isn't doing enough about it. The Sierra Club and ForestEthics petitioned...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: Oil and gas developers don't have to pay royalties on fuel they extract that's used to power their equipment at well sites or burn off by flaring. A new report says that fuel was worth $380 million in a recent eight-year period. Photo credit: Andrey/

Oil and gas developers are getting a sweet deal for their projects on public land, according to a new report that says taxpayers are losing out as a result. The group Taxpayers for Common Sense claimed the government isn't collecting sufficient royalties, because current rules don't charge energy c...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: According to a new report, California is a standout state for its outreach to Hispanic families in getting children signed up for health insurance. Nationally, Hispanic children are 1.5 times more likely to be uninsured than other kids. Photo credit: Feverpitch/

SAN FRANCISCO - California agencies and nonprofits have stressed the value of health insurance for children - and in the Hispanic community, it's paying off. The Golden State is one of three standouts in a new report that examines what 10 states are doing to cover Hispanic kids. According to the re...Read More

Public News Service - CA

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