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    PNS Daily News - May 26, 20150 

    We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; several U.S. senators want more funding for Amtrak following the derailment near Philadelphia that killed eight people; in California, Oakland City Council considers enacting far reaching privacy rules; and a report on an Ag Gag bill in North Carolina.

Public News Service - California

PHOTO: Privacy advocates recently installed a sign to protest Oakland's proposed Domain Awareness Center. Photo credit: Oakland Privacy Working Group.

OAKLAND, Calif. – On Tuesday the Oakland City Council Public Safety Committee considers far-reaching privacy rules after protests forced the committee to scale back a large surveillance plan. The Domain Awareness Center would have linked video feeds from public schools, housing projects, tr...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: Summer vacation adventures on public lands could change dramatically if the push to turn federal lands over to state control succeeds, and there have been moves to do that in both the U.S. House and Senate. Photo of Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe, courtesy of NASA.

SAN FRANSISCO, Calif. - Vacationing in the Sierra Nevada, California desert or other public lands could change dramatically if the push to turn federal lands over to state control succeeds. Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society, is issuing the warning and says allowing state control...Read More

Public News Service - CA

FOTO: Las aventuras de vacaciones de verano en tierras públicas podrían cambiar dramáticamente si tiene éxito la presión para ceder el control de tierras federales a los estados, y ya ha habido movimientos para hacerlo, tanto en el Congreso Federal como en el Senado. Foto de la Bahía Emerald en Lake Tahoe, cortesía de la NASA.

Las vacaciones en la Sierra Nevada, el desierto de California y otras tierras públicas podrían cambiar dramáticamente, si tiene éxito la presión para ceder las tierras federales al control estatal. Jamie Williams, presidente de La Sociedad de los Desiertos (TWS, por sus sig...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: A new report says too many foster kids end up in group homes and looks at ways to place more kids in stable families. Photo courtesy of the Annie E. Casey Foundation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Too many of California's foster children are stuck in group homes when they should be placed with a loving family. That's according to a new report – "Every Kid Needs a Family: Giving Children in the Child Welfare System the Best Chance for Success" – released today....Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: A new report says California is a world leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to increased reliance on wind power and other forms of renewable energy. Photo credit: pedrojperez/

SACRAMENTO - California leads the world in cutting greenhouse gases at a rate second only to France. That's according to a study, the "California Green Innovation Index," released today by Next 10, a nonprofit focused on climate change and the clean tech economy. The report says for the first time...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: California lawmakers are considering a new tax on sugar-sweetened beverages that would raise an estimated $3 billion a year to pay for anti-diabetes programs. Photo credit: Jane M. Sawyer/Morguefile.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The price of soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages could go up in the Golden State if a new tax being considered in Sacramento is approved. The measure could mean paying an additional $1.34 for a two-liter bottle of soda. The Assembly Committee on Health is expected t...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: Two new ballot initiatives have been filed to raise cigarette taxes by $2 per pack in California. The money would fund an expansion of Medi-Cal, medical research and anti-smoking programs. Photo credit: trestle/

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The price of cigarettes could go up by $2 a pack if two new ballot initiatives are approved next year. The Save Lives California Coalition just filed papers with the state attorney general to ask voters to hike taxes on traditional tobacco products and on e-cigarettes in...Read More

Public News Service - CA

PHOTO: Anti-poverty activists are rallying in Sacramento, calling for higher commercial property tax rates to pay for education,infrastructure and social services. Photo credit: cohdra/

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Anti-poverty advocates are rallying in Sacramento today saying California could raise $9 billion a year by fixing a loophole that froze certain commercial property tax rates back in 1978 when Prop 13 passed. Currently commercial property is taxed based on what the buyer pays for...Read More

Public News Service - CA

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