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PHOTO: Experts recommend working with children early to prevent the continued problem of childhood obesity. Photo courtesy: Children's Hospital Colorado
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DENVER - Obesity is on the rise when it comes to Colorado's youngest citizens. In the past four decades childhood obesity has tripled in the state and Renee Porter, obesity clinical nurse coordinator, at Children's Hospital Colorado knows that first hand. "We are seeing kids referred younger and y...Read More

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PHOTO: Moose infected with winter ticks are often called "ghost calves" because of their weakened appearance. Photo courtesy: University of Minnesota

DENVER - Warmer winters are more than just a problem for Colorado's large skiing population. The state's moose are also feeling the impact, in the form of tiny tick bites. Historically, much of the winter tick population dies off as temperatures drop, but moose expert Steve Kilpatrick, the executive...Read More

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PHOTO: Monday is the anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon. The bird once numbered around 5 billion in North America. Photo credit: Tim Lenz/Flickr.

DENVER - This Labor Day weekend, many Coloradans will be out enjoying the fresh air and wildlife the state has to offer - but there's one sight they won't see. Monday marks the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon, when the last one - named "Martha" - died at the Cincinnati Zo...Read More

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PHOTO: The IRS isn't necessarily on people's minds as they head back to school, but tax experts recommend keeping a careful record of education expenses for those who qualify for an education-related tax credit. Photo credit: National Legal and Policy Center

DENVER – It's back-to-school time, and thousands of Coloradans are spending millions of dollars on advanced education. In addition to the student loans and grants available, Uncle Sam also has programs to offer relief in the form of tax credits, explains Michael Dobzinski, an IRS spokesman. ...Read More

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PHOTO: The days of being able to use an aerial drone to take photos or video in a national park in Colorado, or anywhere in the nation, are over. Photo courtesy of the National Park Service.

ESTES PARK, Colo. - "Drones" are increasingly becoming part of the national vocabulary, but they won't be found in Colorado's 13 national parks - at least, not for a while. A ban on aerial drones being used inside national parks, primarily to capture photos and video, is now in full effect in Color...Read More

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PHOTO: Conservationists and sportsmen want federal public lands to remain in public hands, instead of being handed over to states or private entities, as the Republican National Committee has recently proposed. Photo courtesy of Suzanne O'Neill.

DENVER - The Colorado Wildlife Federation, along with 40 other conservation and sportsman groups, is asking the Republican National Committee (RNC) to reconsider its support of states and the private sector taking responsibility for federal public lands. The RNC passed the resolution this year, but...Read More

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PHOTO: The state-issued driver's license will bear a slightly different banner than the standard Colorado driver's license. Courtesy: CO DMV

DENVER - The Colorado DMV is chipping away at the estimated 45,000 immigrants who are now eligible for a state-issued driver's license. It's been almost a month since the state began issuing driver's permits to them, and members of the state's insurance industry say immigrants aren't the only people...Read More

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PHOTO: Many Latinos are as concerned about conservation, the environment and public lands protection as immigration issues, according to a new analysis of voter surveys by Latino Decisions and the Hispanic Access Foundation. Photo courtesy of America's Voice.

DENVER - Immigration is often assumed to be the key issue on the minds of Latino voters in Colorado and nationally, but a new report finds those voters also are concerned about the environment. In Colorado, 93 percent of Hispanic voters said it was "very important" for the government to protect pub...Read More

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