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    PNS Daily News - August 3, 20150 

    A variety of issues to kick-off the week including; President Obama finalizes steeper cuts for power plant carbon emissions; the U.S. Senate to debate defunding Planned Parenthood today; a New York court denies freedom to research chimps; and restoring a fishery devastated by wildfire.

Public News Service - Colorado

PHOTO: U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) spoke with family caregivers about challenges they face at an event in Fort Collins on Friday. According to a new AARP study, more than a half million caregivers in Colorado work a combined 543 million hours annually without pay.

DENVER - Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet met with family caregivers on Friday to discuss challenges they face helping older spouses, parents and other loved ones live independently and at home. The Fort Collins event was organized by AARP Colorado. Bennet, a democrat, recently co-sponsored th...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: Colorado's LGBT community is condemning the comments of a state lawmaker who claims that the Boy Scouts of America ending its ban on gay men serving as scout leaders will lead to child abuse. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Defense Department.

DENVER – Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt is coming under fire for his controversial comments about the Boy Scouts of America ending a ban on openly gay men serving as scout leaders. During a recent religious broadcast, Klingenschmitt, who has a history of making controversial comme...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: A new Colorado Health Foundation report shows an increasing number of clinics are adopting the medical home model, which aims to reduce costs and provide better care with a team approach that focuses on more than a person's medical needs. Photo credit: Brian Clark, courtesy of Colorado Health Foundation.

DENVER - Coloradans are embracing the "medical home" model for health-care delivery, according to a new report from the Colorado Health Foundation. In a medical home, the patient is the focus, and doctors - who traditionally play the "starring role" in clinics - become part of a team of professiona...Read More

Public News Service - CO

FOTO: Un reporte reciente de la “Colorado Health Foundation” (Fundación de la Salud de Colorado) muestra que un número creciente de clínicas están adoptando el modelo del “hogar médico”, que se concentra en reducir costos y brindar mejor atención mediante una visión de equipo que se mira más allá de las necesidades puramente médicas de una persona.

DENVER – Un reporte reciente de la Fundación de la Salud de Colorado, “Colorado Health Foundation”, muestra un incremento en el número de consultorios médicos y clínicas del estado que están adoptando el modelo llamado de “Medical Homes” (Hogare...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: The Clean Air for Schools: Engines Off! program, focused on parents picking up children after school, reduced emissions from idling vehicles around participating schools by an average of 60 percent. Photo credit: Matthew Paul Argall/Wikimedia Commons.

DENVER – Results from last school year's Clean Air for Schools: Engines Off! program are in, and kids are breathing easier in Colorado. The program, now in its seventh year, helps reduce pollution from idling vehicles as parents wait to pick up their children after school. Kim Tyrrell, air qu...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: The Clean Power Plan is expected to be finalized soon, and the EPA estimates Colorado can cut carbon pollution by 35 percent by 2030. Two new reports project lower electric bills for consumers, and cleaner air, if the state invests in renewable energy and increases efficiencies.

DENVER - According to two new reports, Colorado has the potential to reduce carbon pollution and help residents save money if state leaders make smart choices in implementing the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. The reports come from the Georgia Institute of Technology and from S...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: When school cafeterias close for summer, thousands of children across Colorado lose an important resource for nutrition. According to a new report from Hunger Free Colorado, the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer for Children program could remove most barriers between kids and food during summer vacation.

DENVER - Summertime means vacation for many kids, but when school cafeterias close, almost one in five children in Colorado become "food insecure" at risk of not having enough food. That's the conclusion of a report from Hunger Free Colorado, but there is a program designed to fill that hunger gap...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: Saturday is Colorado River Day in honor of the waterway that serves as the backbone of the West's economy and a critical source of drinking water for millions. The state's farmers and ranchers are hopeful Colorado's Water Plan will protect the river, and have already invested heavily in water-conservation efforts. Photo credit: Donna Boley/Wikimedia Commons.

DENVER - Saturday is Colorado River Day, marking the date in 1921 when the river was officially renamed from the Grand River to the Colorado. The future of the river is uncertain because of water shortages and increasing demand, and it features prominently in an emerging Colorado water plan. Steve ...Read More

Public News Service - CO

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