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    PNS Daily News - January 29, 20150 

    Among the stories on our nationwide rundown; the Supreme Court temporarily blocks three Oklahoma executions; the EPA is in the news on new smog pollution standards and concerns over factory farm pollution—plus preventing ski and snow boarding deaths.

Public News Service - Colorado

PHOTO: About 350,000 Coloradans of low and middle incomes are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Its backers are proposing making the state EITC permanent, rather than being triggered by Colorado's TABOR laws. Photo credit: Jack F./

DENVER - If you aren't sure what the Earned Income Tax Credit is or whether you're eligible for it, this is the week to find out. Friday is EITC Awareness Day, to call attention to the tax credit for low- to middle-income workers. There are federal and state Earned Income Tax Credits, but by law, ...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: It's a message with a backbeat. The rock band GOODING is playing at high schools in Colorado and across the country in order to connect with kids about the importance of financial literacy and saving money, rather than relying on payday or "same day" loans to get by. Photo courtesy of GOODING.

DENVER - It's toxic. That's the message consumer watchdog groups are sending on this "National Day of Action Against Payday Lenders." After state legislation passed in 2010, payday-lending companies have had relatively tougher laws to follow in Colorado than in neighboring states. There's now a 45 ...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: A new study quantifies the value of the Colorado River to a variety of industries across the seven Basin states, and says it is directly linked to the health of Colorado’s economy. Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

DENVER - The health of the Colorado River is linked, in a big way, to the health of Colorado's economy. A new study from Arizona State University - the first of its kind to quantify the impact of potential water shortages by industry - found the river contributed more than $188 billion to Colorado...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: Colorado activists are encouraging people to upload their own photos and make their own statements about what they think about "big money" in politics on a "Faces of Democracy" page created on Image credit: DonkeyHotey/Flickr.

DENVER - Protest events are planned around the nation today to mark the fifth anniversary of the Citizens United ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. The ruling removed limits on the amount of money an independent organization can spend on political campaigns. The result, said Stephen Spaulding, polic...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: Rep. Max Tyler and the new Colorado State Legislature will wrestle with how the state can meet the goals of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. Photo courtesy of Colorado House Democrats.

DENVER – The Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to rein in carbon pollution won't happen without a fight with the coal industry. But one state lawmaker in Colorado says the benefits, and the costs of not acting, are too important to ignore. The Clean Power Plan calls on the stat...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: "My fight to remain in the U.S. with my wife and daughters will continue," says Arturo Hernandez Garcia, the Colorado man whose high-profile immigration case was dealt a legal setback this week. Photo courtesy of American Friends Service Committee.

DENVER - Despite a recent legal setback, Arturo Hernandez Garcia says he will not give up on his effort to remain with his wife and daughters in the United States by qualifying for President Obama's Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program, also known as "DAPA." Garcia, who has been living ...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: The White House wants the oil and gas industry to cut methane emissions by 40 to 45 percent over the next 10 years. It says energy developers are the largest source of methane pollution, which contributes to climate change. Photo credit: Paul Hocksenar.

DENVER - President Obama's latest executive action to fight climate change takes aim at Colorado's booming oil and gas industry. For the first time, the federal government would directly regulate the energy industry under the Clean Air Act for its methane emissions. The plan sets methane pollution ...Read More

Public News Service - CO

PHOTO: Conservationists claim the Graham's beardtongue is one of the rare wildflower species at risk of extinction if not granted Endangered Species Act protection. It grows only in parts of Colorado and Utah. Photo credit: Kevin Megown, U.S. Forest Service.

DENVER - It may be months before they peek through the snow again, but some Colorado wildflowers have people concerned enough about them to file a lawsuit. Seven conservation groups say they'll sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), after the agency changed its plans to protect two nearly e...Read More

Public News Service - CO

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