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    PNS Weekend Update - October 10, 20150 

    Our news highlights a variety of topics including: a legal push to get the EPA to finally regulate oil and gas waste and NASA maps out its “Journey to Mars.”

Public News Service - Florida

Previous bids to raise Florida's minimum wage have failed, but supporters of the measure are not giving up. Credit: DodgertonSkillhause/morguefile

MIAMI - Could you live on just $17 per day? After trying it for a week, some Florida lawmakers say no one should. State Sen. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami, was among those who completed the minimum-wage challenge, which simulates the struggles low-wage workers experience every day. The state's current mi...Read More

Public News Service - FL

Doctors say increases in exposure to toxic chemicals over the last four decades is threatening human reproduction and health. Credit: Tomas Sereda/iStockphoto

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Dramatic increases in exposure to toxic chemicals over the last four decades is threatening human reproduction and health, according to a global federation of women's health physicians meeting in Vancouver, Canada this week. Tracey Woodruff, director of the program on rep...Read More

Public News Service - FL

The environmental group Speak Up Wekiva is going to court today to stop Florida's first bear hunt in 21 years. Credit: John Staton/iStockphoto.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Wildlife advocates are going before Florida's 2nd Judicial Circuit in Tallahassee today to ask Judge George Reynolds to halt Florida's first bear hunt in 21 years. The organization Speak Up Wekiva, named for the Wekiva River and nearby Wekiva Springs in Seminole County, sa...Read More

Public News Service - FL

Eighteen state legislators are taking the minimum wage challenge, living on $17 a day. Credit: Cohdra/morguefile

MIAMI – Starting today, 18 Florida state legislators will have to pay for food, transportation and anything else they need with just $17 a day. It's a part of a five-day Minimum Wage Challenge designed to bring attention to the plight of low-wage workers, and to bills in Tallahassee to raise...Read More

Public News Service - FL

The fight over redrawing district maps for the Florida state House and Senate resumes in court today. Credit: Aneese/iStock

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The latest round in the fight to end gerrymandering in Florida starts today with a hearing before a circuit court judge in Tallahassee. The judge will have to choose which map best conforms to the constitutional amendment passed by voters in 2010 that mandated districts b...Read More

Public News Service - FL

Broward County commissioners gave initial approval to force vendors to pay ground services workers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport higher wages. Credit: LaGuardia Cross

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - More than 1,700 contract workers, including security, lobby agents, wheelchair attendants, cabin cleaners and janitors at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport soon may get a significant raise. The Broward County Commission, which oversees the airport, voted un...Read More

Public News Service - FL

Citizenship Day, also known as Constitution Day, is being celebrated in Florida with pro-immigration clinics. Credit: avidcreative/iStock

MIAMI – Today is National Citizenship Day, also known as Constitution Day – and immigrants-rights supporters in Arizona are celebrating by helping more eligible people become citizens. Subhash Kateel, communications director for the Service Employees International Union Florida, says h...Read More

Public News Service - FL

Florida marriage certificate and license applications will change today to say "spouse" and "spouse." Credit: Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – In a nod to the legalization of same-sex marriage, Florida marriage certificates and license applications will change, starting today, to read "spouse" and "spouse" instead of "bride" and "groom." Same-sex marriage has been legal in Florida since Jan. 6, and nationwide si...Read More

Public News Service - FL

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