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PHOTO: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as women across Iowa are reminded that early detection can save lives. Photo credit: Gerry Lauzon/Flickr.

DES MOINES, Iowa - It's estimated that the chance of a woman developing breast cancer at some time in her life is about one in eight, and women across Iowa are being reminded of the importance of screenings. Regular self exams or mammograms can help catch breast cancer early, bettering the odds of ...Read More

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IMAGE: A new report on the federal budget and Iowa finds that federal taxes paid by residents and businesses in the state in 2013 was more than $18 billion. Photo credit: DonkeyHotey/Flicrk.

DES MOINES, Iowa – The latest analysis of state impacts of the federal budget by the National Priorities Project finds that Iowa receives about $27 billion from the federal budget over the course of a year. Becky Sweger, director of data and technology for the advocacy group, says the figure...Read More

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PHOTO: Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services says Walgreens is among the growing number of businesses looking to fill jobs with a largely untapped resource, individuals with disabilities. Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr.

DES MOINES, Iowa - With the need for more middle-skilled workers a growing concern statewide, more Iowa businesses are turning to individuals with disabilities to help fill the gap. David Mitchell, administrator with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services, says a majority of people with disabiliti...Read More

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PHOTO: A new report projects almost a 6 percent increase in starting salaries in careers in technology, with some paying salaries that start at six figures. Photo credit: Texture X/Flickr.

DES MOINES, Iowa – How can you boost your bottom line in 2015? A new report indicates the answer for some could be changing careers and entering the field of technology. Starting salaries for tech jobs are projected to rise almost 6 percent, according to the report from the human resources...Read More

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IMAGE: Organizers of today's Healthiest State Walk are hoping for as many as 500,000 Iowans to walk one kilometer, or for about 12 minutes. Image credit: Healthiest State Initiative

DES MOINES, Iowa - Hundreds of thousands of people across Iowa are lacing up their sneakers today as part of the fourth annual Healthiest State Walk. Organizer Terry Rich, chairman of the Healthiest State Walk, says the event encourages residents to get active and walk at least one kilometer or roug...Read More

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PHOTO: It has become one of the most pervasive crimes in America, and the risk of identity theft is now looming over another 76-million households because of this summer's data breach at JP Morgan Chase. Photo credit: Don Hankins/Flickr.

DES MOINES, Iowa - With JP Morgan Chase now reporting this summer's data breach put the personal information of 76-million American households at risk, residents across Iowa are being urged to take steps to protect themselves. The cyber attack on JP Morgan Chase comes along with recent breaches at ...Read More

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PHOTO: As Iowans take care of outside fall chores, a reminder that products labeled as compostable, such containers and cups, are not to be mixed in with yard waste such as leaves and weeds. Photo credit: Phil Roeder/Flickr.

DES MOINES, Iowa - As the leaves begin to fall and the rakes and shovels emerge from sheds and garages across Iowa, it's a perfect time to clear the confusion around composting. Leslie Irlbeck, program-and-outreach manager with Metro Waste Authority, says it's always good to check on the local sta...Read More

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PHOTO: October is Attachment Parenting Month and this year marks the 20th anniversary of Attachment Parenting International. Photo credit: Marcin Moga/Flickr.

DES MOINES, Iowa - Attachment Parenting International is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and while the times have changed tremendously for families in Iowa and across the nation in the past two decades, the group's board president says most of the main philosophies of parenting really have not. T...Read More

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