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    PNS Weekend Update - December 20, 20140 

    Among the stories on our weekend rundown; Cuba and a cyber attack top of mind for President Obama; an update from a state that just got a big boost in the fight against hunger; and no matter the weather your Christmas can still be green.

Public News Service - Illinois

PHOTO: Holiday family gatherings can be fun, but also stressful. Mental-health experts say it's OK to pace yourself and even say 'no' to situations you know could be sources of conflict. Photo credit: AirelleJay/morguefile.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - While the holidays are a happy time for many, the stress associated with family obligations and dynamics can be the "lump of coal" in some people's Christmas stockings. According to the American Psychological Association, fatigue and stress are the top sources of negative feeling...Read More

Public News Service - IL

PHOTO: The Look Through Their Eyes campaign educates Illinoisans about the signs of childhood trauma, and connects parents and caregivers of children who have experienced trauma to professionals, programs and resources. Photo credit: Phaedra Wilkinson/morguefile.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Many children look forward to the holidays, but the season is sometimes not so magical for those who are victims of trauma. An estimated 42 percent of Illinois children ages 17 and younger have experienced one or more adverse family events. Anne Studzinski, managing direct...Read More

Public News Service - IL

PHOTO: Unless Congress acts, funding for some federal programs that help struggling parents will expire in March. Photo credit: manuere/morguefile.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - The clock is ticking on federal funding that helps struggling parents with young children. The Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program will expire in March unless Congress takes action. A coalition of 750 organizations, including 36 in Illinois, has sent a let...Read More

Public News Service - IL

PHOTO: While acetaminophen is helpful in treating some symptoms of a cold, medical experts say it can cause liver damage if not taken appropriately. Photo credit: Michelle Tribe/Wikimedia.

CHICAGO - Most adults will get one to three colds every year, and experts say there are some things to keep in mind before heading to the drug store for treatment. Dr. Angela Golden, co-president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, says many cold medicines contain acetaminophen - an...Read More

Public News Service - IL

PHOTO: Toys with projectiles including arrows, BB guns and darts can cause eye injuries among children. But experts say tech gadgets also are a danger to vision. Photo credit: M. Kuhlman.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – As parents across Illinois continue to pack the malls and stores, a reminder that some gifts for their children can bring pain as well as joy. Thousands of accidents in the U.S. each year involving children and toys result in eye injuries and even blindness. Optometrist ...Read More

Public News Service - IL

PHOTO: President Obama thinks the Federal Communications Commission should regulate broadband much like phone service, as a public utility. It's a debate of particular interest to rural communities. Photo credit: Alvimann/morguefile.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - "A big win for rural communities." That's how the National Rural Assembly views President Obama's endorsement of treating broadband service like telephone service. Edyael Casaperalta, who coordinates a national coalition of groups advocating for those who live in rural areas, sa...Read More

Public News Service - IL

PHOTO: The trash generated by the average American household jumps by 25 percent during the holidays, but with some planning before shopping, that doesn't have to be the case. Photo credit: Jane M. Sawyer/morguefile.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - The end-of-year holidays aren't just a time filled with more cheer, but also are a time filled with more trash - although some simple tips can help keep that to a minimum. Wynne Coplea, president of the Illinois Recycling Association, said the best way to cut down on the garbage...Read More

Public News Service - IL

PHOTO: As Illinoisans reach into their wallets to donate to those less fortunate this holiday season, consumer experts say it's critical they do their research to avoid fraudulent charities and scam activists. Photo credit: Dodgerton Skillhause/Morguefile.

CHICAGO - The holiday season is a time of giving, but Illinoisans are being encouraged to look more closely at the "big picture" of a charity before donating to it. A recent study from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) revealed people consider the finances of an organization to be the most important...Read More

Public News Service - IL

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