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    PNS Daily News - November 25, 20150 

    Among the stories on today’s nationwide rundown; a night of protests in Chicago following the release of video that shows a police officer fatally shooting a teenager; we’ll tell you why some folks in Michigan say it’s time to take back Thanksgiving; and as many prepare to take the family on the road, a new system is being tested to track wrong way drivers.

Public News Service - Maryland

The number of uninsured children declined 16 percent nationally in 2014. Credit: skeeze/

BALTIMORE - Maryland made a huge reduction in the number of children not covered by health insurance last year. A new study by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families found that the number of uninsured children declined by a little more than 28 percent in the state. Matthew Cele...Read More

Public News Service - MD

The United Nations has declared access to water a human right. Credit: Public Domain/

BALTIMORE - A hearing by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is examining the lack of access to safe and affordable water in many poor communities in the United States, including Baltimore. In several U.S. cities, residents of low-income neighborhoods have had their water shut off because...Read More

Public News Service - MD

Reducing pollution benefits fish and wildlife throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Credit: Mary Hollinger, NOAA/

BALTIMORE - Maryland groups will be receiving part of a record $11.5 million in grants for restoration, conservation and environmental outreach in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The grants, from the Chesapeake Bay Program and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, will help improve water qualit...Read More

Public News Service - MD

Mary Bochanis first volunteered at Walter Reed Army Hospital in the 1940s. Credit: U.S. Army/

BALTIMORE - A 90-year-old who still volunteers her time and teenaged twins who created a service to help elderly neighbors are being honored today by AARP Maryland. Mary Bochanis, who has been helping care for wounded soldiers since World War II, is this year's recipient of AARP's statewide award f...Read More

Public News Service - MD

Experts from Idaho and around the country are in Phoenix to talk about juvenile justice reform. Credit: kubu/istock

BALTIMORE – You don't have to lock up young people to reduce juvenile crime. It's a change in thinking that's spread across the country with the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, referred to as JDAI. Professionals who work with young people in Maryland are in Arizona this week to...Read More

Public News Service - MD

The Institute for Women's Policy Research finds women won't receive equal pay until 2059. Credit: StartUpStockPhotos/

BALTIMORE - There's been a delay in equal pay for women. They won't earn as much as men until 2059, according to a report by the Institute for Women's Policy Research. Study director Jessica Milli says the median income for women working full-time was more than $10,000 less than men in 2014. Mil...Read More

Public News Service - MD

The EPA erred in allowing a bee-killing pesticide, sulfoxaflor, on the market, according to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Credit: Deborah C. Smith.

WASHINGTON - A pesticide that kills bees should not have been cleared for agricultural use by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a federal appeals court. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Dow Chemical's sulfoxaflor was not thoroughly researched when it comes to i...Read More

Public News Service - MD

Volunteers at the National Mall will pack one million meals for the hungry. Credit: USDA

WASHINGTON, D.C. - An army of volunteers, including a busload from Baltimore, will fill the National Mall tomorrow to prepare one million meals for the Capital Area Food Bank. It's an AARP project for A Celebration of Service, with many of the meals going to seniors, veterans and first responders ...Read More

Public News Service - MD

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