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    PNS Weekend Update - April 30, 20160 

    We’re covering a wide variety of topics on this weekend’s rundown, including: several U.S. military members are being punished over a deadly airstrike; some human rights groups are holding an anti-hate rally; this weekend, it’s time to celebrate Healthy Kids Day.

Public News Service - Maine

Maine lawmakers will be busy today dealing with veto messages by Gov. Paul LePage. A bill concerning drug overdose medication is deemed to be a priority. (

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine lawmakers meet today for a single purpose -- to address vetoes from Gov. Paul LePage -- and there is no shortage of them to consider. Assistant House Majority Leader Sara Gideon said a priority will be trying to overturn the LePage veto of LD 1547, a bill that provides access...Read More

Public News Service - ME

It's the latest advice from a new CDC Study: To stay healthy, older Americans, especially men, and certain ethnic groups need to drink more water. (Mike Clifford)

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has followed up on a study done about a decade ago that looks at whether Americans are drinking enough water. In its updated report, just released, CDC researchers say women are better at drinking water than men, and older Americans n...Read More

Public News Service - ME

Gov. Paul LePage continues to draw fire for last week's veto of a measure to make a lifesaving drug-overdose antidote available in Maine without a prescription. (Matt Gagnon/Wikipedia)

AUGUSTA, Maine - To save a life - or not? That's the question at the core of the debate brewing over the veto by Gov. Paul LePage of a bill that would provide easier access to a life-saving drug-overdose antidote. Kenny Miller, executive director of the Health Equity Alliance and co-founder of the ...Read More

Public News Service - ME

About 20,000 children in Maine spend at least part of their childhood absent from a parent who's in prison. A new report outlines ways that states, courts and communities can help. (darnock/morguefile)

AUGUSTA, Maine – About 20,000 children in Maine are growing up with a parent who is or has been incarcerated, and a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation says as a percentage, that's the highest among the New England states. A parent behind bars can have long lasting effects on child...Read More

Public News Service - ME

Loons are among Maine wildlife that local advocates say are likely to benefit from more stringent standards on mercury pollution. (John Picken)

AUGUSTA, Maine – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has completed an analysis showing that reducing emissions of mercury and other toxic substances would have enormous health benefits. The power industry and several states had challenged the rules in federal court. But the finding th...Read More

Public News Service - ME

Local peace activists are calling attention to the $1.45 billion that Maine taxpayers contributed to Pentagon Budget in FY 2015. (M. Speiss)

AUGUSTA, Maine – Peace activists across New England and the globe are using Tax Day to raise a red flag about concerns over what they call excessive military spending and the impact that has on human needs. Since the normal tax filing deadline fell on Patriot's Day this year, Mainers have un...Read More

Public News Service - ME

Building robots is part of the work one might find at a library's makerspace. (L.D. Moore)

AUGUSTA, Maine – Most of us have heard of Transformers, and now libraries are transforming so that Mainers can spend their time building robots, instead of just being buried in books. Julie Todaro, president-elect of the National Library Association, says a big part of National Library Week ...Read More

Public News Service - ME

State lawmakers are expected to take a vote this week on a measure that supporters say is crucial to ensuring Maine's solar industry does not die on the vine. (Insource Renewables)

AUGUSTA, Maine - Lawmakers are expected to take a vote early this week on an act to modernize the state's solar policy, and supporters say passage is crucial to ensure that Maine solar does not die on the vine. Vaughan Woodruff owns Insource Renewables in Pittsfield and says the measure provides a...Read More

Public News Service - ME

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