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    PNS Daily News - July 7, 20150 

    A variety of issues on today's nationwide rundown including; Kentucky getting feedback on updated fracking regulations, while activists are arrested in California protesting oil trains; a U-S District Judge being asked to intervene in the Illinois budget mess to protect vulnerable children; and a wild ride for Washington State workers comes to a happy ending.

Public News Service - Maine

PHOTO: Hunger-fighting advocates in Maine say food pantries have been busier as a result of work requirements for SNAP benefits that they say can be particularly difficult for many veterans. Photo courtesy of Preble Street.

AUGUST, Maine - As Maine gets ready for Independence Day, local advocates say it's a good time to remember the more than 14,000 veterans in the state who must rely on federal benefits to put food on their tables. Maureen Nagy supervisor veterans housing services with the advocacy group "Preble Str...Read More

Public News Service - ME

PHOTO: A new report indicates it could be a pesky summer with the impacts of climate change combining with a strong local moose population. The likely result is an increase in the ticks that bread Lyme disease. Photo credit - Wikimedia Commons

AUGUSTA, Maine - A new report says a big increase in pesky insects and plants is one more reason for Mainers to take action on climate change especially when it comes to ticks. Todd Martin, outreach coordinator with the Natural Resources Council of Maine, says climate change is fueling both warme...Read More

Public News Service - ME

PHOTO: Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) says budget battles in Congress are forcing Amtrak to play a dangerous game of picking and choosing between cities when it comes to installing important safety upgrades. Photo Credit - Wikimedia/

AUGUSTA, Maine - As commuters head back to work after the long holiday weekend, Senator Ed Markey says budget battles in Congress are making travel in the heavily traveled Northeast rail corridor less safe. Japan's Bullet train hurtles along at 200 miles per hour but has never had a fatal accident...Read More

Public News Service - ME

PHOTO: A new Annie E. Casey Foundation report puts Maine out in front when it comes to the number of children who get placed with foster families and kinship care rather than group home settings.

AUGUSTA, Maine - It can make all the difference for kids in the child welfare system, according to a new report and Maine is one of the best states in the nation when it comes to "family placement." Claire Berkowitz, executive director with the Maine Children's Alliance, says state policies that pu...Read More

Public News Service - ME

PHOTO: Summer vacation adventures on public lands could change dramatically if the push to turn federal lands over to state control succeeds, and there have been moves to do that in both the U.S. House and Senate. Photo of beach-goers at Assateague Island courtesy of the National Park Service.

AUGUSTA, Maine – Summer vacation adventures on public lands could change dramatically if the push to turn federal lands over to state control succeeds. Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society, warns allowing state control would lock up lands for private development, and other parc...Read More

Public News Service - ME

PHOTO: With the NTSB investigation of the fatal Amtrak train derailment under way, a commuter advocate says the accident could point to rail issues in other sections of the Northeast corridor. Photo credit: Patrick Murphy, a former Pennsylvania congressman who was aboard the train.

AUGUST, Maine - Investigators are probing everything from speed to track signals in connection with Tuesday's fatal Amtrak derailment which happened on a heavily-used stretch of track near Philadelphia. Jim Cameron, founder of the Commuter Action Group, says it's too early to pinpoint what went wro...Read More

Public News Service - ME

PHOTO: A recent AARP survey finds that while there can be some costs associated with employing older workers, the experience they bring to the job provides benefits that exceed the costs. Courtesy: Sebastiaan ter Burg via flickr

AUGUSTA, Maine – The trend in New England and the nation finds an increase in the number of older workers on the job and looking for work, and a recent study is doing some myth busting about the supposed costs of those workers. Laura Bos, manager of education and outreach for financial secur...Read More

Public News Service - ME

PHOTO: New Hampshire consumer advocates say they're concerned a U.S. Senate update of the Toxic Substances Control Act could tie states' hands to pass their own protections against hazardous chemicals in products. Photo courtesy of Environmental Health Strategy Center.

AUGUSTA, Maine - After almost 40 years, there is little question the nation's Toxic Substances Control Act is in need of an update, but local consumer advocates say a proposal pending in the U.S. Senate could mean fewer health and safety protections. Mike Belliveau, executive director of the Enviro...Read More

Public News Service - ME

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