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PHOTO: Working families and the entire state economy would see the benefits if Missouri lawmakers approve a plan to expand Medicaid, according to a new report from Families USA. Photo credit: R. Smith.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Medicaid expansion is not a handout to the unemployed – a message some health care and business advocates hope Missouri lawmakers take from a new report. It finds that more than half of the Missourians who would benefit from the move are workers critical to the st...Read More

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PHOTO: Walkability is one of the attributes of a livable community, and that's the topic of an AARP/Governing magazine forum today in St. Louis. Photo credit: 'skatemore' at

ST. LOUIS - It's the modern challenge - how to create a community that appeals to and meets the needs of residents of all ages - and one Missouri community is helping to lead the way. Livable communities are those which offer safe, walkable streets, age-friendly housing and transportation options, ...Read More

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PHOTO: Purdue University researcher Bryan Pijanowski is collaborating with folks from around the world for an Earth Day project, attempting to capture up to 1 million natural sound recordings. Photo courtesy of Purdue University.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missourians have the chance to take part in a global project today designed to capture the earth's acoustics, one upload at a time. Led by Purdue University ecologist Bryan Pijanowski, "Global Soundscapes Day" encourages people from all walks of life to record the soundscapes o...Read More

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PHOTO: Stores make an attempt at propriety in displaying adult magazines with covers partially hidden, but teens have easy access online. Experts say it distorts what they view as healthy relationships and body image. Photo credit: Ed Kohler

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - This generation of teens isn't the first to check out pornography, but experts say the easy access with today's technology is distorting what they view as healthy relationships and body image. According to Schroeder, a sexuality-education specialist, p...Read More

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PHOTO: Do your childen go to school near a potentially dangerous chemical facility? The Center for Effective Government's new report finds there is a one-in-10 chance they do. Image courtesy Center for Effective Government.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – One in 10 Missouri children spends several hours each weekday in the shadow of a potentially dangerous chemical facility, according to a new report by the Center for Effective Government. Sean Moulton, the center’s director of open government policy, says parents a...Read More

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PHOTO: Bunnies are a symbol of the season, but experts caution parents considering bringing one home for Easter to make a thoughtful decision that is best for the animal and the family. Photo credit: user bobby.

UNION, Mo. - Easter is almost upon us, and while some parents might be tempted to give their kids live bunnies or baby chicks, an animal-rescue expert says bringing any animal into the home should be a well thought-out decision and not just a holiday whim. While rabbits can make great pets, said Am...Read More

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PHOTO: Do you know how many pennies out of each dollar you pay in taxes goes to military spending? The American Friends Service Committee wants Missourians to get the facts about military spending. Photo: (Cohodra)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tax Day is here, and in the midst of the rush to meet Uncle Sam's deadline, one group wants Missourians to take some time to think about exactly where their tax dollars are going. Mary Zerkel, "Wage Peace Campaign" co-coordinator, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), said ...Read More

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PHOTO: Researcher Courtney D. Lynch says stress reduction techniques could be beneficial for women trying to conceive. Photo credit: Ohio State University.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - More than six percent of married women struggle with infertility, according to the CDC, and for the first time researchers have data that link stress to a woman's inability to become pregnant. The study found that women with high levels of a biological indicator of stress are 2...Read More

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