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    PNS Daily News - August 4, 20150 

    Among the issues on our nationwide rundown; reaction to the Obama administration’s clean energy plan; a church pastor in New Mexico pledges Sunday’s bombings won’t stop his church’s mission; and a controversy brewing over guns in parks in Tennessee.

Public News Service - Missouri

PHOTO: It won't be long before Missouri school cafeterias are once again full, and advocates for anti-hunger programs hope Congress will recognize the importance of the meals they eat there as it weighs the fate of legislation to reauthorize child nutrition programs. Photo credit: jdurham/morguefile.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - As Congress weighs the fate of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, advocates want to ensure school meal and other programs can continue to make inroads against hunger in Missouri and nationwide. One of the most hotly debated portions of the legislation when it was reauthorize...Read More

Public News Service - MO

PHOTO: Amid attacks on the organization, Planned Parenthood supporters and volunteers have been working overtime to ensure the St. Louis office remains a welcoming place for the patients it serves. Photo courtesy of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – With Republican lawmakers planning to vote as early as this week on a bill to block Planned Parenthood from federal funding, supporters of the organization are speaking out. Natasha Ceballos was a scared teenager when she visited Planned Parenthood in St. Louis as a patient,...Read More

Public News Service - MO

PHOTO: Shifting away from Missouri's historic dependence on coal will ultimately save consumers money on their electric bills and help bolster job creation, according to two new reports. Photo credit: click/morguefile.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - According to two new reports, Missouri can help its residents save money while cutting carbon emissions as the state implements the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. Elizabeth Stanton, principal economist with Synergy Energy Economics, which put together on...Read More

Public News Service - MO

GRAPHIC: Not true! Missouri's hunger-fighting advocates say memes like this, widely circulated on social media, damage the entire food assistance network by playing up a food-stamp fraud rate that is at less than one percent. Graphic courtesy of Empower Missouri.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Lavish meals of lobster, steak and beer purchased with food assistance benefits are among the tall tales often taken at face value, and widely circulated on social media, but advocates say Missourians need to do their homework to separate food stamp fact from fiction. Gl...Read More

Public News Service - MO

PHOTO: Disaster relief, as pictured above from the 2011 tornado that hit Joplin, is one of the many areas that would be impacted by proposed cuts to the Corporation for National and Community Service. Photo courtesy of Mary Love.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Proposed cuts to federally supported volunteer programs would hit home for communities across Missouri, according to supporters of the programs. Wendy Spencer heads the Corporation for National and Community Service, which operates AmeriCorps, the Senior Corps and other commun...Read More

Public News Service - MO

PHOTO: Consumer advocates want to make sure Missourians don't turn over sensitive information to scammers claiming to be court officials collecting fines for allegedly failing to appear for jury duty. Photo credit: ArielleJay/

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When the phone rings and you find yourself threatened with handcuffs or jail time for allegedly missing jury duty, it's enough to confuse most people, but AARP warns this is just another way scam artists are attempting to prey on Missourians. Craig Eichelman, state director wit...Read More

Public News Service - MO

PHOTO: Lawn mowers and children don't mix. That's the message from doctors, who are seeing a rise in the number of mower-related injuries to kids this year. Photo credit: Kroesseel/Morguefile.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Broken bones, amputations, and permanent disabilities are among the preventable injuries to children doctors say are on the rise – due to a dangerous mix of kids and lawn mowers. Dr. Dale Jarka, pediatric orthopedic surgeon with Children's Mercy Hospital, says the hos...Read More

Public News Service - MO

PHOTO: As Missouri veterans try to find jobs in a challenging economy, many will have to do so without the benefit of food assistance in the coming year, due to changes in state legislation. Photo credit: Duboix/

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - This weekend, many will feast on summer delights and give thanks to those who have fought for our nation. But those who work to combat hunger say there is not much to celebrate in upcoming changes to safety net programs that serve many veterans and other Missourians. The leg...Read More

Public News Service - MO

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