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PHOTO: LR-126 would repeal Election Day voter registration in Montana, as well as late registration. More than 29,000 Montanans have used Election Day registration to cast a ballot. Credit: Deborah C. Smith

HELENA, Mont. - Election Day voter registration has been an option in Montana for about 10 years, with day-before registration also available. But that could change, depending on the outcome of a ballot measure from the state Legislature. LR-126 would repeal Election Day voter registration, and re...Read More

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PHOTO: A new analysis from The Wilderness Society of BLM management plans throughout the West shows that oil and gas is favored other over uses. In Montana, 97 percent has been made available for development. Photo courtesy of BLM.

HELENA, Mont. - Ninety-seven percent for oil and gas, 3 percent for everything else. An analysis from The Wilderness Society shows that the Bureau of Land Management has made almost all its land within Montana available for oil and gas development. Nada Culver, director of the society's BLM Action ...Read More

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PHOTO: The Board of Oil and Gas Conservation will listen to public complaints about its website today. The Northern Plains Resource Council has requested better transparency at the agency, as people living near areas of intense oil and gas development seek details on impacts. Photo of a Bakken drill rig by Stephanie Gaswirth/USGS.

BILLINGS, Mont. - The Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (BOGC) meets today and the first topic of business is a request from the Northern Plains Resource Council to improve public access to information about the impacts of oil and gas development. Council member Pat Wilson of Bainville says as a r...Read More

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PHOTO: A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision against listing wolverines as threatened under the Endangered Species Act is being challenged in court. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

MISSOULA, Mont. - First they said they would. Then they said they wouldn't. So now, the courts may make the call on whether the wolverine should be listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had proposed the listing last year, but reversed course in A...Read More

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PHOTO: Manufacturers often offer products bearing breast-cancer awareness ribbons during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, but one group is encouraging consumers to ask whether proceeds from the sale of these items actually goes to fight the disease. Photo credit: Jason Meredith/Wikimedia.

HELENA, Mont. - From snacks to bags, pizza boxes to pajamas, 'tis the season when pink-ribbon products pile up on store shelves across Arkansas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One group, however, says if the goal is to eventually eradicate breast cancer, it's important to Think Before You Pink. ...Read More

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PHOTO: Montana farmers and ranchers gathered in Bozeman to learn more about weeds, pests and other issues related to climate change. Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) thrives when temperatures and carbon dioxide levels rise. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Farmers and ranchers gathered in Bozeman on Tuesday night to learn about how climate change is affecting their livelihood, and what they can do to prepare for risks and manage them. Montana State University environmental sciences professor Fabian Menalled said one example that ever...Read More

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PHOTO: Hundreds of hunters and anglers will set up an elk camp at the Capitol on Saturday, and stage a rally to object to proposals to dispose of public lands. Photo credit:

HELENA, Mont. - Several hundred are expected on the State Capitol lawn tomorrow to set up an elk camp. It's part of a rally for National Hunting and Fishing Day, with participants arriving via bus from all around the state. Jim Posewitz with Helena Hunters and Anglers has written extensively about t...Read More

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PHOTO: The monarch butterfly is one of the species found in Montana that are listed in a new report about plants and animals experiencing dramatic population declines. Photo credit: Deborah C. Smith

MISSOULA, Mont. - It's a case of the common becoming uncommon in a new report from the Endangered Species Coalition. The report lists 10 species that have been documented as declining, and at a rate that could mean the next generation may not get to see them in the great outdoors. In Montana, said ...Read More

Public News Service - MT

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