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    PNS Weekend Update - Saturday October 3, 20150 

    Today’s rundown highlights several stories including: Americans aboard a missing cargo ship in Hurricane Joaquin’s path; new details in Thursday’s deadly shooting rampage at an Oregon college; and the effectiveness of talk therapy found to be overrated.

Public News Service - Montana

A new poll shows 75 percent of Montana voters support the Endangered Species Act. Credit: Deborah C. Smith

HELENA, Mont. - Montanans like the Endangered Species Act, according to a poll of the state's voters, and the support holds strong no matter their party affiliation. Seventy-five percent of Montanans polled say they support the act, while 19 percent oppose it. Support is strongest among self-identi...Read More

Public News Service - MT

Experts from around the country are in Arizona to talk about juvenile justice reform, including ending solitary confinement. Credit: Alptraum/iStock

HELENA, Mont. - No more solitary confinement for kids. The harm it causes, including deaths, is too great, according to experts attending a conference in Arizona today on the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, referred to as JDAI. JDAI is in place in four Montana jurisdictions with the g...Read More

Public News Service - MT

The BLM is taking a new approach in managing sagebrush landscapes, based on plans crafted with local input. Credit: Deborah C. Smith

HELENA, Mont. - Scrubby, sagebrush landscapes on public lands in Montana and throughout the West are being seen in a new way, with the Bureau of Land Management unveiling plans on how those public lands will be treated. More than half of all sagebrush lands have been lost, said Ken Rait, public lan...Read More

Public News Service - MT

The greater sage-grouse will not be listed under the Endangered Species Act. Courtesy: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

OVANDO, Mont. - Homegrown Montana solutions are being credited as part of the reason the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decided not to list the greater sage-grouse under the Endangered Species Act. Natural Resources Conservation Service chief Jason Weller noted that much has been done on the ground...Read More

Public News Service - MT

The swift fox, tiniest fox in North America at 5 pounds, is thought to have made a comeback in Montana based on images like this from remote wildlife cameras. Credit: Kylie Paul/Defenders of Wildlife

BROWNING, Mont. – They're cute and they're back in Montana. The tiny swift fox that weighs in at about 5 pounds appears to be thriving in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation region. Remote wildlife cameras have captured images of the animal. The swift fox disappeared from Montana in the 195...Read More

Public News Service - MT

Big Sandy farmer Kelly Rutledge is in Washington, D.C., to press members of Congress on agricultural issues close to home. Credit: Montana Farmers Union.

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – Food labeling, sage grouse, renewable-energy standards and new trade markets. It's a long list of priorities for Montana farmers and ranchers visiting Washington D.C. this week on the annual "fly-in" to meet with members of Congress. Big Sandy farmer Kelly Rutledge with t...Read More

Public News Service - MT

A Bozeman solar-industry businessman and a Livingston mother traveled to Washington to advocate for the Clean Power Plan. Credit: RosePosie/

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Congress is back to work, and it's expected there will be debate about the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan, which was finalized during the August recess. A group of about 50 business and health leaders traveled to D.C. to voice support for the plan. Orion Thor...Read More

Public News Service - MT

A federal court says the pesticide sulfoxaflor should not have been registered because it can kill bees and other pollinators. Credit: Deborah C. Smith.

HELENA, Mont. - A pesticide that kills bees should not have been cleared for agricultural use by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a federal appeals court. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Dow Chemical's sulfoxaflor was not thoroughly researched when it comes t...Read More

Public News Service - MT

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