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Photo: UNC research looks at whether people have the skills and the time to prepare healthy meals. Photo credit: FEMA photo library

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - 'Tis the season for food drives, and while the public service is needed and appreciated, research from UNC Chapel Hill is asking whether North Carolinians have the skills or the time to prepare the food that is donated. Many schools have phased out "Home Economics" classes, and...Read More

Public News Service - NC

Photo: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory said on Friday the state has had job growth to compensate for jobs lost during the Great Recession. Some economists say there is more to the story. Photo credit: North Carolina Governor's Office.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Not everyone is buying Governor Pat McCrory's claim of success after October unemployment numbers indicated the state had recovered the jobs lost during the Great Recession. While the number of people employed last month is slightly above pre-recession levels, John Quinterno wit...Read More

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PHOTO: A majority of North Carolina voters on both sides of the political fence favors actions to protect communities from climate change, according to a new Sierra Club poll. Photo credit: Aaron Hartley.

RALEIGH, N.C. - Today the results of a post-election poll send what environmental advocates call a "clear message" to North Carolina's elected leaders including Senator-elect Thom Tillis. The Sierra Club survey finds a majority of voters, including members of both parties, want Tillis to support ef...Read More

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PHOTO: On Thursday, Environment North Carolina released a report outlining the reasons North Carolina should continue its brisk pace for solar-energy development, and generate 20 percent of its power from solar by 2030. Photo courtesy of Environment North Carolina.

RALEIGH, N.C. - North Carolinians have the power of the sun to be thankful for as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, according to a new report from Environment North Carolina. The analysis found the state has one of the fastest-growing solar industries in the nation, growing by 127 percent in rec...Read More

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PHOTO: Some children working with tobacco plants wear trash bags to protect themselves from absorbing nicotine from the wet leaves. Kids are especially vulnerable to what's known as green tobacco sickness, essentially the nicotine poisoning of a non-smoker with the blood nicotine level of a pack-a-day habit. Photo credit: Marcus Bleasdale for Human Rights Watch.

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Children half the legal smoking age reportedly are laboring in tobacco fields in North Carolina. It's hard to tell how many or how old they are, but an Oxfam America study found many start when they are under 18. Baldemar Velasquez, president of the AFL-CIO's Farm Labor Organizi...Read More

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Photo: Economic experts predict a significant budget crisis looming in North Carolina, with reduced revenue after tax cuts for the state's wealthiest citizens and profitable corporations. Photo credit: North Carolina State University.

RALEIGH, N.C. - North Carolina lawmakers are likely enjoying some downtime after the legislative session and midterm election, but experts predict a tough session waiting for them on their return to Raleigh. A report from the Office of the State Controller indicates tax revenues are down by almost ...Read More

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Photo: Lou Henderson spent 20 years caring for his wife and recently decided to place her in assisted care. Photo credit: Holly Pilson

MAXTON, N.C. – For every twinkle of a holiday light and crinkle of wrapping paper, there's stress associated with this time of year, especially for the thousands of North Carolinians who care for a loved one. Adding to their concern are waiting lists for existing services across the state th...Read More

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PHOTO: Citizens and elected officials gather at a recent Clean Air Carolina event in Greensboro to discuss clean energy strategies for the state. Photo credit: Clean Air Carolina.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - It may the time of year when North Carolinians are holding their breath for the next freeze warning, but the latest data on 2014 ozone levels in the Tarheel State indicates people can take a small sigh of relief about the air they breathe. Ozone levels in North Carolina were the l...Read More

Public News Service - NC

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