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    PNS Daily News - May 28, 20150 

    Our coast to coast news highlights several stories including: controversial new federal water rules hailed around the country; conservation groups sue to stop deep-sea mining; and a court order sought to free birth certificates of U.S. born children of immigrant parents.

Public News Service - North Dakota

PHOTO: A requested natural gas rate hike by Montana-Dakota Utilities is running into resistance, with AARP North Dakota intervening in the case, calling the proposal to increase the set monthly charge regardless of usage unfair to those on fixed incomes. Photo credit: Dave Shaver/Flickr.

BISMARCK, N.D. - With many North Dakotans facing yet another hike in the cost of natural gas, one of the state's leading consumer groups is stepping up in opposition to the proposed increase. Montana-Dakota Utilities had a fixed monthly charge of $9 a month in 2013. That rose to $15 a month this ye...Read More

Public News Service - ND

PHOTO: New parents in North Dakota may want to introduce their child to peanuts and other possible food allergens by age one, as research suggests it can help reduce the development of food allergies. Photo credit: miheco/Flickr.

BISMARCK, N.D. – The food choices of some new parents across North Dakota and the nation are changing, as those meal decisions could impact whether their child develops a food allergy. For years health professionals suggested that parents withhold allergenic foods until one-year of age, but ...Read More

Public News Service - ND

PHOTO: A new USDA report shows many high skill jobs in the food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and environment sectors, but not enough college graduates to fill them. Photo credit: ackab1/Flickr.

BISMARCK, N.D. – New research shows a growing demand for highly skilled workers in agriculture, but not enough young people are choosing that field of study. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there are nearly 60,000 high skill job openings in the nation's food, agriculture, re...Read More

Public News Service - ND

PHOTO: Studies indicate female college graduates may have a tougher time finding a job and finding one that pays a fair wage. Photo credit: COD Newsroom/Flickr.

BISMARCK, N.D. - With college graduation ceremonies coming soon, many North Dakota students are now getting ready to land their first job post-schooling and the search may be a bit tougher for female graduates. While a first job can be difficult for any grad to get and many find themselves underemp...Read More

Public News Service - ND

PHOTO: After another fiery oil train derailment in North Dakota, some are asking for stronger requirements on the stabilization of oil before transportation, either statewide or nationally. Photo credit: Jennifer Willis/Facebook.

HEIMDAL, N.D. - The calls for more safety precautions and oversight again are being made after yet another fiery oil train derailment in North Dakota. The latest happened Wednesday morning near the town of Heimdal, forcing evacuations in the community and surrounding farmsteads. Don Morrison, ex...Read More

Public News Service - ND

PHOTO: With a deadly fungal disease called white-nose syndrome decimating its numbers, the northern long-eared bat today officially becomes listed as a threatened species in North Dakota and across the country. Photo credit: University of Illinois/Steve Taylor/Flickr.

BISMARCK, N.D. – New protections are now in place for the northern long-earned bat, which officially becomes listed as a threatened species in North Dakota and across the nation as of today. The listing comes in the wake of a deadly disease called white-nose syndrome that's killed more than ...Read More

Public News Service - ND

PHOTO: A new study finds that North Dakota heart attack patients who take a private vehicle to the hospital delay their treatment by 15 minutes when compared with calling 911 for an ambulance. Photo credit: sv1ambo/Flickr.

BISMARCK, N.D. - Driving yourself or getting a ride to the hospital in case of a heart attack may seem like a time saver, but a new study shows it actually delays the start of treatment. Study co-author Dr. Jeffrey Sather, medical director of Emergency Medical Services for the North Dakota Departme...Read More

Public News Service - ND

IMAGE: As North Dakotans celebrate what's known as Tax Freedom Day, freedom from taxes is something that a number of major U-S corporations enjoy year round. A recent report found that dozens of U.S. multinationals have admitted to using tax havens, avoiding $600 billion in U.S. taxes. Image courtesy of the Tax Foundation.

BISMARCK, N.D. - This is Tax Freedom Day in North Dakota, marking the day of the year when residents on average have earned enough money to pay off their total tax bill for the year. But when it comes to some of the country's largest corporations, tax freedom has a much different meaning. Matt Gard...Read More

Public News Service - ND

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