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    PNS Weekend Update - November 28, 20150 

    We’ve got several topics on tap from around the country this weekend, including: several people were hurt during a shooting at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado; the protests over a police shooting continue in Chicago; now that we’re in full holiday mode, new research suggests that family time matters most to developing children.

Public News Service - Oregon

Fisheries biologists are just some of the positions to be filled by the U.S. Forest Service in Oregon and Washington. Courtesy: USFS Pacific Northwest Region

PORTLAND, Ore. - You'll have to get organized in the next few days if you want to be considered for a job working in one of the 16 national forests in the Northwest next spring or summer. The U.S. Forest Service is hiring more than 1,000 seasonal workers, but the time to apply is short - only one w...Read More

Public News Service - OR

Land and Water Conservation Fund dollars were part of creating the Gilchrist State Forest north of Klamath Falls. Credit: Oregon Department of Forestry/Flickr

PORTLAND, Ore. - The futures of some land conservation and outdoor recreation projects in Oregon hang in the balance as Congress debates reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The program has been around for 50 years and, since it expired at the end of September, there are propos...Read More

Public News Service - OR

Portland International Airport janitor Julie Hayden spoke at a national rally this week in support of a $15 minimum wage and the right to join a union. Courtesy: SEIU

PORTLAND, Ore. - Oregon's busiest airport isn't among the seven where service workers went on strike on Thursday, but janitors, baggage handlers, wheelchair assistants and others at Portland International Airport say they have all the same complaints. Julie Hayden, who works as a janitor at PDX, ca...Read More

Public News Service - OR

Affordable vision insurance is one gap detailed in a new report about the challenges many Oregonians face in getting health coverage. Credit: TPSDave/

SALEM, Ore. - The Affordable Care Act may have prompted more people to sign up for health insurance. But in Oregon, a new report says 383,000 residents remain uninsured. Some can't get coverage, and others can't pay for it. The Oregon Health Equity Alliance is a coalition making 10 recommendations...Read More

Public News Service - OR

According to a new survey, 95 percent of Oregon educators say standardized testing takes up far too much school time. Credit: Taliesin/Morguefile.

SALEM, Ore. – Some Oregon educators say the Smarter Balanced Assessment they're using to test students is neither "smarter" nor "balanced" enough. A new report issued by the Oregon Education Association (OEA) compiled survey responses from more than 1,200 Oregon educators, and found that 95 p...Read More

Public News Service - OR

The folks who drive the buses and others who are part of children's school days are the focus of American Education Week. Credit: Lynette/

PORTLAND, Ore. - Schools are in the spotlight for American Education Week, which begins today. Each day puts the focus on people who help make the public school experience a good one for students. Tuesday is Parents Day, a reminder that family involvement is needed to make a great school. Portland...Read More

Public News Service - OR

Half the college instructors in the United States are part-time or adjunct professors. Credit: ALivmann/

PORTLAND, Ore. - About one-third of the part-timers teaching college courses are on public assistance, according to a new documentary that follows some part-time or adjunct professors, at home and on the job. The message of Professors in Poverty is resonating in Oregon, where the trend also has bee...Read More

Public News Service - OR

In the first week of its roundup of wild horses near Adel, Ore., the Bureau of Land Management corralled more than 400 of up to 1,500. Credit: Larisa Bogardus, BLM Lakeview District, on Flickr Creative Commons.

LAKEVIEW, Ore. - It's been one week since the Bureau of Land Management started rounding up wild horses east of Lakeview. Using helicopters, the agency has reached about a third of its goal, capturing close to 450 horses out of a possible 1,500. The BLM says the area is home to about six times more...Read More

Public News Service - OR

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