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    PNS Daily News - July 3, 20150 

    We’re covering issues from around the nation including: a multi-billion dollar settlement announced in the Deepwater Horizon spill; hunger impacting our veterans this Fourth of July; and a dangerous weekend predicted on America’s roadways.

Public News Service - Oregon

PHOTO: Mentors are needed across the state for ASPIRE, a program that pairs middle school and high school students with mentors to help kids explore and consider college and career options. Photo courtesy of ASPIRE.

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon will soon be rethinking the way English-Language Learner (ELL) students are taught – and how funds are spent in support of that mission, after Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill into law this week to convene an advisory group on the matter. One state-sponsored program is...Read More

Public News Service - OR

PHOTO: The EPA proposed rules to limit mercury and other dangerous pollutants from power plants that affect air and water quality, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday the agency must weigh the costs of compliance in its rule-making. Photo courtesy Environmental Protection Agency.

PORTLAND, Ore. – The EPA was handed a setback by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday. The justices voted five to four that before the agency put a new rule into effect to control toxic pollution from power plants, it should have considered the cost to industry to comply with it. The decision do...Read More

Public News Service - OR

PHOTO: Fewer Oregonians in hospital beds is one goal of the state's Health System Transformation campaign, and the latest Oregon Health Authority figures indicate it's working. Photo credit: Chad Hutchinson/

SALEM, Ore. - Health-care quality is improving for more people in Oregon, according to new figures from the Oregon Health Authority. Emergency-room visits are down 22 percent since 2011 among Oregon Health Plan members, according to the agency. The goal has been to get people to use Coordinated Car...Read More

Public News Service - OR

PHOTO: Tough-talking Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio presides over a department with more than 3,400 workers and numerous legal troubles over allegations of racial profiling and discrimination against Latinos. Photo courtesy of Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office.

SALEM, Ore. - Arizona is exporting a couple of headline-making commodities to Oregon this weekend: record-breaking hot weather and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff is to speak at a Saturday rally in Salem in support of two proposed ballot measures for 2016 - one to make English the o...Read More

Public News Service - OR

FOTO: Una meta de la campaña “Health System Transformaton” (Transformación del Sistema de Salud) es que haha menos oregonianos internados en hospitales, y las cifras de la “Oregon Health Authority” indican que se está logrando. Crédito de la foto: Chad Hutchinson/

SALEM, Ore.– La Autoridad de Salud de Oregon (Oregon Health Authority) afirma que a las áreas de emergencias está llegando menos gente por condiciones crónicas de salud, y se está invirtiendo más en cuidados preventivos entre los 1 millón 100 mil miembros del Plan...Read More

Public News Service - OR

PHOTO: From left, Julie Weikel, Helen Harbin and Alice Elshoff toast the five days they spent hiking and camping in the southern Oregon and northern Nevada high desert. Photo credit: Jim Davis for Oregon Natural Desert Assn.

BURNS, Ore. – Few hikers are seen in the stark, high desert of southern Oregon – and even fewer in their 60s or 80s. But three retired Oregon women made the trek this month. They want to call attention to a swath of land between Nevada's Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and Oregon's Ha...Read More

Public News Service - OR

PHOTO: In recent weeks, the Oregon Legislature has passed bills to give family caregivers more information about loved ones who are hospitalized, and to create a retirement savings plan for residents who don't have one on the job. Photo credit: Alex Raths/iStockphoto.

SALEM, Ore. – Better health and more financial security for Oregon's fast-growing older population have been the priorities AARP Oregon says it has looked for from the Legislature this year – and the group has seen movement on both issues. On Tuesday, the state Senate passed a bill to c...Read More

Public News Service - OR

PHOTO: Welding is one of the careers people can apply to learn through Oregon Corrections Enterprises. This man is working in the metal shop inside Oregon State Penitentiary. Photo courtesy Oregon Department of Corrections.

SALEM, Ore. - No one may have watched the debate over a "Ban the Box" bill in the Oregon Legislature more closely than the 1,300 people who are working on their job skills in prison. According to House Bill 3025, the legislation now on its its way to Gov. Kate Brown's desk, employers can no longer ...Read More

Public News Service - OR

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