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PHOTO: Sport, commercial and tribal fishermen all have indicated opposition to the idea of a terminal to fill coal barges at the Port of Morrow. This week, the Oregon Department of State Lands denied a permit request by its developers. Photo credit: visionsofmaine/

PORTLAND, Ore. - The state of Oregon has denied a permit to the company proposing a coal terminal at the Port of Morrow in the Columbia River Gorge - but Ambre Energy says it is considering "the full range of options" to move forward with its plans. So are the fishermen who have lined up to fight t...Read More

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PHOTO: Social workers are starting to navigate the topic of improving their clients' financial health with an online toolkit first tested in Oregon. Photo credit: Jane M. Sawyer/Morguefile.

EUGENE, Ore. - A new online toolkit that was tested in Oregon is showing social service case managers how to talk about and help improve their clients' personal finances. Groups and agencies that advise lower-income Oregonians about the assistance they need can now also offer options on achieving a...Read More

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PHOTO: Clatsop County may soon be known for more than its beautiful beach scenery. It has been selected for a five-year health improvement challenge, the Way to Wellville, with a $5 million prize at stake. Photo credit: Steven Pavlov, Wikimedia Commons.
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ASTORIA, Ore. - Clatsop County on the Oregon Coast is one of five communities in the U.S. selected for a five-year health improvement challenge, with a prize of $5 million. Several Oregon communities applied, but Clatsop County is the only Oregon finalist. The project is called the "Way to Wellvill...Read More

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PHOTO: Oregon Food Bank picks up 1,000-pound bins of onions every other week from River Point Farms in Hermiston, for distribution to emergency food pantries across the state. Photo courtesy River Point Farms.

HERMISTON, Ore. - As farmers spend the next few months bringing in their bounty, Oregon Food Bank is asking more of them to rethink what they do with the produce that is perfectly good to eat but not quite good enough to market. Food, almost past its prime, is often donated to food banks, but it req...Read More

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PHOTO: At Ontario's Next Chapter Food Pantry, emergency food boxes help SNAP dollars stretch further for local residents. A new national report says more rural households depend on SNAP benefits than those in urban areas. Photo credit: Daniel Root, PhotoForce.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Hunger is often characterized as a big-city problem, but a new study shows that isn't the case based on who's receiving SNAP or food stamp benefits. The Center for Rural Affairs examined Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) use for a five-year period ending in 20...Read More

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PHOTO: Nothing good on TV? Media watchdog groups warn that the content and pricing of cable service is at risk with the rumored mega-mergers of some of the largest providers. Photo credit: marcelopoleze/

PORTLAND, Ore. - Comcast wants to acquire Time Warner Cable; they're the two biggest cable TV companies. T-Mobile and Sprint - the third- and fourth-largest wireless providers - are rumored to want to merge, and 21st Century Fox's Rupert Murdoch reportedly wants to take over Time Warner - the media ...Read More

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PHOTO: The Boardman Coal Plant, set to close in 2020, is typical of coal-fired power plants targeted by the Clean Power Plan. The EPA sets limits by state on the amount of carbon dioxide that can be produced by power plants. Photo credit: Tedder/

PORTLAND, Ore. - The hearings aren't anywhere near Oregon this week, but their effects will be far-reaching, as the Environmental Protection Agency takes comments on its Clean Power Plan. It sets limits by state on the amount of carbon dioxide that can be produced by power plants. Supporters say th...Read More

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PHOTO: Microphone in hand, Royce Markley addressed policymakers at a luncheon last week. Members of the Oregon Foster Youth Connection shared their views about problems with the foster care system and outlined possible solutions. Photo credit: Nathaniel Schwab, Children First For Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. - Copies of the new Oregon Bill of Rights for Foster Children are being sent to every foster home and group home this week, and given to foster children and the people who work with them. Now, the same team of kids who developed it is making new recommendations to policymakers. They ...Read More

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