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    PNS Daily News - January 27, 20150 

    We’re covering stories from around the nation including: while the Northeast hunkers down for the Blizzard of 2015, scientists say climate change could bring similar storms in the future; the secret ingredients in fracking to be reviewed in Wyoming; and national protests against payday lending.

Public News Service - Pennsylvania

IMAGE: Former CIA case officer Jeffrey Sterling could face prison for leaking secrets to the press. Observers think his real offense is embarrassing the agency. Watercolor by Debra Van Poolen.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - A jury has convicted former CIA case officer Jeffrey Sterling of leaking secrets, but many say the reason he could face decades in prison is because he embarrassed the agency. Sterling was found guilty of violating the Espionage Act for passing secrets to a New York Times reporter...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: A new study that discounts the health implications of eating too much salt is leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of many in the medical world. Photo credit: Dubravko Soric/Flickr.

PHILADELPHIA – Concerns are being raised by a number of health organizations and physicians over new research that downplays the link between high sodium consumption and health problems. The study found no association between salt intake and risk of heart failure or mortality among the elder...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: Randy Moyer's tongue is just one of many spots where he says he experiences unexplained pain and swelling after his exposure to fracking waste, made up of a mixture of water and toxic chemicals. Photo courtesy of Moyer.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - An organization calling itself "Stop Poisoning Pennsylvania" is demonstrating Tuesday at Governor Tom Wolf's inauguration, calling for a ban on fracking in the commonwealth. The new governor says he supports fracking as a method of oil and gas drilling. Washington County resident ...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: Attorney Sara Rose with the Pennsylvania ACLU says a new state law tramples the free speech rights of prisoners and former prisoners. Photo courtesy S. Rose.

PITTSBURGH - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit last week aimed at stopping enforcement of what it calls the "Silencing Act." Passed by the legislature last year, the act allows prosecutors or victims of a personal injury crime to obtain an injunction to prohi...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: The EPA's Clean Power Plan proposal has been criticized by the coal industry, but Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord says there are economic and health benefits to cutting carbon. Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Treasury Department.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - While the Environmental Protection Agencies proposal to curb carbon pollution may be a difficult pill for coal supporters to swallow, one state leader is convinced the benefits outweigh the costs. About 40 percent of Pennsylvania's electricity comes from coal, and the Clean Power...Read More

Public News Service - PA

GRAPHIC: Agricultural and conservation activities on Central Pennsylvania creeks, streams and rivers play a significant role in the overall health of Chesapeake Bay, according to the latest biennial report on the state of the bay. Image courtesy of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The condition of Chesapeake Bay is still very fragile, according to a new report just released by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. This year the bay comes in with an overall score of D-plus, the same grade as the last report in 2012. Will Baker, president of the Chesapeake Bay Found...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: Residents of Hershey, Pa., drink more beer than the average American, at places like the Troeg's Brewery tasting room, and have sophisticated tastes in beer, earning them a Top Ten spot on a national list of 'Best Beer Cities' for 2014. Photo courtesy of Troeg's Brewery.

HERSHEY, Pa. - Hershey, long known as a chocolate-themed family fun destination, is also earning a reputation as a great beer city. "" just ranked it No. 9 in its "Best Beer Cities" listings for 2014. Ed Yashinsky, general manager of the multiple award winning Troeg's Brewing Company,...Read More

Public News Service - PA

Stephanie Gambone with the Philadelphia Youth Network says young people need jobs that come with pre-employment training in order to be successful in the workplace. Image courtesy of the Philadelphia Youth Network.

PHILADELPHIA - Youth employment in America is at its lowest level since World War II, according to a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Stephanie Gambone, executive vice president with the Philadelphia Youth Network explains one reason why. "Young people are competing for jobs with not ...Read More

Public News Service - PA

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