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    PNS Weekend Update - May 28, 20160 

    We’re got variety of stories on this weekend’s rundown, including: President Obama makes a somber and sobering trip to Hiroshima; criticism over transgender bathroom bills continues to mount; we’ve got some sun safety tips for this Memorial Day Weekend.

Public News Service - Pennsylvania

Almost 60 municipalities have prohibited wild animal acts or training animals with bullhooks. (Steve Jurvetson/Flickr)

PITTSBURGH -- Clowns and animal-rights advocates crowded Pittsburgh's City Council chambers this week, speaking their minds about a proposed ban on wild-animal acts in the city. The ordinance, based on a similar law in San Francisco, would prohibit performances involving wild or exotic animals. Kri...Read More

Public News Service - PA

Some first-time DUI offenders in Pennsylvania will be required to install ignition interlocks in their cars. (Rsheram/Wikimedia Commons)

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Pennsylvania is clamping down harder on drunk driving. Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday signed a bill into law that requires many first-time offenders convicted of drunk driving to have an ignition interlock on their vehicles for a year. The device prevents the car from starting when t...Read More

Public News Service - PA

A new law requires testing of both new chemicals and those currently in use. (Johnny Magnusson/

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A bill to significantly strengthen the Toxic Substances Control Act should soon be law across the country. The 1976 law made it almost impossible to evaluate the safety and control the use of the more than 80,000 chemicals sold in the United States. In fact, the Environme...Read More

Public News Service - PA

Homeowners are concerned about the environmental and health effects of fracking. (Daniel Foster/Wikimedia Commons)

PITTSBURGH -- The future of a lawsuit seeking damages from opponents of gas drilling near their homes and schools is in the hands of a judge. The lawsuit, filed by gas leaseholders and a developer, seeks more than $500,000 from homeowners and environmentalists who are challenging a zoning ordinance...Read More

Public News Service - PA

This Saturday, several Pennsylvania cities join GMO protests planned in 36 countries on six continents. (Rosalee Yagihara/Wikimedia Commons)

PHILADELPHIA - "Four simple words": That's what consumer advocates say they want to see on foods containing genetically modified organisms. On Saturday in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and other cities around the state, groups are holding what they call a "March Against Monsanto" -- one of the largest pr...Read More

Public News Service - PA

The Supreme Court has had a vacancy since Justice Antonin Scalia died in February. (Mark Fischer/

HARRISBURG, Pa. - National youth organization leaders and members of Congress are releasing an open letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, calling for a hearing and vote on the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court. Congressional Republicans continue to insist they will no...Read More

Public News Service - PA

About 120,000 children from low-income families in Pennsylvania have no publicly funded pre-K. (Chris Morgan/

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Pediatric hospital residents rallied in Harrisburg this week, asking Gov. Tom Wolf and state legislators to invest more in high-quality pre-kindergarten education. According to a new report from the state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, quality pre-K programs help p...Read More

Public News Service - PA

The EPA's methane-reduction rules only apply to new and modified facilities. (Joshua Doubek/Wikimedia Commons)

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized new federal rules to cut methane emissions from new sources. The EPA says the rules will reduce 520,000 tons a year of methane emissions by 2025, producing climate benefits worth almost $700 million. The gas and oil industry is the...Read More

Public News Service - PA

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