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    PNS Daily News - July 2, 20150 

    We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; the U.S. Supreme Court delays a Texas law that would have closed many of the state’s clinics that perform abortions, and the EPA says it will ban a pesticide which has been linked to ADHD, reduced IQ and other health conditions; and a report on the climate-driven rise in ticks and mosquitoes, which also raises the threat of potentially deadly insect-borne illnesses like Lyme Disease and the West Nile virus.

Public News Service - Pennsylvania

PHOTO: A U.S. Supreme Court decision could delay air pollution rules for coal-fired power plants. The EPA estimates the new rules would save thousands of lives a year. Photo courtesy of the Sierra Club.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A Supreme Court decision may have cast doubt on controls for mercury and other airborne toxins from power plants – but it didn't throw them out. The high court decision could delay a permanent implementation of new air pollution rules, which the EPA says will save thou...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: More than 60 organizations have sent a letter calling on Congress to remove a rider in its budget bill they claim would block the FCC from implementing net neutrality rules. Photo credit: Sean MacEntee/Flickr Commons.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - More than 60 civil-rights and public-interest groups have sent a letter urging Congress to protect the Federal Communications Commission's decision to keep the Internet open. They're protesting a rider attached to a must-pass government funding package. Timothy Karr, senior dire...Read More

Public News Service - PA

GRAPHIC: New research from the Economic Policy Institute indicates raising the minimum wage will not slow employment. Federal figures show the minimum wage has not kept up with workers' education levels or with inflation. Graphic courtesy of the Economic Policy Institute.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed raising Pennsylvania's minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and new economic research suggests that shouldn't hurt employment. Critics of increasing low-end pay say it prices some workers out of the job market. David Cooper, a senior economic analyst...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: New, simple-to-understand fact sheets have been compiled that list the effects Gov. Tom Wolf's budget would have on each part of the state. Photo courtesy Pennsylvania General Assembly.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The rhetoric's getting thick around Gov. Tom Wolf's big budget package, but the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center says it can help. The organization has produced easy-to-understand two-page "Budget Fact Sheets" that detail the effects that Wolf's complex proposal would h...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: In Pittsburgh this week, people who were part of the first Justice for Janitors Week in 1985 joined other service-industry workers to share their views and concerns with the City Council. Photo courtesy 32BJ SEIU.

PITTSBURGH – Janitors plan to rally on the streets during rush hour tomorrow, as talks start on contracts that cover about 75,000 commercial cleaners in the eastern U.S. Supporters say it's part of an important new direction for labor. In Virginia, House Delegate Alfonso Lopez will speak a...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: Because of pollutants including cattle runoff, Pennsylvania is falling far behind where it committed to be in cleaning up Chesapeake Bay tributaries. Photo by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Pennsylvania is falling far short of its commitments to clean up local rivers and streams. That affects the quality of life for all of the Commonwealth's residents, and conservation groups say it has to change. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the state's progress...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: A new report identifies 50 U.S. hospitals with price markups approximately 10 times their Medicare-allowable costs. Photo credit: Thierry Geoffroy/Wikimedia Commons.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - If you're going to break a leg, be careful where you do it. You might end up at a hospital that charges the uninsured as much as a 1,000 percent markup. A list of the 50 hospitals with the highest price markups over actual costs is included in a new study published in Health Affai...Read More

Public News Service - PA

MAP: A new report documents how U.S. cities can utilize rooftop solar to leverage lower municipal energy bills, taxes and pollution. It says four cities in Pennsylvania could generate 100 megawatts from solar on city buildings, part of five gigawatts nationally. Map courtesy the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Some U.S. cities are using solar power to cut their energy bills, and a new report shows how mid-sized cities could install as much as 5,000 megawatts of solar on municipal property, with little to no upfront cash. Report author John Farrell, director of the Institute for Lo...Read More

Public News Service - PA

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