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PHOTO: Gov. Tom Corbett is among governors in seven states who are mentioned in a new report about outsourcing billions of dollars in state services to private contractors. Photo credit: Lucidology/

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Shrinking government has meant shifting responsibilities to private industry in some states, and Gov. Tom Corbett is one of seven governors taken to task in a new report that correlates these outsourcing decisions with major campaign donors and mixed results for taxpayers. In Corb...Read More

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PHOTO: As the Clean Water Act turns 42, conservation groups say it's time to strengthen and clarify the venerable federal law. An EPA revision of the act is one of the topics at a forum Oct. 21-22 about protecting the Delaware River watershed. Photo credit: Daniel Case/Wikimedia.

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - The last time you drank a glass of water or took a shower, you probably didn't think about the Clean Water Act, which is why conservation groups are calling attention to the anniversary of the landmark federal clean water law ahead of a major meeting on water quality in Bethlehem ne...Read More

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PHOTO: It's less than a month until Election Day. AARP has compiled candidates' views, in their own words, about several key issues in its nonpartisan Voters' Guide. Photo credit: Nicole Klauss

HARRISBURG, Pa. - With the General Election less than a month away, there's at least one source of political information in the Commonwealth that isn't an attack ad. This week, AARP Pennsylvania released a nonpartisan Voters' Guide anyone can access online. The group contacted the candidates in th...Read More

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PHOTO: Kim McGowan (right) is among the security guards working for private contractors who say today's security challenges call for more training and better pay. They rallied in Downtown Pittsburgh on Wednesday. Photo credit: Maria Montano.

PITTSBURGH - Steel City security guards rallied Downtown on Wednesday to demand greater job security, and to point out many of the private contractors hired by high-rise owners or managers don't offer their workers enough training, room for advancement, or sufficient pay for the modern-day challenge...Read More

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PHOTO: Recreation is just one economic driver that will pay off for Pennsylvania and other states in the Chesapeake Bay region if they stay on track with the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint, according to a new report that tallies the economic value of cleaner water. Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - A new analysis of the potential financial benefits of the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint finds a measurable return, with cleaner water adding about $6 billion a year in value to Pennsylvania's economy. Similarly, the analysis notes if Pennsylvania opts to skip making improvement...Read More

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PHOTO: Proponents of GMO food labeling say U.S. companies are already adding the information on labels of products sold in more than 60 countries. This is a label on American-made cake frosting sold in Australia. Photo courtesy Consumers Union.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – It's on the November ballot in Colorado and Oregon, and today, Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering it too – whether to label genetically-modified ingredients in food sold in the state. GMO labeling is the topic of an "informational meeting" of the House Committee on ...Read More

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PHOTO: A new Environmental Defense Fund report says methane mitigation, or finding and fixing leaks in gas pipelines and at well sites, is creating good, local jobs as well as protecting the environment. Photo credit: ollirg/

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Many oil and gas developers are letting a valuable product escape as they drill. A new report says more of the methane emitted from wells and pipelines can and should be captured rather than releasing it into the atmosphere, and describes an emerging industry that has made it a goa...Read More

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PHOTO: Elementary school students in Reading stop by kiosks parked near school entrances to get free, nutritious breakfast items to eat in their classrooms. Photo courtesy Food Research and Action Center.

READING, Pa. - Homeroom is just a little "homier" in Reading elementary schools this month, as kids are now starting their days with a nutritious breakfast before they begin their class work. Some Reading students used to eat breakfast in the cafeteria, but this year, the district made the decision...Read More

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