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    PNS Daily News - August 4, 20150 

    Among the issues on our nationwide rundown; reaction to the Obama administration’s clean energy plan; a church pastor in New Mexico pledges Sunday’s bombings won’t stop his church’s mission; and a controversy brewing over guns in parks in Tennessee.

Public News Service - Pennsylvania

PHOTO: Conservationists say nature is a winner under the first-ever federal rules limiting carbon emissions from power plants. Photo credit: Greg Stotelmyer.

PITTSBURGH – A plan for reducing carbon pollution in the U.S. has been finalized by the Obama administration. The EPA's Clean Power Plan, released Monday, sets a 32 percent goal for cutting emissions from power plants by 2030. Ed Perry, Pennsylvania coordinator for the National Wildlife Feder...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: A new report from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center finds the tax-relief plans of House Republicans and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf are a good starting point for budget compromise. Photo by Stephanie Frank.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - It's been a month of budget gridlock in Pennsylvania after Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, vetoed the Republican Legislature's spending plan, claiming it is unbalanced and would lead to a $3 billion deficit. However, a new report finds common ground for compromise in the tax-relief plan...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: A new report on hunger in the Philadelphia area finds that emergency food providers are challenged to keep up with the growing demand. Photo by Greg Stotelmyer.

PHILADELPHIA - Over the past year in Philadelphia one in four people faced times when he or she did not know where to find a next meal. Tom Mahon, communications manager with the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, says that's one of the findings from the organization's survey of the re...Read More

Public News Service - PA

GRAPHIC: As Medicaid turns 50 years old this week, many are praising its impact on Pennsylvania children and families. Research from several studies indicates that kids who receive Medicaid benefits have better health, and do better in school and employment throughout their lives. Graphic courtesy Center on Budget Policies and Priorities.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Medicaid turns 50 years old this week, and the impact it's had on the lives of children in Pennsylvania and around the nation is being praised, both by advocates and academics. Nearly half of Pennsylvania's children receive services though the healthcare program, created pri...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: In direct contradiction to charges by many energy corporations, research is finding an EPA plan to reduce carbon emissions should actually cut electricity bills, if itís implemented using energy efficiency as well as renewables. Photo courtesy of the Sierra Club.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – An Environmental Protection Agency plan to cut carbon pollution should actually save Pennsylvania families money, if meeting the plan includes energy efficiency, according to two separate analyses. Critics of the Clean Power Plan charge it will sharply raise the cost of elec...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: A new poll shows nearly unanimous support for the EPA's clean water policy among hunters and anglers in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Pennsylvania stream photo courtesy of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

CARLISLE, Pa. – A poll of national and Pennsylvania hunters and anglers has found overwhelming support, even among self-described conservatives, for a controversial EPA clean water policy. Commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the survey found support for an EPA plan to ap...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: School employees are traveling around the state, rallying to the support of Gov. Tom Wolf in his battle with the legislature over the budget. Photo courtesy Service Employees International Union 32BJ.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Rank-and-file school employees are on the road rallying to support Gov. Tom Wolf in his budget standoff with the legislature, saying the education of Pennsylvania's children is at risk. On Friday, a bus full of the school workers traveled to the offices of six Philadelphia-area l...Read More

Public News Service - PA

PHOTO: Pennsylvania seniors are being targeted by a scam that begs grandparents to send money right away to help a grandchild in an emergency. Photo courtesy of the FBI.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Consumer advocates are warning scammers who cynically target a grandparent's love are phoning older Pennsylvania folks in the middle of the night. Mary Bach, a noted consumer advocate with the state AARP, says the caller claims to be a police officer, a hospital official or even th...Read More

Public News Service - PA

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