PNS Daily News - October 24, 2016 

Our news today features topics from around the nation including: the election drowning out devastation on the East Coast; a report gathers the evidence of the failures of youth prisons; and why pediatricians are prescribing a healthy media diet for American kids.

Daily Newscasts

Public News Service - Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – County memberships in the American Lands Council, a national group working to transfer publicly owned lands to states ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – On this day in 1976, President Gerald Ford signed legislation that changed the way the feds oversee millions of acres of land ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – Life expectancy in the United States is now 78.8 years, much higher than when the Social Security program began in 1935 ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – Climate change due to human activity has doubled the area hit by forest fires in western states, according to a new Columbia ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – Utahans are getting a break between presidential debates to learn more about how local candidates plan to address education ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY - Capturing methane waste at oil and gas operations on national and tribal lands is an opportunity to turn environmental costs into rev ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – Some of the answers to the challenges of switching to clean energy could be blowing in the wind, according to a survey of wind ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – As the presidential race tightens, voter turnout could play a decisive role, and a new study warns that some Americans may ...Read More
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