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PHOTO: The renowned trout fishery in the Green River in northeastern Utah could become part of a federally-designated wilderness area, as part of an agreement involving Daggett County leaders and conservationists. Photo courtesy of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

SALT LAKE CITY - An agreement involving county government and conservationists is in place that would help protect the Green River in northeastern Utah, home to some of the best trout fishing in the country. Charles Card, Northeast Utah backcountry coordinator at Trout Unlimited, says the agreement...Read More

Public News Service - UT

PHOTO: A new analysis from The Wilderness Society of BLM management plans throughout the west demonstrates oil and gas exploration is favored far beyond any other uses by a wide margin. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

SALT LAKE CITY - A new analysis from the Wilderness Society shows the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has made 92 percent of the public land it manages in Utah available for oil and gas drilling and exploration. The overwhelming disparity of the 92 percent figure leaves only eight percent for ...Read More

Public News Service - UT

PHOTO: In addition to checking the batteries in your smoke detectors, the American Red Cross recommends going over your home escape plan in the event of a fire. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

SALT LAKE CITY – Nationwide, more than 2,300 people died and nearly 13,000 were injured in home fires in 2012, according to the National Fire Protection Association. This month the American Red Cross is kicking off a national campaign to reduce deaths and injuries from house fires by as much ...Read More

Public News Service - UT

PHOTO: The spotlight is on hundreds of dogs in Utah in need of good homes during "Adopt A Shelter Dog Month." Photo courtesy of City of Sandy, Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY - Utahans are encouraged to consider adding a new member to the family during "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month" in October. Carl Arky, director of communications with the Humane Society of Utah, says adopting a dog from your local animal shelter has benefits over going to a breeder, or a r...Read More

Public News Service - UT

PHOTO: What's really going on in these cubicles? An estimated 27 percent of Americans say they are victims of workplace bullying. Photo credit: Federal Emergency Management Agency.

SALT LAKE CITY – Bullying is typically considered a schoolyard problem, but millions of American adults say they've been victims of bullying on the job. According to a 2014 national survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute, 27 percent of workers report being bullied by a co-worker or bos...Read More

Public News Service - UT

PHOTO: The majority of likely voters in Utah support a rule that would reduce the energy waste that happens during oil and gas production on public lands, according to a new survey. Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Energy.

SALT LAKE CITY - Sixty-nine percent of likely voters in several oil and gas-rich states, including Utah, support a rule that would require oil companies to significantly reduce the amount of natural gas they release or burn off while extracting oil from public lands. Ross Lane, Western Values Proje...Read More

Public News Service - UT

PHOTO: New vehicles in the U.S. are getting better gas mileage than ever before, according to a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency. Photo courtesy of the Utah Department of Transportation.

SALT LAKE CITY – Drivers are saving money at the pump, as U.S. fuel economy reaches an all-time high, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA reports that model year 2013 vehicles achieved an average of 24.1 miles per gallon. That reflects a half-mile per gallon improveme...Read More

Public News Service - UT

PHOTO: Same-sex marriage is once again legal in Utah following the U.S. Supreme Court decision Monday to not hear cases attempting to preserve bans on marriage equality in several states. Photo credit: Library of Congress.

SALT LAKE CITY - Monday's U.S. Supreme Court announcement that it will not hear marriage-equality cases from Utah and several other states marks a significant victory for same-sex couples wanting to tie the knot, according to right-to-marry advocates. Clifford Rosky, board chairman at Equality Utah...Read More

Public News Service - UT

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