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    PNS Daily Newscast -Friday, February 5th,2016.0 

    Here's what we're covering today: The democratic presidential candidates faced off in a debate in New Hampshire, President Obama is planning to reveal a ten dollar a barrel oil tax, and today is Go Red for Women.

Public News Service - Virginia

A new study suggest states that close the coverage gap have a healthier workforce. (The Commonwealth Institute)

RICHMOND, Va. - A comparison between states shows those that have expanded Medicaid are likely to have a healthier workforce. The Virginia General Assembly has so far refused to close what's known as the coverage gap, which mostly affects the working poor. But a new study by the group Families US...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Coastal flooding is one of the issues moving a coalition of 50 separate Virginia groups to press for climate action. (NOAA)

RICHMOND, Va. - A broad coalition is pushing Gov. Terry McAuliffe to speed the state's transition away from fossil fuels and interestingly, it's not just environmentalists. A coalition of 50 groups wrote to the governor asking how his office will implement an Environmental Protection Agency plan t...Read More

Public News Service - VA

School lunches could change if a bipartisan bill expected to come up for a vote in the U.S. Senate ultimately becomes law. (Coalition Against Hunger)

RICHMOND, Va. - Members of the U.S. Senate are working on a bipartisan bill that would reauthorize child nutrition programs, including the national school lunch and breakfast programs for the next five years. Among the changes, the legislation includes funding for expanded kitchen equipment to ena...Read More

Public News Service - VA

A resident of Virginia has returned to the country with the Zika virus, but since the virus is carried by mosquitoes, health officials are very confident it won't spread. (Joaquim Alves Gaspar/Wikipedia)

RICHMOND, Va. - One person returning to Virginia from overseas has tested positive for the Zika virus, but health officials are confident transmission here is impossible. Dr. Laurie Forlano is the state health department's top epidemiologist. She says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...Read More

Public News Service - VA

As Virginia digs out of this weekend's snowfall, health officials warn plenty of cold-weather dangers remain. (Dan Heyman)

RICHMOND, Va. - As Virginia digs out from winter storm Jonah, health officials are warning of some cold-weather hazards to watch out for. "Snowzilla" may have passed, but State Health Commissioner Marissa Levine warns it's still going to be slippery in places, and cold. She says people may underes...Read More

Public News Service - VA

A new policy brief from the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that working families, especially families of color, are having a hard time keeping even a small amount in savings. (AECF)

RICHMOND, Va. – Working families in Virginia are having a hard time building up even a small financial cushion. But the authors of a new policy brief say simple steps could make a huge difference. Beadsie Woo, a senior associate with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, says the foundation found...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Observers say Virginia is facing an energy crossroads. (Evan Hansen)

RICHMOND, Va. - Important energy questions are facing Virginia lawmakers. Activists say the governor and General Assembly need to do more to encourage renewable power and energy efficiency. Ivy Main, renewable-energy chair for the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club, says the state needs to remove...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Save to Win, a program at credit unions, offers a chance to win without throwing money away.(Wikimedia)

RICHMOND, Va. - The massive Powerball jackpot has people rushing to buy tickets and dreaming of life on Easy Street, but many in Virginia still struggle to afford basic needs. For some a credit union program is helping to build nest eggs and also offers a better chance to win much smaller prizes. ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

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