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PHOTO Rep. Jim Moran is co-chair of the Animal Welfare Caucus, and says the testing of cosmetics on animals is no longer needed. Photo courtesy of Rep. Jim Moran.

RICHMOND, Va. - The time has come to ban animal testing for cosmetics, according to a northern Virginia Congressman. Rep. Jim Moran is sponsoring the Humane Cosmetics Act, which would phase out animal testing for U.S.-made cosmetics within a year, and imported cosmetics within three years. Moran s...Read More

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PHOTO: Tens of thousands of children from Central American countries have attempted to cross into the U.S., and a woman who has been in their shoes says violence and economic despair are the root causes. Photo credit: Toksave / Wikimedia Commons.

RICHMOND, Va. – There are many questions surrounding why thousands of Central Americans are leaving their families, setting off alone and risking their lives in an attempt to migrate to the United States. One woman who made that journey wants to shine a light on the issue. Kenia Calderon w...Read More

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PHOTO: Children often count on meals served at school to give them the nutrition they need. But when school isn't in session during the summer, it can be a challenge for some kids to get nutritious, regular meals, particularly those kids from low-income households. Photo credit: USDA.

RICHMOND, Va. - For nearly 400,000 Virginia school children, summer means a vacation from school, but it can also mean missing nutritious meals that are part of their school day. Signe Anderson, Senior Child Nutrition Policy Analyst for the Food Research and Action Center, says the summer of 2013 m...Read More

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IMAGE: A Dominion Resources offshore wind project is fairly far along, and offers huge potential, according to a new report on offshore wind power in the Atlantic. Map courtesy Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

RICHMOND, Va. - A huge wind project in the early stages off Virginia Beach has the potential to provide a lot of reasonably-priced, steady power, according to a new report. "Catching the Wind," which looks at offshore wind turbine projects along the East Coast, reported that the Dominion project tw...Read More

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PHOTO: New research finds drivers of 2014 model vehicles are saving about 20 percent more on gasoline than those who drive a 2008 model. Photo credit: John Sense / Morguefile.

RICHMOND, Va. - Virginians who traveled by car over the holiday weekend likely felt the pinch at the gas pump, but some spent a lot less fueling up than others. New research from the Consumer Federation of America finds the average fuel economy of new cars has improved by 20 percent over the last f...Read More

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PHOTO: As folks celebrate the 4th of July, they are being reminded to properly display the "Stars and Stripes." Photo credit: Kenn W. Kiser/morguefile.

RICHMOND, Va. - It's been a symbol of our nation for more than 200 years and, as folks in Virginia and around the country celebrate the 4th of July, they are being reminded to properly display the "Stars and Stripes." Mike Buss, deputy director at the American Legion National Headquarters, says the...Read More

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PHOTO: The retailer Hobby Lobby will not have to pay for insurance coverage for certain types of contraception for its employees following Monday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Photo courtesy U.S. Supreme Court.

RICHMOND, Va. - Family-planning advocates in Virginia predict that the U.S. Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision will have negative ramifications for women's health care here. The 5-4 ruling determined that some companies do not have to cover the cost of insurance to pay for contraceptives for thei...Read More

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PHOTO: Coastal storm damage, such as in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, will be more frequent as sea levels rise through the century, according to a new report. Photo courtesy Risky Business Project.

RICHMOND, Va. - Virginia can expect rising sea levels due to climate change, and that could be especially hard on Hampton Roads, according to a new study from the Risky Business Project. The study concluded that Norfolk is one of nation's most vulnerable cities, possibly facing a sea level rise of ...Read More

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