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    PNS Daily News - August 5, 20150 

    We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including; federal funding for Planned Parenthood remains uncertain as another political showdown looms; and America’s failing roads are costing drivers hundreds of dollars in extra vehicle service and maintenance expense each year; and we report on a major wilderness designation in Idaho.

Public News Service - Virginia

PHOTO: Clean energy advocates say the Obama administration's crackdown on carbon pollution will lead to more solar projects across Virginia, like the one pictured here in Lexington. Photo courtesy Secure Futures.

STAUNTON, Va. – Reaction to the first-ever national limit on carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, proposed by the Obama administration on Monday, has been mixed. Matt Ruscio, program and policy officer with the solar development company Secure Futures, says the EPA plan to cut emiss...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: As Medicaid reaches the half-century mark this week, a new report compiles research about its effects on Virginia children. Photo courtesy National Institutes of Health.

RICHMOND, Va. – Medicaid turns 50 years old this week, and the impact it's had on the lives of children is being praised, both by advocates and academics. Two in seven Virginia children receive services though the healthcare program, which was created primarily for poor families and those wit...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: In direct contradiction to charges by many energy corporations, research is finding an EPA plan to reduce carbon emissions should actually cut electricity bills, if itís implemented using energy efficiency as well as renewables. Photo courtesy of World Resource Insitute.

RICHMOND, Va. – An Environmental Protection Agency plan to cut carbon pollution should actually save Virginia families money, if meeting the plan includes energy efficiency, according to two separate analyses. Critics of the Clean Power Plan charge it will sharply raise the cost of electricit...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: A new poll shows nearly unanimous support for a controversial EPA clean-water policy among hunters and anglers in Virginia and nationally. Photo credit: Mark Taylor/Trout Unlimited

RICHMOND, Va. - A poll of hunters and anglers in Virginia and across the nation has found overwhelming support for a controversial Environmental Protection Agency clean-water policy - even among conservatives. The National Wildlife Federation, which commissioned the survey, found that more than fou...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: Too many working poor families in Virginia haven't benefited from the economic recovery, and the latest Kids Count survey indicates that's affecting the well-being of children. Photo courtesy Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children.

RICHMOND, Va. – Children in Virginia are faring worse, and the state's ranking on key measures of caring for them has fallen, according to the latest Annie E. Casey Foundation KIDS COUNT report. The annual survey found about 40,000 more Virginia children are living below the federal poverty l...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: Community and health advocates say the stream protection rule proposed by the federal Office of Surface Mining is watered down from previous regulations, and wonít do enough to protect streams or communities. Photo courtesy of Wild Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. - The Office of Surface Mining's (OSM) new stream protection rule shows federal regulators bending too much to the coal industry, according to community and health advocates. Many are still digesting the complex regulation OSM proposed last week. The coal industry's political allies ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: Folks with asthma are among those who could reap the benefits of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, say projections that predicts savings for families on health care and electricity costs. Photo credit: Dan Heyman.

RICHMOND, Va. - The Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants should save money for Virginia families, according to projections of electricity and health-care costs. By 2030, according to the nonprofit group Public Citizen, using less so-called ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: Seniors are now being targeted by a scam that begs grandparents to send money right away to help a grandchild in an emergency. Photo courtesy of the AARP.

RICHMOND, Va. – Consumer advocates are warning that scammers who cynically target a grandparent's love are phoning older folks in the middle of the night. Mary Bach, a consumer advocate with the AARP's Consumer Issues Task Force, says callers claim to be a police officer, a hospital official...Read More

Public News Service - VA

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