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PHOTO: A new report from the National Wildlife Federation says outdoor pests are increasing because of climate change. Photo from NWF and Charlie Archambault.

RICHMOND, Va. – As concern rises about mosquitoes in eastern Virginia carrying disease, a new report suggests climate change means more of those and other pests. Norfolk health officials have found West Nile virus in a couple of neighborhoods. The report from the National Wildlife Federati...Read More

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GRAPHIC: A local election on the 19th will be the first time a photo I.D. will be required to cast a ballot, as required by the commonwealth's new voter I.D. law. The League of Women Voters is concerned many Virginians are not aware of the new rules. Photo credit: League of Women Voters of Virginia.

FARMVILLE, Va. - A small, local election on Tuesday is the first time Virginia voters will have to show a photo I.D. as required by a new law. The Farmville town council election in Prince Edward and Cumberland counties represents the first time any of the commonwealth's voters will have to present...Read More

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PHOTO: The Center for Rural Affairs says rural areas have higher percentages of households receiving SNAP benefits than urban areas or small cities. Virginia is no exception. Photo credit: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Flickr.

RICHMOND, Va. - The issue of hunger often is associated with people in inner cities, where the cost of living tends to be high, but a new study shows some of the greatest need can be found where America's food supply is grown and raised. Jon Bailey, director of rural public policy program with the C...Read More

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PHOTO: Virginia's community health centers provide services regardless of patients' ability to pay, and serve upwards of 300,000 Virginians, filling crucial gaps in the commonwealth's health-care system. Photo courtesy of Central Virginia Health Services.

RICHMOND, Va. - As National Health Center Week continues, community health centers around the commonwealth are reminding residents of their commitment to provide a crucial safety net for more than 300,000 Virginians at more than 135 community health centers. Central Virginia Health Services is Virg...Read More

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PHOTO: A patient of the PATHS clinic system could die for lack of health insurance coverage. Photo courtesy of Piedmont Access To Health Services.

RICHMOND, Va. - A Danville system of community health clinics says one of its patients could die, in part because she has been without health insurance. Kay Crane, chief executive of Piedmont Access To Health Services (PATHS), said the woman has an autoimmune disorder that attacks her liver. She pu...Read More

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PHOTO: Efforts to get more mothers to breastfeed their babies are paying off, as 79 percent of moms in the United States begin by nursing. The number is lower in West Virginia, despite the documented health benefits, both for women and babies. Photo credit: Mothering Touch/Flickr.

RICHMOND, Va. - August is National Breastfeeding Month, and supporters are touting the benefits of mother's milk - often called "nature's perfect baby food." Mothers who breastfeed can reduce their risk for diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and some forms of cancer, said Marian Tompson, founder o...Read More

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PHOTO: The early reports are still coming in, but Michael Cassidy with The Commonwealth Institute says there are indications that Medicaid expansion is working well in the states that have tried it, with budget and health care numbers that look good. Photo courtesy The Commonwealth Institute.

RICHMOND, Va. – Signs suggest Medicaid expansion is working much as promised where it's been tried. The numbers are still coming in, but Medicaid expansion states – including West Virginia and Kentucky – report health care and budget results in line with expectations. A separate r...Read More

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PHOTO: Nutritionists recommend including some combination of two fruits and two vegetables in a child's lunchbox, and having them help with the selection and lunch-packing process. Photo courtesy of

RICHMOND, Va. - The start of the school year is just weeks away - and while there's no shortage of the latest backpacks and school-supply displays at the big-box stores, nutrition experts are reminding parents of the importance of what's in their child's lunchbox as well. Nutritionist Dr. Keith Kan...Read More

Public News Service - VA

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