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PHOTO: Legal experts say landowners on the route of proposed natural gas pipelines in Virginia and elsewhere in the Appalachians have a strong legal basis for denying pipeline companies permission to survey on their land. Photo credit: Virginia Wilderness Committee.

ROANOKE, Va. - Pipeline companies who want to build lines through Virginia have told some landowners they can survey on their land without the landowners' permission. Legal experts, however, say those companies don't have that right - yet. Attorney Joe Lovett with Appalachian Mountain Advocates say...Read More

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PHOTO: According to reports from Oxfam America and Human Rights Watch, children half the smoking age are working in America's tobacco fields, including this fifteen-year-old in North Carolina. Photo by Marcus Bleasdale for Human Rights Watch.

RICHMOND, Va. – Children, half the smoking age, are reportedly laboring in tobacco fields in Virginia and North Carolina. It’s hard to tell how many or how old they are, but one study has found some are younger than 18. Baldemar Velasquez, president of the AFL-CIO's Farm Labor Organizi...Read More

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PHOTO: Bob Keefe (center) with the nonpartisan small business group Environmental Entrepreneurs says the 210,000 comments from Virginians show strong support in the state for an EPA clean-power plan that would cut carbon pollution. Photo by Sarah Bucci, courtesy of Environment Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. – More than 200,000 Virginians have voiced their support for an Environmental Protection Agency plan to reduce carbon pollution linked to climate change. The comments were stacked in cases at the state Capitol Wednesday. Bob Keefe, executive director of the small business own...Read More

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PHOTO MONTAGE: According to a new report, helping children in poverty works best when you help the whole family at once. Courtesy of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

RICHMOND, Va. - A new strategy - helping kids by helping their families - is offering promise for Virginia's poverty-fighting efforts. A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation says child poverty programs can have more impact with a "two-generation approach," helping parents at the same time ...Read More

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PHOTO: Worried about losses to wildlife, including brook trout now gone from a third of their former homes in Virginia cold-water streams, outdoor groups are backing EPA limits on greenhouse gasses. Picture of native brook trout from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

RICHMOND, Va. – Worried about losses to wildlife, hunting and fishing groups are backing limits on carbon pollution from power plants. A dozen Virginia outdoor organizations and businesses have released a letter supporting climate change rules by the Environmental Protection Agency. The gr...Read More

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PHOTO: Efforts to get more children covered with health insurance has stalled in Virginia, and elsewhere across the U.S. Photo credit: Tommy Hough.

RICHMOND, Va. - A new report demonstrates efforts to connect more children to health care coverage seems to have stalled in Virginia, as well as across the nation. Joan Alker, executive director of the Georgetown Center for Children and Families, is one of the authors of the study Children's Covera...Read More

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GRAPHIC: Virginia will hold it's first statewide election under a new voter ID law, and voting rights advocates are preparing to help voters cast votes under the new system.

RICHMOND, Va. - Voting rights advocates are bracing for possible problems at the polls, due to Virginia's new voter ID law. AARP Virginia is reminding voters they will be asked to present current photo identification. Ginger Thompson, communications director with AARP, says a number of different p...Read More

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PHOTO: With Halloween falling on a Friday night this year, experts say close parental supervision and a few sensible precautions will help keep kids safe while trick-or-treating. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

RICHMOND, Va. - Ghosts, goblins and monsters soon will walk Virginia neighborhoods in search of candy. While Halloween is a time for fun and treats, it's also a night full of dangerous situations. Dawne Gardner, injury prevention coordinator at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, says a child is four t...Read More

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