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    PNS Weekend Update - April 30, 20160 

    We’re covering a wide variety of topics on this weekend’s rundown, including: several U.S. military members are being punished over a deadly airstrike; some human rights groups are holding an anti-hate rally; this weekend, it’s time to celebrate Healthy Kids Day.

Public News Service - Virginia

An event in Richmond will focus on conservation and trees. (Beth Little)

RICHMOND, Va. - A national conservation leader is coming to Richmond tonight to talk trees and other living things. National Wildlife Federation president and CEO, Collin O'Mara will address a Toast to the Trees event at Stone Brewing Company. The organizers will be giving out native dogwood and red...Read More

Public News Service - VA

A new report describes what it calls the devastating impact on Virginia children when a parent is incarcerated. (NC DPS)

RICHMOND, Va. - About six percent of Virginia children have to grow up with a parent behind bars at some point. According to a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, that can hurt them for life. The report, called "A Shared Sentence," says 103,000 Virginia children will have had a parent b...Read More

Public News Service - VA

A new report is adding momentum to the push for more physical eduction in Virginia schools. (Pedro Dias/Flickr/Wikimedia)

RICHMOND, Va. - A new national report is adding momentum to the movement for more physical education in Virginia schools. A new law will boost K-5 physical activity requirements, but according to the 2016 Shape of the Nation report by SHAPE America and Voices for Healthy Kids, an initiative of the A...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Backers have high hopes for the economic impact of a proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument for eastern West Virginia. (Samuel Taylor)

RICHMOND, Va. - Economic research is lending support to folks backing a new Birthplace of Rivers National Monument in eastern West Virginia. A report from the group Small Business Majority found national monuments contributed more than $150 million a year to local economies. A previous study, sp...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Research suggests legal offshore tax havens are costing U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars a year. (U.S. PIRG and Citizens for Tax Justice)

RICHMOND, Va, - Between the Panama Papers and the tax deadlines, a lot of Americans are wondering if their tax bills would be smaller if everyone paid their share. Nearly three-quarters of all Fortune 500 companies use legal techniques to hide their income overseas and cut their tax bills, accordin...Read More

Public News Service - VA

With the price of natural gas low, and the cost for renewables such as wind falling dramatically, some power companies seem willing to accept EPA limits of CO2. (Wikipedia/Chris Lim)

RICHMOND, Va. - The utility industry now seems willing, maybe grudgingly, to accept CO2 (carbon dioxide) limits designed to slow climate change. A recent survey of 500 electric-utility executives asked about an Environmental Protection Agency plan to limit carbon from existing power plants. It f...Read More

Public News Service - VA

New numbers from the CDC show autism affects about 1 in 68 U.S. children, and that rate is steady. But doctors say more testing is needed. (Wikipedia)

RICHMOND, Va. - April is National Autism Awareness Month and the numbers are holding steady in the U.S., according to the latest snapshot of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied 8 year olds in 11 states and says 1 in 68 children is diagnosed as aut...Read More

Public News Service - VA

A federal court fight is drawing briefs from a wide variety of groups supporting the EPA's Clean Power Plan. (Photo Montage by Evan Hansen)

RICHMOND, Va. – A broad coalition is asking a federal court not to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate pollution rules. Fossil fuel industries and 27 states are challenging new power plant regulations under the Clean Power Plan. But a number of mayors, business people...Read More

Public News Service - VA

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