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    PNS Daily News - January 29, 20150 

    Among the stories on our nationwide rundown; the Supreme Court temporarily blocks three Oklahoma executions; the EPA is in the news on new smog pollution standards and concerns over factory farm pollution—plus preventing ski and snow boarding deaths.

Public News Service - Virginia

GRAPHIC: Tuesday is caregivers day at the General Assembly in Richmond, and caregivers from around the commonwealth say they want to make sure they get clear instructions on how to look after loved ones when discharged from a facility. Graphic courtesy of AARP.

RICHMOND, Va. - Residents who care for loved ones at home are flooding the General Assembly this week to ask commonwealth lawmakers to honor their unpaid work, and help them do their caregiving work better. Today is Caregivers' Day at the capitol, and residents like Diane Rainier of Virginia Beach ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

IMAGE: Former CIA case officer Jeffrey Sterling faces prison for leaking secrets to the press. Observers think his real offense is embarrassing the agency. Watercolor by Debra Van Poolen.

RICHMOND, Va. - A jury has convicted a former CIA case officer of leaking secrets. But many say the reason Jeffrey Sterling could face decades in prison is because he embarrassed the agency. Sterling was ruled guilty of violating the espionage act for leaking secrets to a reporter for the New York ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: It may look like fun, but such close proximity to exotic animals invites trouble, according to an undercover investigation of Virginia's Natural Bridge Zoo. In addition to human safety issues, investigators say they found evidence of animal neglect and abuse. Photo courtesy Humane Society of the United States.

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. - Abuse, neglect and unsanitary conditions are just a few of the terms used to describe the scene at a roadside zoo in Natural Bridge. The Humane Society of the United States says it conducted an undercover investigation at Natural Bridge Zoo, which displays exotic animals - pri...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: In the five years since the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, analysis shows that American elections have become increasingly influenced by big, anonymous political donations.

RICHMOND, Va. - In the five years since the Citizens United decision, big anonymous money has grown increasingly important in the American political system and observers say it shows no sign of slowing. The Center for Public Integrity has been monitoring spending by the big, outside groups empowere...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: People around Virginia and across the nation are honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through volunteer service on his birthday. Photo from the U.S. National Archives.

RICHMOND, Va. – The life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be remembered and honored today through acts of service in Virginia and around the country. The federal holiday became a national day of service in 1994. Samantha Warfield, a spokeswoman for the Corporation for National...Read More

Public News Service - VA

GRAPHIC: Virginians are worried they don't have enough saved for retirement, and a recent poll found voters strongly in favor of a voluntary commonwealth program of payroll deductions. Graphic by AARP, based on U.S. Census data and polling results.

RICHMOND, Va. - Virginians overwhelmingly want the state to set up a voluntary retirement program modeled on 529-style college savings plans. A poll done for AARP Virginia found residents are worried they won't have enough savings to retire. The poll also found three out of four voters favored a vo...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: As lawmakers get ready to consider the public education budget, teachers and other observers say funding cuts are eroding the nationally recognized quality of some of Virginia's public education system. Photo courtesy of Drew Central Schools.

RICHMOND, Va. – As Virginia lawmakers get ready to consider funding for public education, teachers and other observers are warning that past budget cuts are already eroding nationally-recognized excellence. The Virginia General Assembly has cut public school funding by nearly one-sixth in th...Read More

Public News Service - VA

PHOTO: Carbon pollution rules for coal power plants have been delayed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Photo of a coal-power plant care of the Sierra Club.

WASHINGTON – Rules designed to reduce carbon emissions from coal power plants are being delayed, with the Environmental Protection Agency saying there may need to be clarifications related to technology, and opponents accusing the agency of buying time to stop congressional Republican leaders ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

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