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PHOTO: Census data shows poverty in Virginia and the U.S. has actually increased since the end of the last recession. Photo by No Kid Hungry.

RICHMOND, Va. - More Virginians and Americans are in poverty now than at the end of the great recession, according to census figures. Debbie Weinstein, executive director with the Coalition on Human Needs, says the census shows more people living below the poverty line than when the recession offic...Read More

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PHOTO: Medicaid expansion has made an enormous difference in the portion of West Virginians who lack health coverage. In fact, West Virginia has now passed much wealthier Virginia for the percentage of the population with coverage, according to a poll cited by Micheal Cassidy with The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis. Photo courtesy of The Commonwealth Institute.

RICHMOND, Va. - West Virginia has passed Virginia for the percentage of citizens with health coverage, mostly thanks to Medicaid expansion. For a long time, a higher proportion of the folks in wealthier Virginia had health insurance. Last year, West Virginia expanded Medicaid to cover the working p...Read More

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PHOTO: Clean-up efforts to remove coal sediment already have begun at the Dan River coal-ash site in Eden, N.C., after a February coal-ash spill. Photo courtesy of Yadkin Riverkeeper.

RICHMOND, Va. - North Carolina has started cleaning-up four coal-ash sites in that state - in Asheville, Eden, Gastonia and Wilmington. While the cleanup is welcome news for those communities, others living near the 10 coal-ash sites not included want the state to do more. "It saddens me that our p...Read More

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PHOTO: Conservationists are concerned about the potential impact of a huge natural-gas pipeline on parts of the Monongahela and George Washington national forests, such as Laurel Creek in the GW. Photo courtesy of Wild Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. - Conservationists are worried about plans to run a huge gas pipeline through national forests in Virginia and West Virginia. It's still in the early stages, but Dominion Transmission Inc. wants to put the 42-inch Atlantic Coast Pipeline through the Monongahela and George Washington f...Read More

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PHOTO: A new report digs deeply into public opinion polls to find the environment is a broad concern among America's Latino population and candidates in upcoming midterm elections should take note. Photo courtesy Hispanic Access Foundation.

RICHMOND, Va. - While some might assume immigration dominates the concerns of Virginia Latino voters, a new report shows the environment is high on their agenda. Two groups, Latino Decisions and Hispanic Access Foundation, dug deeply into nine recent public-opinion polls and found nationwide, Latino...Read More

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PHOTO: Some of the Virginians who say they would benefit from expanding the Medicaid program are reminding state lawmakers that it's more than a political battle as they debate the issue. Photo of a past Medicare expansion rally courtesy of Virginia Organizing.

RICHMOND, Va. - As Virginia lawmakers gather to consider Medicaid expansion, some of those who would benefit are reminding them what's at stake. Dorothy Taulbee, 76, of Wise County said she would have died of cancer if not for a visit to a free clinic. But even with Medicare, she said, she can bare...Read More

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PHOTO: A new study says parents benefit a great deal in states that have opted to expand Medicaid, and that in turn helps their children. Photo credit: JackF/

RICHMOND, Va. – Getting parents health coverage improves the well being of their children, according to new research that says states that expand Medicaid are doing a much better job of covering those adults. The report from the Urban Institute shows that states that have rejected Medicaid e...Read More

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PHOTO: A study by Physicians for a National Health Program found the United States spends almost four times as much on administrative costs as neighboring Canada and significantly more than other countries with single-payer systems. Photo credit: Norbert Kaiser.

RICHMOND, Va. - Much of the current debate over health care focuses on how to best hold down costs. A new study that looked at hospital overhead found it's more than four times as high in the United States as in Canada. The report by Physicians for a National Health Program found that nationwide, h...Read More

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