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    PNS Weekend Update - November 28, 20150 

    We’ve got several topics on tap from around the country this weekend, including: several people were hurt during a shooting at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado; the protests over a police shooting continue in Chicago; now that we’re in full holiday mode, new research suggests that family time matters most to developing children.

Public News Service - Virginia

Oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay may be threatened by climate change. Credit: Krystle Chick/Chesapeake Bay Foundation

RICHMOND, Va. - Climate change may be a threat to one holiday favorite – oyster dressing. According to a new report by the National Wildlife Federation, oyster reefs are on the front lines for damage from global climate change. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation's oyster expert and senior scient...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Conservationists say they are frustrated that Congress has failed to reauthorize a conservation fund with long-standing bipartisan support. Credit: Live Monumental Campaign

RICHMOND, Va. - Congress' failure to reauthorize a popular land and water fund is drawing bipartisan scorn from Virginia conservationists. Since 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has taken money from offshore oil and gas royalties. It gives grants to protect and improve everything...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Virginia incarcerates more youths than many other states, but at what cost? Credit: larryfarr/

RICHMOND, Va. - A new analysis of the state's youth prison system finds it to be a costly revolving door, and experts are urging Virginia policymakers to invest in alternatives to make communities safer that also can save taxpayers money. According to the report from The Commonwealth Institute for ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

The U.S. Navy is rethinking its exercises that could harm marine mammals. Credit: Daniel Du Toit/ Wikimedia Commons

RICHMOND, Va. - The U.S. Navy is analyzing the harm its sonar exercises do to whales, dolphins and sea turtles and may modify its training exercises accordingly. Late last week, the Navy announced it's ordering a new environmental-impact statement for training from late 2018 to 2023. Attorney Dav...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Air Force veteran Frank Marvin suffers from dementia, and his wife, Shirley, says respite services can mean a lot to family caregivers like her. Courtesy: Shirley Marvin

RICHMOND, Va. - November is National Family Caregiver Month, and advocates for seniors in the state say they plan to ask the General Assembly to increase funding for respite services to give caregivers a break. Respite care means a lot to folks such as Shirley Marvin, whose husband, Frank, suffers ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Across the country and across Virginia, as well as in the U.S. Senate cafeteria, low-wage workers protested Tuesday for $15 an hour. Photo by Fight for 15

RICHMOND, Va. - Fast-food workers protested for a living wage in nearly 300 cities on Tuesday, including 20 Virginia towns. The Fight for 15 campaign sparked one-day strikes and protests around the country. In Richmond, 40 to 50 fast-food employees, low-wage child care and home health-care workers ...Read More

Public News Service - VA

Student loan debt is an increasing problem for many. Courtesy: Federal Department of Education

RICHMOND, Va. - Student loan debt in the state is high and rising and it's a real problem for some. An annual survey by the Institute for College Access & Success found that last year's Virginia grads who took out loans left school owing more than $26,000. The national figure is nearly $30,000, an...Read More

Public News Service - VA

An in depth series in The New York Times may help a push to reform the forced-arbitration clauses in the fine print of many contracts. Credit: Dan Heyman.

RICHMOND, Va. – In light of an in depth investigation by The New York Times, some in Congress hope to protect people from what they say is slanted and abusive forced arbitration. The Times alleges that fine print in many contracts means employees and consumers are signing away their right to...Read More

Public News Service - VA

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