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    PNS Daily News - January 30, 20150 

    Among the stories featured on our Friday rundown; the Keystone Pipeline Bill could be on President Obama’s desk by next week for an expected veto; the U.S. Senate on the verge of addressing veteran suicide—and Super Bowl Sunday safety tips—why you should know your TV tipping point.

Public News Service - Washington

PHOTO: Washington lawmakers are getting their first look at legislation to create new and more serious criminal charges and penalties for people accused of taking advantage of a vulnerable adult. Photo credit: magann/

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Cases of elder neglect and financial exploitation are on the rise - and they're getting a closer look from Washington lawmakers today. Legislation getting its first hearing in Olympia raises the stakes and penalties for those who are caught neglecting or taking advantage of a vulne...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: Workers who want the ability to accrue paid sick leave say in many of their jobs, coming to work ill isn't only uncomfortable; it also jeopardizes customers' health. Photo credit: joyt/

OLYMPIA, Wash. - A paid day off when a worker or their child is ill isn't an option for about one million people in Washington whose employers don't offer them the ability to accrue hours of sick leave. Today in Olympia, a House committee examines legislation to change that. The idea of paid time...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: Student Sarai Lopez works with Whitman College astronomy professor Andrea Dobson to prepare a high altitude weather balloon for its inaugural launch. In the background, students Cynthia Montalvo and Cynthia Macias talk with Garrison Middle School science teacher Sue Parrish. Photo courtesy of FORWARD Space Project.
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OLYMPIA, Wash. - To make the point that after-school programs that teach technology are paying off for kids, a group of high school students will bring a science project to Olympia on Wednesday. The young women, all Latinas, are from the Walla Walla School District, where they've been collaborating...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: A so-called ag-gag law that's being challenged in Idaho and Utah has been introduced as legislation in Washington. It prohibits people from audio or video taping in agricultural production facilities without the owner's written permission.  Photo credit: derausdo/

OLYMPIA, Wash. – There's keen interest among farm workers groups and animal rights advocates in Washington in a so-called ag-gag bill introduced in the Legislature. House Bill 1104 gets its first hearing Tuesday at 8 a.m. in the House Public Safety Committee. It is almost identical to leg...Read More

Public News Service - WA

IMAGE: Some of the state's lowest-paid workers are making their home budget details public at a Thursday 'Fight for $15' rally at the State Capitol. They'll fill out and carry this monthly budget summary sheet to show lawmakers. Graphic courtesy SEIU Local 775.
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OLYMPIA, Wash. - Legislation is expected to be filed Thursday challenging the state to follow the lead of the cities of SeaTac and Seattle and raise the minimum wage. It's one reason low-wage workers, from restaurant employees to airport workers and home-care aides, are gathering in Olympia for a "...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: A side of toxins with that? Groups critical of Washington's proposal to update water-quality standards claim it doesn't do enough to clean up pollution or curtail industrial waste discharge, while health warnings persist for eating fish caught in some locations. Photo credit: JRStock/

OLYMPIA, Wash. - People can comment starting this week on new state water quality standards that already have been years in the making in Washington. Anyone who eats or catches fish will want to take a look at them. The new standards are based on higher fish consumption rates that are more realisti...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: As many as nine million Americans could attend community college free for two years if a proposal made by President Obama comes to pass. The plan would have the federal government covering 75 percent of the cost, and states paying 25 percent. Photo credit: Microsoft Images.

SHORELINE, Wash. - It's still just an idea, but President Obama's mention of a plan to allow students to attend community college free for two years, providing they keep their grades up, is getting thumbs up from some Washington educators. Tuition at the state's community and technical colleges has...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: Nursing home workers in Washington are asking lawmakers to pass minimum staffing ratios to ensure there are always enough people on duty to meet residents' needs. Photo credit: tepic/
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OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington doesn't have a state law that spells out minimum staffing levels in nursing homes. This legislative session, caregivers in those facilities are trying to change that. Nursing home workers cite three reasons to mandate minimum staff-to-resident ratios - better care for nu...Read More

Public News Service - WA

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