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    PNS Weekend Update - February 13, 20160 

    Several stories on the list this weekend: federal agents are searching the scene of the standoff at the Oregon wildlife refuge; for college students it’s time to think about financial aid; California has a monumental moment with President Obama.

Public News Service - Washington

Supporters say the CARE Act would keep family caregivers better informed and better prepared when loved ones are released from the hospital. (Xenia/morguefile)

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington legislators are considering an idea that just became a state law in Oregon and Nevada. The CARE Act outlines rules for hospitals so when patients are discharged, they have a caregiver on record who can help with the transition. Among older patients, Medicare says one in...Read More

Public News Service - WA

House Bill 2615 proposes converting 200 part-time teaching positions to full-time every two years in Washington's community and technical college system. (alvimann/morguefile)

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Almost half the college courses in Washington are taught by part-time instructors at less pay than full-timers and with no benefits. Legislation in Olympia aims to change that in the state's busy community and technical college system. House Bill 2615 outlines a plan to conv...Read More

Public News Service - WA

The House and Senate are updating the 40-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act to regulate cancer-causing chemicals more quickly. (Pixabay)

SEATTLE - Today is World Cancer Day, and if you look around, you might find household items contaminated with potentially cancer-causing toxins. Some states, including Washington, have done their duty to ban chemicals linked to cancer like bisphenol-A, found in baby bottles and canned food liners,...Read More

Public News Service - WA

The Solar Industry is watching a bill being considered by the Washington House that would extend tax incentives. (Jason Williams/Artisan Electric Inc.)

OLYMPIA, Wash. - A tax incentives program the solar industry considers crucial is up for renewal in Olympia; it's expected to be in front of the House Committee on Technology and Economic Development this week. The incentives started 10 years ago, and Patrick Nugent, administrative coordinator for...Read More

Public News Service - WA

Men are writing, and are quoted most often in, the majority of news stories about women's reproductive health, says the Women's Media Center. (cohdra/morguefile)

SEATTLE – Men dominate the national conversation about women's reproductive health, says a new report from the Women's Media Center. Over a year's time, it says male journalists produced 52 percent of the articles on contraception or abortion, compared to 37 percent written by women. The res...Read More

Public News Service - WA

The House bill was presented at a hearing Wednesday. (Washington Education Association)

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington owes $16 million in fines, and will owe $100,000 more a day until the Washington legislature agrees on a school funding plan. To stop the hemorrhaging, not to mention getting out of being in contempt of court, lawmakers are considering a bipartisan solution. Rep...Read More

Public News Service - WA

Every penny counts for young families, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation has recommendations for federal policies to help lower-income families build assets. (cohdra/morguefile)

SEATTLE - Every penny counts when you're raising a family, and a new policy brief says the federal government could be doing more to help people sock money away for emergencies, college and retirement savings. The Annie E. Casey Foundation research says families should be able to have modest savin...Read More

Public News Service - WA

The key to financial security might be learning how to save instead of betting on a lottery win. (DodgertonSkillhause/morguefile)

SEATTLE - It may be fun and exciting, but the trouble with Powerball is that there are millions more losers than winners. A half-dozen credit unions around Washington offer an alternative with a lot better odds. The Save to Win program was launched in 2009 to encourage people with low to moderate i...Read More

Public News Service - WA

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