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    PNS Daily News - March 2, 20150 

    We’re featuring stories on several topics including: retailers feeling the pressure after Wal-Mart’s wage increase; nuclear waste clean-up concerns in Idaho; and why a good night’s sleep is just a dream for many Americans.

Public News Service - Washington

PHOTO: Kids in a Walla Walla after-school program work on a high-altitude weather balloon. This and other enrichment programs are at risk as Congress considers ending dedicated funding for after-school and summer programs, and lets states spend federal education dollars on other priorities. Photo credit: Brent Cummings, FORWARD Space Program.
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GRAYS HARBOR, Wash. - Congress is expected to take some action this month on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), what many people know as "No Child Left Behind." It could have some big, unintended consequences for after-school and summer learning programs. Washington doesn't provide...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: The U.S. Census Bureau has come up with a supplemental calculation to update the Federal Poverty Level created in the 1960s. A new report says it underscores the importance of safety-net anti-poverty programs that effectively shift the child poverty rate in Washington from 28 percent to 13 percent. Photo credit: Photobunny/

SEATTLE - The federal poverty level is outdated, according to a report that recommends a newer calculation developed by the U.S. Census Bureau for a more accurate picture of families in need. The Annie E. Casey Foundation report says what's known as the "Supplemental Poverty Measure" is more rea...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: Some Washingtonians say oil-train disasters such as the one in West Virginia this month, in which 27 of 109 rail cars full of Bakken crude oil derailed, can only be avoided if the trains aren't allowed in the Northwest. Photo courtesy Office of West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin.

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. - Last weekend's oil train derailments and explosions in West Virginia and Ontario are having reverberations on the Washington coast. On Monday, the Skagit County Hearing Examiner determined that an expansion plan to allow the Shell oil refinery in northwest Washington to accept...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: A grizzly bear is a rare sight, and even rarer in the North Cascades, where the last reported sighting was in 2010. Federal agencies are seeking public input as they determine how to increase grizzly numbers in an area that used to be prime habitat for the bears. Photo courtesy Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

WINTHROP, Wash. - Public meetings begin next week about recovering the grizzly bear population in the North Cascades. Federal agencies determined 20 years ago that this almost 10,000-square-mile area is prime territory for grizzly bear recovery, so their decision won't be whether to increase the pop...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: Smoking could become a much more expensive habit in Washington if state lawmakers agree with Gov. Jay Inslee's proposal to raise the tobacco tax by 50 cents a pack. Photo credit: Nitrocephal/

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The Washington Legislature could make smoking more expensive, and raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. But one anti-tobacco group says those issues sidestep some key national findings about how to get people to quit smoking - or not start. Carrie Nyssen, vice president of the...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: For kids at Hoquiam's Central Elementary School, fetching their classroom's portable breakfast cooler is a coveted responsibility at the start of each day. Every child eats a nutritious breakfast in the classroom. Photo courtesy Hoquiam School District.
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OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington has slipped slightly, from 41st to 43rd, among states serving breakfast at school to kids who might otherwise go without. Hunger-fighting advocates in the state say the new national rankings from the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) are a wake-up call. They're back...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: The Colstrip Generating Station in Montana has been under regional scrutiny for years for air and water pollution. Three Washington utilities use some of its power, and have proposed legislation to retire the plant. Photo courtesy Montana Environmental Information Center.

OLYMPIA, Wash. - A coal-fired power plant in Montana is at the heart of legislation getting its first committee hearings this week in Olympia. The Colstrip Generating Station provides some electricity for three Washington utilities, which are proposing a plan to retire the plant. Colstrip already i...Read More

Public News Service - WA

PHOTO: State lawmakers in Washington are pondering whether voters would want to amend the Constitution to require that two-thirds of all state revenue be used to fund education. Critics of the idea say it's a noble goal but would make the budget a lot less flexible in future years. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

OLYMPIA, Wash. - A coalition is making some noise about a proposal in the Legislature to direct two-thirds of all new state revenue to education. According to the group Washington United for Fair Revenue, it seems like a noble goal but would restrict lawmakers' ability to fund other important prior...Read More

Public News Service - WA

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