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    PNS Daily News - March 6, 20150 

    Among the stories featured on our Friday rundown; New York schools lifting some barriers to immigrant enrollment; Connecticut lawmakers take up a Better Jobs Act; and citizens in West Virginia force lawmakers to shed some light on dark money.

Public News Service - Wisconsin

PHOTO: A huge open pit iron ore mine proposed for northern Wisconsin is not going to happen, because of the efforts of a number of groups that said the mine would do massive and irreversible environmental damage. The proposed mine would have been four and a half miles long and a mile deep. (Photo credit:

MADISON, Wis. - After five years of trying to get permits and approval for a huge open pit taconite mine in Wisconsin's Northwoods at the southern shore of Lake Superior, Gogebic Taconite Corporation has announced it is closing up shop in Wisconsin. The company says further attempts to develop th...Read More

Public News Service - WI

PHOTO: Fast-tracked right-to-work legislation, which drew throngs of protestors to the state capitol in Madison last week, has now moved on to the assembly. Republicans say the legislation will create jobs; Democrats disagree, saying it's another attack on hard-working middle class families in the Badger state. (Photo credit: One Wisconsin Now)

MADISON, Wis. - Amid protests and rallies at the state Capitol in Madison, Senate Republicans last week passed fast-tracked legislation that would make Wisconsin a right-to-work state, and now the Assembly is taking up the bill. Republican leaders say the bill sends a strong signal that Wisconsin i...Read More

Public News Service - WI

PHOTO: The Big Brown Barn at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute near East Troy, WI, will be the place for a free screening of the movie "GMO OMG," which raises questions about genetically modified organisms that are in our food chain right now. Photo credit: Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.

EAST TROY, Wis. - The movie "GMO OMG" deals with genetically modified organisms that are already in our food chain, how they got there, and related issues the filmmakers believe every consumer should be aware of. The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute is offering a free screening of this compel...Read More

Public News Service - WI

PHOTO: Solar panels, such as these at the Wisconsin Governor's Executive Residence, are becoming more popular in the Badger State. A new report from The Solar Foundation shows steady growth in the number of Wisconsin jobs connected directly to the solar industry. (Photo credit:

MADISON, Wis. - Solar power has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past five years, according to a new report from The Solar Foundation, which says Wisconsin added around 100 more solar jobs in the past year. Wisconsin ranks 22nd in the nation in number of solar-industry jobs, most of them in ...Read More

Public News Service - WI

PHOTO: February is Heart Month, and one of the ways The American Heart Association battles the number one killer of Americans is with its Quality and Systems Improvement program, which helps all Wisconsin hospitals, small and large, to have the latest best-practices information on caring for heart and stroke patents. (Photo Credit:

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - From the moment a person dials 9-1-1 with a heart or stroke issue to the time they are discharged from a hospital, the American Heart Association is doing its best to make sure everyone gets the latest treatment and the proper guidelines. According to Lynn Mallas-Serdynski, dire...Read More

Public News Service - WI

GRAPHIC: This illustration shows Wisconsin's huge disparity between children of color living in poverty and white children living in poverty. A new Annie E. Casey Foundation report describes a more useful way of measuring poverty and identifying programs that are effective in fighting it. Image courtesy of Wisconsin Budget Project.

MADISON, Wis. - A report released today by the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that using a new system of measuring poverty called the Supplemental Poverty Measure would enable policymakers to arrive at better decisions about which programs really work to help reduce poverty. Jim Moeser, deputy d...Read More

Public News Service - WI

PHOTO: As was the case four years ago during the passage of Act 10, the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison is expected to be the scene of protests this week as labor interests organize demonstrations opposing fast-tracked "right-to-work" legislation. Photo credit: Katherine Belarmino/University of Wisconsin.

MADISON, Wis. - Four years ago massive protests against Act 10 drew thousands of people to the state capitol in Madison to make their voices heard. Organized labor in Wisconsin is hoping throngs of people will once again converge on the capitol Tuesday and Wednesday to protest passage of right-to-w...Read More

Public News Service - WI

GRAPHIC: The largest organic farming conference in the nation will take place later this week in La Crosse, WI. Thousands of attendees from more than 40 states will share knowledge and learn the latest techniques in organic and sustainable agriculture.  (Image credit: Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service)

SPRING VALLEY, Wis. - Thousands of organic and sustainable farmers from across the nation will meet in La Crosse later this week for the annual MOSES Organic Conference, which in its 25-year-history has become the largest organic farming conference in the country. MOSES stands for Midwest Organic ...Read More

Public News Service - WI

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