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    PNS Daily News - September 4, 20150 

    Our news today includes a report on the drive for criminal charges against car company executives; a new ranking on where to go for jobs in clean energy; and why the millennial generation may need some confidence boosting.

Public News Service - Wisconsin

Keeping your back-to-school child healthy involves lots of physical activity, careful meal planning and setting a good example as an adult. Credit: Tomml/

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - One of the most important factors in keeping a child healthy is making sure he or she is getting plenty of exercise, according to a pediatrician at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Dr. Denise Dunlap recommended at least a full hour of moderate-intensity physical activity every da...Read More

Public News Service - WI

Wisconsin schools may soon display colored flags to represent the air quality on that day. Credit: American Lung Association in Wisconsin.

BROOKFIELD, Wis. – The American Lung Association in Wisconsin is providing air quality flags to school districts around the state free of charge. The five colored flags reveal at a glance the day's air quality from good air to very unhealthy air. Knowing the day's air quality is important ...Read More

Public News Service - WI

Clean-government advocates are protesting a bill circulating at the state Capitol. Credit: Anita Burgemeister, Wikimedia Commons

MADISON, Wis. - Late last week, a state Assembly committee advanced a bill that would prevent prosecutors from investigating politicians using a John Doe probe. The legislation could be taken up by the full Legislature this fall. Opponents of the bill, including Jay Heck, executive director of Comm...Read More

Public News Service - WI

AARP estimates that bad investment advice robs Americans of as much as $17 billion each year. Credit: Ridofranz/

MADISON, Wis. – When a financial adviser gives you advice about where your money should be is that person telling you which investments will get him or her the highest commission, or which investments will actually be the best for your purposes? That question has led the U.S. Department of L...Read More

Public News Service - WI

Wisconsin was the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. But the chair of the Wisconsin Women's Network says the state has been moving backward in the past few years. Credit: Pamela Moore/

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin has been taking steps backward in the past several years, according to the board chair of the Wisconsin Women's Network. Katherine Dellenbach said a number of obstacles to voting have been enacted that tarnish the state's reputation as a leader in women's voting rights. Wi...Read More

Public News Service - WI

Reminiscent of the old Burma Shave rhyming signs, new roadside signs touting the clean-air benefits of E85 are popping up all over rural Wisconsin. Credit: Clean Air Choice Team.

MADISON, Wis. - New, sequential roadside signs reminiscent of the old "Burma Shave" signs have appeared in rural locations all over the state. These signs bring the message that ethanol fuel blend E85 is good for the air, the corn growers, and the environment. The signs were put up by the America...Read More

Public News Service - WI

As people increasingly pay attention to where their food is coming from and how it's grown, organic farming operations such as Three Brothers Farm near Oconomowoc are holding and supporting farm-to-table events to give people the experience of eating fresh organic produce. Credit: Three Brothers Farm

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. - The farm-to-table approach is gaining momentum in Wisconsin, with the advent of Community Supported Agriculture and a growing concern among consumers about where their food is coming from. An ever-increasing number of people are beginning to care a great deal about where their fo...Read More

Public News Service - WI

A proposed immunity law for campgrounds is under fire from the Wisconsin Association for Justice. Credit: SShepard/

MILWAUKEE – A proposed immunity law for Wisconsin campground owners and their employees is a bad idea, says Milwaukee attorney Ann Jacobs, head of the state trial lawyers association. She points out the state already has 35 such laws on the books, which give businesses immunity from being he...Read More

Public News Service - WI

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