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    PNS Daily News - October 5, 20150 

    A variety of issues to kick-off the week including; the fight continues in support of public lands; New York steps up bail reform efforts; and a Southern City examines an unconventional approach to the problem of homelessness.

Public News Service - Wisconsin

A new national survey shows Wisconsin has the second largest number of organic farms in the country and ranks fifth in the nation in total organic sales of more than 200 million dollars. Credit: UW Extension

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin has for the past several years been one of the national leaders in organic agricultural production, and a recently released survey from the National Agricultural Statistics Service shows the Badger state is home to about 9 percent of the nation's total number of organ...Read More

Public News Service - WI

The Midwest Conference on 21st Century Policing, to be held Oct. 7 at UW-Platteville, will discuss the rapid evolution of community police departments into paramilitary organizations. Credit:

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. - The militarization of local policing will be one of the principal topics at the Midwest Conference on 21st Century Policing, to be held Oct. 7 at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. A number of nationally-known policing experts will lead discussions on topics including how p...Read More

Public News Service - WI

Supporters say a move to appoint inspectors general in 13 state agencies will help combat fraud, but clean government groups are calling it an invitation to corruption. Credit: GilDesign/

MADISON, Wis. – A bill is being circulated at the state capitol that would bypass the authority of the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau and instead place politically appointed inspectors general in 13 of the largest state agencies. The bill’s Republican sponsors say the move would...Read More

Public News Service - WI

According to new census data, five years into the economic recovery there is an even larger divide between haves and have-nots in Wisconsin. Credit: Enrique Ramos Lopez/

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin's overall poverty rate has declined slightly, according to new census figures, but more than one in eight state residents is still struggling to make ends meet. The figures also show the economic disparities based on race are worse than ever. The black child poverty rate i...Read More

Public News Service - WI

Despite massive bipartisan pushback in July when Wisconsin's Republican leadership introduced legislation to gut Wisconsin's Open Records Law, watchdog groups say there's been another push to keep legislative deliberations secret. Credit: zoranm/iStockphoto

MADISON, Wis. – Evidence uncovered by the Center for Media and Democracy shows that Wisconsin’s Republican leadership is still working on legislation to effectively gut the state's Open Records Law. When such legislation was first introduced in July, there was strong bipartisan pushbac...Read More

Public News Service - WI

The huge grassroots gathering known as Fighting Bob Fest, named for Wisconsin Progressive "Fighting Bob Lafollette," will take place this year at Breese-Stevens Field in Madison on Saturday. Credit:

MADISON, Wis. - It's become one of the largest grassroots progressive gatherings in the nation, and this weekend the 14th annual Fighting Bob Fest gets under way again. The event kicks off Friday night with humorous skits and music at the Barrymore Theater in Madison, and all day Saturday at a new ...Read More

Public News Service - WI

Wisconsin State Rep. Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit) is pushing legislation that would take the task of drawing political boundaries away from politicians and give the job to a nonpartisan board. Credit:

MADISON, Wis. – Many clean government advocates say Wisconsin's political map is drawn in a clearly unfair manner to safeguard political strongholds. And they want to put an end to gerrymandering, the process of manipulating political boundaries to give one party an advantage over the other....Read More

Public News Service - WI

A Wisconsin criminal defense attorney applauds what he calls a trend in Wisconsin and many other states away from using solitary confinement with inmates. Credit: Paul Fleet/

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. - Imagine being in a 6-by-10 foot cell with concrete walls, little if any natural light, with minimal human contact for nearly 24 hours a day. That's what the Wisconsin Department of Corrections calls restrictive housing, commonly known as solitary confinement. Criminal Defense At...Read More

Public News Service - WI

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