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    PNS Daily News - November 26, 20150 

    Our Thanksgiving Day news features topics from around the globe including: the president tries to ease concerns of a holiday threat; there’s a reason to be especially thankful for the turkey on the table today; and the world set to make another record for the hottest year.

Public News Service - West Virginia

Oysters, such as those many people use in turkey stuffing, may be under threat from climate change. Credit: Brian Teutsch/Flickr/Wikipedia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Climate change may be a threat to one holiday favorite - oyster dressing. According to a new report by the National Wildlife Federation, oyster reefs are on the front lines for damage from global climate change. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation's oyster expert, Chris Moore, said he...Read More

Public News Service - WV

The FDA is finalizing new food safety rules, and advocates say that's something to be thankful for. Credit: USDA

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - The Food and Drug Administration is putting new food safety rules in place, and advocates of the change say that's something to be thankful for. The FDA is finalizing rules for three basic categories of groceries: produce, imports, and processed foods. Sandra Eskin, director...Read More

Public News Service - WV

Some West Virginians, including local officials, say they are frustrated that Congress has failed to reauthorize a conservation fund with long-standing bipartisan support. Beth Little

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Congress' failure to reauthorize a popular land and water fund is drawing widespread scorn from West Virginians. Since 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has taken money from offshore oil and gas royalties. It gives grants to protect and improve everything from C...Read More

Public News Service - WV

A new study of bike-share programs in four cities shows the majority of rides are replacing other modes of transportation. Credit: Tyree303/Wikimedia Commons

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - More people are willing to share bicycles to meet their daily transportation needs and people are also using bike-share programs for recreation. That's according to a new study from Rice University of the patterns in four cities. Kelsey Walker, research fellow and report co-aut...Read More

Public News Service - WV

Many West Virginia seniors could give their Social Security checks a big bump by simply waiting to apply for benefits, if they can. Credit: National Academy of Social Insurance

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - More than seven out of 10 West Virginia retirees put in for early Social Security, but experts say you can get a big boost to those monthly checks by waiting as long as you can. You can claim Social Security as early as age 62. But Kristen Arnold, an income security policy analy...Read More

Public News Service - WV

Training sessions now starting are aimed at opening up West Virginia offices to new kinds of candidates. Credit: Our Children Our Future

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Candidate Training Academy is holding sessions around the state. It's an effort to open the political process to everyone, organizers say. A nonpartisan coalition is running four workshops for novice or prospective political candidates around the state...Read More

Public News Service - WV

Student loan debt is an increasing problem for many. Courtesy: Federal Department of Veterans Affairs

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Student loan debt in the state is high and rising and it's a real problem for some. An annual survey by the Institute for College Access & Success found that last year's West Virginia grads who took out loans left school owing more than $27,000. The national figure is nearly $...Read More

Public News Service - WV

An in-depth series in The New York Times may help a push to reform the forced-arbitration clauses in the fine print of many contracts. Photo by Dan Heyman

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - In light of an in-depth investigation by the New York Times, some in Congress hope to protect people from what they say is slanted and abusive forced arbitration. The Times found that fine print in many contracts means employees and consumers are signing away their right to su...Read More

Public News Service - WV

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