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    PNS Daily News - February 8, 20160 

    We’re covering stories from coast to coast including: the presidential hopefuls eye New Hampshire; how the nation’s two-tiered justice system is benefiting corporations; and gun control laws in Maryland in limbo after an appeals court decision.

Public News Service - West Virginia

Watchdogs say controversial West Virginia legislation is tied to Kansas oil billionaires Charles and David Koch. (CMD)

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - The right-to-work bill and prevailing-wage repeal just passed by the Legislature have ties to Kansas oil billionaires Charles and David Koch and their shadowy network, watchdogs say. According to the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), the bills were based on model legislati...Read More

Public News Service - WV

Critics say, unlike much of the country, West Virginia's unemployment rate is still too high to restrict access to SNAP benefits. (WV Center on Budget and Policy)

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Some state lawmakers want to make it harder for single adults to collect SNAP benefits. Critics say that would cost West Virginia's economy tens of millions of dollars a year. A plan at the legislature would make it more difficult for adults without dependents or disabilities t...Read More

Public News Service - WV

School lunches could change if a bipartisan bill expected to come up for a vote in the U.S. Senate becomes law. (keyseeker/

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Members of the U.S. Senate are working on a bipartisan bill that would reauthorize child nutrition programs, including the national school lunch and breakfast programs for the next five years. Among the changes, the legislation includes funding for expanded kitchen equipment to ...Read More

Public News Service - WV

Anti-smoking groups say evidence shows tobacco tax increases don't chase sales out of state.(WalletHub)

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - In spite of industry arguments, anti-smoking groups say the evidence shows a sharp boost in the state's tobacco tax won't drive sales out of the state. West Virginia's cigarette tax is more than $1 a pack under the national average. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin wants to raise that 45 c...Read More

Public News Service - WV

West Virginians are returning to the roads after a whale of a winter storm. (Dan Heyman)

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - West Virginians are returning to work after a whale of a winter storm over the weekend. Officials say a lot of the snow from Jonah has been cleared. Larry Messina, assistant secretary with the state Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, says it looks like the prima...Read More

Public News Service - WV

A new policy brief from the Annie E. Casey Foundation found working families are having a hard time keeping even a small amount in savings. (AECF)

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - West Virginia lawmakers are looking for ways to reduce the number of folks on government assistance. A new policy brief suggests a counterintuitive solution, letting families keep more savings without losing benefits. Beadsie Woo, senior associate with the Annie E. Casey Foun...Read More

Public News Service - WV

Roanoke, Va., grocery store worker Steve Meador says he gets paid nearly $2 less an hour than an exact peer in West Virginia because his state has a right-to-work law. (Dan Heyman)

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - As West Virginia lawmakers debate a so-called right-to-work bill, critics charge it's designed to undermine a basic source of middle-class jobs. Supporters admit that the half of states with the laws have lower average wages. But they argue those states, many in the south, als...Read More

Public News Service - WV

West Virginia has one of the lowest tobacco taxes in the country and the highest smoking rate - twice the national average by number of packs sold. (Coalition for a Tobacco Free West Virginia)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's proposed tobacco tax increase is so small that it may be worse than none at all, say anti-smoking advocates. Tomblin wants to raise cigarette taxes by 45 cents a pack and tax e-cigarettes for the first time. That isn't enough to stop adults from smoking o...Read More

Public News Service - WV

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