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    PNS Weekend Update - January 24, 20150 

    Among the stories on our nationwide rundown; The Supreme Court agrees to hear a lethal injection case; we’ll take you Oregon where low-wage workers are rallying this weekend for a raise; and to a state that is pondering whether it should take back some tax exemptions.

Public News Service - West Virginia

PHOTO: Since the Citizens United decision five years ago, West Virginia has been among the states swimming against the big-money political tide. Photo by DodgertonSkillhause/

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - In the five years since the Citizens United decision, West Virginia lawmakers have attempted to slow the influence of big anonymous political donations. But good government groups say the state has hardly been immune. According to the Center for Public Integrity, as much as a ...Read More

Public News Service - WV

PHOTO: If a law passed in the midst of last year's water protests is amended, it might not apply to a company run by former Freedom Industries executives - cited for similar problems. Photo by Dan Heyman.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Chemical storage problems at a company run by former Freedom Industries executives might escape state attention if the law passed after last year's spill is loosened. Violations at Lexycon's tank farm in Nitro are worryingly similar to Freedom's, says Maya Nye, executive ...Read More

Public News Service - WV

CHART: The blue line suggests West Virginia is in for a bad flu season. But the spread of flu and other infectious diseases could be slowed by granting more workers paid sick leave. Chart by West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The flu is flying around West Virginia, but there may be a partial cure in an unexpected place - through paid sick days. Supporters are pushing both Congress and the West Virginia Legislature to expand the types of workers who can earn paid time off when they are ill. According ...Read More

Public News Service - WV

PHOTO: West Virginia is spending far less than it needs to on preventing kids from starting smoking, according to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. Photo adapted from the cover of a Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids report.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The latest report on how well states are funding anti-tobacco efforts says West Virginia ranks near the middle, in spite of its high smoking rate. According to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, West Virginia allocated just one-fifth of the amount the Centers for Disease...Read More

Public News Service - WV

PHOTO: Carbon pollution rules for coal power plants have been delayed at least until midsummer by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Photo courtesy of the Sierra Club.

WASHINGTON - Rules designed to reduce carbon emissions from coal-power plants are being delayed, with the Environmental Protection Agency saying there may need to be clarifications related to technology and opponents accusing the agency of buying time to stop Republican leaders in Congress from scra...Read More

Public News Service - WV

PHOTO: A year ago the tap-water contamination crisis brought protesters to the state Capitol. Events on Friday will commemorate the Elk River spill, just as the Legislature prepares to take a second look at the law passed to deal with the crisis. Photo by Dan Heyman

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Events on Friday will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the tap water contamination crisis in West Virginia – just as the legislature gets ready to revisit the issue. Workshops, receptions, public meetings, a vigil and a film will be held Friday from 3 p.m. to...Read More

Public News Service - WV

PHOTO: A big legal fight is brewing in the Shenandoah Valley over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Opponents say that, like big pipelines built out West, this one would mean huge disruption of their land. Photo courtesy of Appalachian Mountain Advocates.

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Hundreds of Virginia landowners are refusing to let Dominion survey for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The power company is suing about fifty of them and says it will sue more. Community organizers say the majority of landowners on the route in Augusta and Nelson Counties, which ...Read More

Public News Service - WV

CHART: It's unclear how often deeper Marcellus fracking wells interact with the hundreds of thousands of other wells that have been drilled in West Virginia. Chart of a fracking well courtesy U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - In West Virginia's natural gas boom, a potential concern is what might happen when the maze of underground wells intersect. There have been three documented cases of deep Marcellus drilling and high-pressure fracking connecting with older wells. Given the hyundreds of thousands ...Read More

Public News Service - WV

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