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    PNS Weekend Update - October 10, 20150 

    Our news highlights a variety of topics including: a legal push to get the EPA to finally regulate oil and gas waste and NASA maps out its “Journey to Mars.”

Public News Service - Wyoming

Palisades Wilderness Study Area in Bridger-Teton National Forest. Credit: Ecoflight

WILSON, Wyo. - The U.S. Forest Service received a flood of public comment on its controversial plan to cut and burn trees in the Bridger-Teton National Forest - which includes the Palisades Wilderness Study Area - and the response was overwhelmingly negative. The Teton-to-Snake Fuels Management Pro...Read More

Public News Service - WY

Experts from around the country are in Phoenix to talk about juvenile justice reform. Credit: AlexRaths/iStock

CHEYENNE, Wy. - You don't have to lock kids up to reduce juvenile crime. It's a change in thinking that's spread across the country with the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, referred to as JDAI. Professionals who work with young people are in Phoenix today to discuss the successes of th...Read More

Public News Service - WY

Sagebrush public lands in Wyoming are part of the largest conservation project ever undertaken by the BLM. Credit: Deborah C. Smith

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Scrubby sagebrush landscapes on public lands in Wyoming and throughout the West are being seen in a new way, with the Bureau of Land Management unveiling plans on how those public lands will be treated. More than half of all sagebrush lands have been lost, said Ken Rait, public lan...Read More

Public News Service - WY

Tai chi is recommended as an ideal exercise for seniors to help prevent falls. Credit: Amanda Mills, USCDCP, Public Domain Images

CHEYENNE, Wy. - September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month, calling attention to the frequency and seriousness of falls among older people, and ways to prevent them. It's estimated that one in three people over age 65 takes a major, unexpected tumble at least once a year. Dr. Sascha Dublin, in...Read More

Public News Service - WY

Thousands of elk in western Wyoming feeding on hay and alfalfa pellets. The practice is being debated. Credit: Lloyd Dorsey.

JACKSON, Wy. - "To feed, or not to feed?" is the question being debated when it comes to elk in western Wyoming. A decision to renew a feeding permit is pending in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and there are at least 30 other feeding sites. Herds have been fed during the winter for more tha...Read More

Public News Service - WY

A new campaign calls for assurance that the BLM will issue strict rules to prevent waste of natural gas on federal lands. Credit: wolv/iStock.

CASPER, Wyo. - Wildfires have hit public lands hard this summer, but those losses aren't the only ones going up in flames in Wyoming and other states. An ad campaign launched this week calls for assurances that the Bureau of Land Management will adopt rules to limit natural-gas flaring, venting and ...Read More

Public News Service - WY

Social Security turns 80 years old today, and a new AARP survey shows that 80 percent of Americans plan to, or already, rely on the program. Credit:

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Social Security officially turns 80 years old today, and a new survey from AARP shows the popularity of the program is strong, with numbers remaining about the same as a similar poll conducted 20 years ago. AARP Wyoming associate state director Tim Lockwood said the survey also fou...Read More

Public News Service - WY

A women-only chainsaw class is being offered next month in Cody. Courtesy: University of Wyoming Extension.

CODY, Wy. - Wyoming women will soon be firing up chainsaws at a special class through the University of Wyoming Extension. The women-only workshop in Cody begins with the basics and safety details, and then heads into the field to help clear out problem trees along the Shoshone River. Instructor C...Read More

Public News Service - WY

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