PNS Daily Newscast - February 23, 2018 

As the NRA doubles down on "good guys with guns," the Broward County Sheriff admits an armed deputy did not engage with the Parkland school shooter. Also on our nationwide rundown: workers across the nation will spend part of their weekend defending the American Dream; and a study says the Lone Star State is distorting Texas history lessons.

Daily Newscasts

Public News Service - MD: Animal Welfare

108 wildlife species, a quarter of them birds, are considered rare, threatened or endangered in Maryland and have been added to the action plan. (Badger Rose)

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Climate change, residential and commercial development, and pollution are listed as threats to wildlife in Maryland in a new 10-year action plan being released next month. For the first time, the report lists hydraulic fracturing as a threat to wildlife. State regulators are comin

PHOTO: The Humane Society of the United States is trying to build support for legislation to make it a crime to attend an animal fight. Photo credit: HSUS

WASHINGTON - No spectators, no fighting. That's the message from animal-welfare groups trying to make it a federal crime, punishable by jail, for being a spectator at an animal fight. Both the U.S. House and Senate versions of the farm bill, under negotiation now, include prohibitions against attend

PHOTO: Loud seismic air gun blasts could damage sea life and fisheries in the Atlantic. Photo credit: Natural Resources Canada.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Sea life in the Atlantic could be in for a very unpleasant surprise, according to the group Oceana. They say seismic air gun blasts, which are a precursor to deep-water oil drilling, could be shot over and over again for months on end in a wide area of the sea off the southeastern c

PHOTO: The Chesapeake Conservancy's Osprey Cam shows Tom and Audrey Osprey's life on the Bay. Photo Credit: The Chesapeake Conservancy

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - They've been called the Chesapeake's newest and most popular reality TV stars. Online viewers in 60 countries have watched the lives of Tom and Audrey Osprey, and the last few months have been quite dramatic. The Chesapeake Conservancy's Osprey Cam has provided real-time coverage as

Photo: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources warns against approaching fawns. Photo credit: DNR

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – There's a deer baby boom happening in Maryland right now. This is the time of year when most fawns are born, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is warning people not to approach or try to help them, even if the fawns appear to be alone. DNR deer biologist Geo

Birds that migrate through Maryland like the Canada Warbler are on the decline. Photo credit: Boreal Songbird Initiative

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – From their beautiful songs to their stunning colors, birds are putting on their best displays this time of year in Maryland. It's the spring migration season, and more than half the birds you see at your feeders and soaring across the sky right now are headed north to Canada'

Photo: Maryland will soon be first East Coast state to ban the shark fin trade. Photo credit: Oceana

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Sharks aren't the most likable sea creatures, but they have friends in Annapolis. Gov. Martin O'Malley is expected soon to sign legislation that bans the sale and possession of shark fins in Maryland. Animal-rights and environmental activists say sharks are being brutally slaughter

The Chesapeake Bay Trust is launching a contest to name the heron on its bay plates. Graphic Courtesy: Chesapeake Bay Trust

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - You've heard of Smokey Bear and Tony the Tiger. Now it's time to name the Bird of the Bay. The Chesapeake Bay Trust is launching a contest to name the iconic blue heron on its Bay license plates. According to Trust communications and development manager Kristin Foringer, entries m

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