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"10 Worst" List Tells Unsafe Toy Story

December 12, 2006

Madison, WI - A bow-and-arrow set, a Superman lamp, and a pull-toy for toddlers all have made this year's holiday list of the "Ten Worst Toys" because they can cause injury or death. Attorney James Swartz' family has compiled the list for 34 years. He says it can be discouraging, because toys that clearly are dangerous show up year after year on Wisconsin store shelves, even if they've been recalled in previous years.

"On this year's list we have a strangulation hazard, we have an electrical hazard, small parts, projectiles; those types of things."

Swartz says more than eight million toys have been recalled since last Christmas in the United States because of safety problems. He urges toy companies to take greater responsibility for keeping kids safe.

"Clearly, the system isn't working. The self-policing isn't working, the voluntary standards aren't working. There needs to be more done by the government, more attention paid by the manufacturers."

Swartz says even the Fisher Price company has a dangerous toy on the list this year. He warns that Santa, and Wisconsin parents, need to do their homework to make sure the items they select are safe and age-appropriate for children.

Take a look at this year's "Ten Worst Toys" list online, at

Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - WI