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2006: A Year For Change

December 22, 2006

Bismarck, ND - According to Don Morrison, the director of, more North Dakotans are working two jobs than people most anywhere else in the country. He thinks that's because they can't make it on a single income. Low, stagnate wages can't compete with rising costs. It's a struggle that Morrison believes resonated at the polls in November when voters replaced many incumbents.

"People were telling us: 'I'm working hard. I'm working longer hours and falling behind because wages aren't keeping up. Tuition is going up, expenses are going up, health care is going up, the price of gasoline is going up, heating is going up and my wages are staying stagnate.'"

Morrison believes North Dakotans began to break away from a "me and mine" attitude this past year, in favor of one of community building. He thinks 2007 could prove to be a year of even greater change when lawmakers head for the state capital in January.

"Politicians and those in power respond to people and if people make their voices heard, we may see some changes."

The 2007 legislature convenes in Bismarck on January 3.

Debbie Aasen/Eric Mack, Public News Service - ND