PNS Daily Newscast - July 16, 2019 

House Democrats prepare for vote condemning Trump's attacks on progressive freshman women. Also on our Tuesday rundown: Immigrants’ rights groups slam asylum rules that take effect today. Plus, summer meals aim to prevent kids' academic slide.

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Governor Spitzer's First 100 Days

January 2, 2007

The first 100 days in office is viewed by many as a critical time for a new governor; a period when the chief executive has the most clout. That has a coalition of more than 200 New York groups hoping Governor Elliot Spitzer will act quickly on his promises about education. Billy Easton is with the Alliance for Quality Education:

"Governor Elliot Spitzer has come to office with a tremendous mandate for change. He has pledged to deliver educational excellence to every child. We feel that this pledge can be met within the first one hundred days of his office."

Governor Spitzer promised change beginning with day one, and Easton adds that one of the biggest days for change will come February 1, because that's when Governor Spitzer will deliver his first budget.

"We'll be looking for a budget that contains a multi-year plan to deliver billions of dollars of additional funding to our schools, and that ties that money to accountability to turn our schools around, stop the cycle of failure and deliver educational excellence."

Easton notes it was good to hear the new governor include important education goals during his remarks on his first day as governor.

"He talked about the need to turn around schools that are failing our children and the need for increased accountability. For our children to succeed, we need that accountability and the resources that he has pledged for our schools."

In support of the governor's pledge, the coalition has launched the "100 Days to Education Excellence Campaign." Easton says the group will pay close attention to see how the governor's education agenda is being greeted by state lawmakers.

Michael Clifford/Eric Mack, Public News Service - NY