PNS Daily Newscast - February 20, 2020 

Six Democratic presidential contenders face off in Nevada; and ballot security issues in play.

2020Talks - February 19, 2020 

Tonight's the Las Vegas debate, ahead of this weekend's Nevada caucuses. Some candidates are trying to regain the spotlight and others are trying to keep momentum.

A Prescription For Ohio's Economy

January 5, 2007

A blueprint for Ohio's economy released today calls on the incoming governor and state lawmakers to make key investments in education, infrastructure, and alternative energy. Report author Amy Hanauer with Policy Matters Ohio says the state has a history of smart long-term planning, but Ohio is now at a turning point where today's investments will make or break the state's economic future.

"(We need)really strong educational investment, good investments in Ohio's infrastructure, and a real new commitment to clean energy and a more sustainable economy."

Hanauer thinks keeping employers in Ohio should also be a priority, and a well-educated workforce is more important than subsidies or tax breaks.

"Providing a better-trained workforce is a way of strengthening our economy, helping the individual company, but also keeping them grounded in Ohio."

Hanauer says pre-school programs like Head Start are another smart investment for the state. She notes they actually save money in the long run by keeping kids in the workforce and away from crime and early pregnancy.

The report is online at:

Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - OH