PNS Daily Newscast - November 12, 2019 

Bracing for an arctic blast, politics shows up during Veterans' Day, farm issues in Wisconsin, and a cleaver dog learns to talk some.

2020Talks - November 12, 2019 

65 years ago today, the federal government shut down Ellis Island; plus, former MA Gov. Deval Patrick might enter the Democratic primary race.

Daily Newscasts

Idaho Rural Areas Look for a Farm Bill Lifeline

January 22, 2007

Life in rural Idaho may need some economic resuscitation to keep small communities thriving. The next federal Farm Bill is looked at as a lifeline, according to Dan Owens with the Center for Rural Affairs. He sees it as an opportunity to breathe new life into small farms and towns.

"We need strategies that have been proven to work that help people stay in rural America. We don't want strategies that drive people off the farm."

Owens worries a mega farm or developer buying out a mom-and-pop operation is becoming too common of a story in Idaho.

"We want to see our rural communities survive and thrive, and we think that moral perspective is one that's kind of been missing to some extent."

Owens points to conservation programs and micro-loans for rural development as two good ways to keep small town areas in business. He says big cash rewards to corporate farms in past Farm Bills don't help rural economies, although some say those cash rewards are key to keeping consumer prices down.

Deborah Smith/Eric Mack, Public News Service - ID