PNS Daily News - December 12, 2019 

A House Committee begins debate on articles of impeachment; Washington state is set to launch a paid family, medical leave program; advocates for refugees say disinformation clouds their case; and a new barrier to abortion in Kentucky.

2020Talks - December 12, 2019 

Today’s the deadline to qualify for this month’s debate, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang made it - the only non-white candidate who’ll be on stage. Plus, former Secretary Julián Castro questions the order of primary contests.

A "Road Map" to Reducing Global Warming Emissions by 2050

February 5, 2007

Colorado could be in the driver's seat on a new "road map" to solving the global warming problem. Last week's report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicated that global warming is real, and almost certainly is caused -- or at least, exacerbated -- by humans. Now, the Sierra Club has released another report that may be seen as a roadmap to avoiding a global climate catastrophe.

The new findings, compiled by the American Solar Energy Society indicate that a combination of wind and solar power use, and sound energy conservation measures, could make a big difference in global warming by the year 2050, reducing carbon emissions by as much as 82 percent.

Sierra Club spokesperson Roger Singer says it could mean especially good news for Colorado.

"Three-fourths of the reduction in carbon dioxide use can come from wind and solar power, along with and energy efficiency. "We can be a part of the solution -- a solution that will create a lot of good-paying jobs here in Colorado."

Singer adds the passage of Amendment 37 already has initiated a number of wind and solar power projects throughout the state.

The full text of the A.S.E.S. report can be found online at:

Eric Mack/Jamie Folsom, Public News Service - CO