PNS Daily News - December 16, 2019 

Sen. Chuck Schumer calls for four specific witnesses in Senate impeachment trial; giving Iowans with disabilities a voice in caucuses; and an expert says Seasonal Affective Disorder is a lot more than just the holiday blues.

2020Talks - December 16, 2019 

Sen. Cory Booker led the charge asking the DNC to ease up debate qualification requirements. All seven candidates who made the cut for Thursday's debate say they won't participate in the debate at Loyola Marymount in LA if it means crossing the picket line of Unite Here Local 11.

Congress Plan: Ohio's "Coal Country" to Become "Clean Energy Country"

February 9, 2007

A new plan passed by a U.S. House committee would boost clean energy production and conservation in southeastern Ohio and other Appalachian coal regions. The plan would use $12 million per year to increase wind, solar, bio-fuels, and clean coal production.

Ohio Representative Zack Space authored the legislation; he says it will create jobs and help make the state a leader in a cutting edge industry.

"We will be invigorating the economies of our Appalachian counties while working to gain energy independence. That's a principle that all of us agree is important."

Dave Rinebolt, with Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy, says the plan would create jobs where they are needed most. He adds renewable energy will play a big role in Ohio's economic future.

"New energy development, alternative energy development, produces quality jobs and can have a real impact on the economy in southeastern Ohio."

Jack Shaner, with the Ohio Economic Council, says Appalachia, and Ohio in general, can be environmental leaders by switching from coal to new, and other cleaner alternatives.

"Ohio, the Appalachian region, are sitting on a gold mine of renewable energy sources; wind, solar, low-impact hydro, and more. This is a great win-win that can't happen soon enough."

The bill passed the House Transportation committee this week in a unanimous vote. The alternative energy funding is an amendment to the Appalachian Regional Commission bill, HR 799.

Rob Ferrett/Jamie Folsom, Public News Service - OH