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May Be More to Valentine's Flowers Than Lovers Intend

February 14, 2007

Most of the flowers given on this Valentine's Day here in Iowa come from Central and South American counties where they are routinely sprayed with potentially lethal pesticides to remove bugs, chemicals that are illegal to use in the U.S., according to Granger organic flower grower Angela Tedesco.

On this Valentine's Day many of the flowers that will be smelled and touched have been dipped in pesticides that have been outlawed in the U.S. Granger Iowa organic flower grower Angela Tedesco says most of
the flowers delivered on Valentine's Day are not locally grown but imported from foreign countries where they have been immersed in toxic chemicals to make sure they meet the U.S. ban on bugs.

"There's chemicals used in other countries that maybe are not legal to use here. So unless it's certified organic you
don't know how it's being grown or what chemicals are being used on it."

Tedesco says many people seek out organically grown food but never give a thought to buying non-food organic items like flowers. She says chemically laced flowers touch more than just person receiving them.

T"he people who are growing it are being exposed to chemicals if they aren't organic. The handlers in the florist
shops will be handling these flowers that might have chemicals on them, but the even bigger picture is the environment is having chemicals used on it."

Tedesco says there are organic flower growers in Iowa that you can locate through the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

such as flowers.

There may be more to Valentine's Flowers than lovers intend, sad to say, according a leader in Iowa's organic farming community.

Angela Tedesco is at 515-278-4522.

Dick Layman/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - IA