PNS Daily Newscast - April 9, 2020 

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders suspends his campaign for president. And COVID-19 is ravaging the black community in some areas, including Milwaukee.

2020Talks - April 9, 2020 

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders drops out of the race for president, though he assured supporters yesterday his movement will continue. A federal judge ruled this week a lawsuit in Florida awaiting trial will apply to all people with former felony convictions, not just the 17 plaintiffs.

WYO Forecast: Public to Stay in the Dark on Many Legislative Votes

March 2, 2007

Too much time, too much money and too many changes. Those have been the arguments against looking into the use of an electronic voting system in the Wyoming Legislature. Electronic systems are used in 42 other state legislatures, and Marcia Shanor with the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association says it's a way to encourage public interest in legislative doings, as well as a way for the public to hold legislators accountable.

"I think it just makes the process more accurate, more accountable, and I think in the end it will be faster."

Recorded roll call votes usually do take place on final passage of bills, but many votes are taken by voice, or standing count, so there's no record of how lawmakers voted. Shanor points out that the public has no way to holding legislators accountable when they don't know who voted which way. She says electronic voting clears that up ...

"I think it just gives people a better idea of whether their representative or senator is voting all the way through the process."

The Management Council rejected a proposal to study Wyoming's potential use of an electronic voting system.

Deborah Smith/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - WY