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Clergy Hold "Sununu Campout" Today

March 6, 2007

They believe God is making a call that needs to be answered. Priests, pastors and other religious leaders are camping out in New Hampshire Senator John Sununu's office in Manchester today, to emphasize the need for a stronger stand on ending the war in Iraq.

Among the "campers" is the Reverend Gordon Crouch of the Hopkinton United Church of Christ, who says it's time to bring New Hampshire troops home, and also to make sure they don't end up in Iran any time soon.

"Our faith calls us to be people of peace and to avoid war whenever possible. We just feel that our involvement there needs to come to an end."

Reverend Crouch feels the U.S. Congress is America's only hope to set the nation squarely back on the road to diplomacy in world politics. It's a cause that not all faith leaders support, with some saying military action is needed to trump terrorism. Crouch says Senator Sununu's office is the site of the "camp-out" because he has voiced disappointment about the situation in Iraq. As billions more dollars have been requested to escalate troop deployments, Sununu joins what has become a bipartisan concern about the cost -- and the point -- of the Iraq war.

"We're glad to hear some of the things that he's saying about the way he feels about what's going on in Iraq, but we would certainly like him to step up in a stronger way, especially when it comes to this supplemental funding."

Deborah Smith/Jamie Folsom, Public News Service - NH