PNS Daily News - October 16, 2019 

Farmers in DC to discuss trade and the rural economic crisis; also Lily Bohlke reports on the Democratic debate -- from 2020 Talks.

2020Talks - October 16, 2019 

Last night in Ohio the fourth Democratic debate covered issues from health care, gun control and abortion to the Turkish invasion of Syria. What's clear: Sen. Elizabeth Warren has replaced former VP Joe Biden as the centerstage target.

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Drilling Plans Too Close for WYO Range Comfort

March 13, 2007

Drilling creeping up on the Wyoming Range. That's how some locals view a U.S. Forest Service plan to allow wildcat gas wells in the Hoback Basin. Dan Smitherman with Hoback Peak Outfitters says he and others have supported energy development in many parts of the state, but they think it's time to recognize that drilling isn't appropriate everywhere.

"We see what this looks like down here, and now it's in our front yard. It's in the places we play, and we don't wanna see it."

Drilling plans call for operations that the company says are gentle to the environment. According to Smitherman, even those practices leave a permanent footprint of roads and noise that aren't compatible with high-quality hunting and fishing. He is one of 45 outfitters who make their living along the Wyoming Range. He says elk, deer and moose hunting is most successful in areas that aren't developed.

"The area that we're most concerned about, for the most part, is mountainous. A large chunk of it has been roadless and designated roadless for a long time."

A copy of the drilling proposal is at

Deborah Smith/Eric Mack, Public News Service - WY