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Immigration Debate Back on Front Burner

March 22, 2007

The House will be taking the lead as lawmakers in Washington today enter a new round in the nation's immigration debate. Avidech Moussavian at the New York Immigration Coalition, says the new bill is being called the STRIVE Act of 2007. It attempts to balance security concerns with the needs of the economy and the hopes of immigrants.

"The framework's totally different as opposed to it being just an enforcement-only bill. The starting point is really much more comprehensive and it includes a legalization program. It includes what's being called a new worker program."

Moussavian still has concerns with some of the enforcement and worker provisions expected in the bill, but she says the Strive Act offers a good starting point for the debate.

"Fifty-nine percent of Americans want a comprehensive immigration bill that includes an earned path to citizenship for undocumented workers, according to a Gallup/USA Today poll taken just last week. Moussavian says it's good to see lawmakers in Washington getting started on that track.

"It's a bi-partisan bill that really will benefit our economy, our security and keep families together, instead of what we are seeing now, which is raids and bars to citizenship that make it harder for people who are here."

Immigrant advocates plan a statewide campaign aimed at New York's congressional delegation to encourage support for immigration reform. A democrat from Illinois and a Republican from Arizona are sponsoring the legislation.

Michael Clifford/Eric Mack, Public News Service - NY