PNS Daily Newscast - Friday, August 23, 2019 

A federal court ruling changes how the President is elected, and Florida Democrats trigger a special session vote on guns. Those stories and more in today's news.

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60+ Ohio Groups Lay Out "Green Agenda" for State

March 28, 2007

Ohio may be turning greener, and not just because it's springtime. An unprecedented coalition of over 60 farm, fishing, and conservation groups are joining together today to lay out their top priorities for lawmakers. Bill DeMora with the Ohio League of Conservation Voters says there are "green" solutions to many of Ohio's problems. At the top of the list is the renewal of the state's "Clean Ohio Fund."

"That fund has cleaned up toxic sites, saved farmland, made trails available and saved greenspaces across the state."

DeMora believes there's been a "climate change" at the state Capitol when it comes to environmental issues - and he thinks the Governor and lawmakers are ready for action, especially given the potential for economic benefits from renewable energy and conservation.

"I think that the legislature has come around to the part that energy efficiency and the environment helps create jobs, it's not either the environment or jobs like it has been in the past."

Other priorities include tax benefits for landowners who conserve natural habitats, better public transportation in urban areas, farmland preservation, and investment in creating a home-grown renewable energy industry.

Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - OH