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Harvey Weinstein in custody after being convicted of felony sex crimes. And U.S. Supreme Court to consider foster-parenting rights of same-sex couples.

2020Talks - February 25, 2020 

Tonight's the last debate before the South Carolina primaries, but it's also the last before Super Tuesday, which includes California and its 494 delegates.

Ranchers, Public Lands Caught in Crossfire of Iraq War Spending Debate

March 28, 2007

This week the Senate debates a controversial spending bill. There's been plenty of talk about money for Iraq and a possible timetable for troop withdrawal, but little mention of critical dollars to help Colorado ranchers and preserve public lands that are also at stake. Jared Koch with the Colorado Farm Bureau says the bill includes money for key programs.

"Livestock compensation program, livestock indemnity program are two of the biggest [programs]that will help out our
ranchers in the southeastern Colorado area."

Millions of dollars to help pay for schools, public safety and conservation programs in Colorado counties with large areas of National Forest are also being debated. It's part of an alternative to the Bush Administration's plan to
fund rural schools by selling off public lands. Mike Anderson with The Wilderness Society says that idea wasn't popular with many people across the West.

"What Congress is doing now, is working on legislation that will provide the funding for the counties and the schools,
but not have to sell off these important National Forest lands in order to finance that."

The money goes to help fund counties with large areas of National Forest and other federal lands that don't produce any property tax revenue. The "county payments" program is part of the "Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act."

Eric Mack, Public News Service - CO