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The latest Trump child-detention policy sparks harsh criticism. Also on the Thursday rundown: New York sues the EPA over Hudson River PCBs.

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Local Food Law Gets First "Taste Test" Today

March 28, 2007

State lawmakers get a taste of a proposed local food law today. The "Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin" bill is up for its first hearing before the State Senate. It would help farmers market their food products to local consumers. State Ag and Trade Secretary Rod Nilsestuen will testify today. He says the vast majority of Wisconsin's food-buying dollars flow out of the state, so there are big economic opportunities, especially for rural communities.

"We have annual food expenditures of $19.2 billion. The estimates are that 10 percent of that could come from locally-produced food."

If passed, the law would give grants to farmers to market their food in Wisconsin, and it would promote "food tourism" to introduce local products to Wisconsinites and out of state tourists.

Anna Maenner with the Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association says buying Wisconsin-produced foods helps both farmers and food consumers.

"First, it's a great way to support the local economy; and number two, your produce and your meats are fresh. They're right here, and you know where they're grown, which you can't get when you're looking for food outside the state."

Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - WI