PNS Daily News - December 6, 2019 

A Trump impeachment vote in the House could come before Christmas; students rally for climate action again today; and other-abled workers fuel a vertical farm in Wyoming.

2020Talks - December 6, 2019 

Impeachment is ramping up, and so is Iowa campaigning and Democratic endorsements. 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry endorsed former VP Joe Biden, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders, and VoteVets endorsed Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Report: Farm Bill Could Be "For the Birds" - And Hunters

April 2, 2007

Ann Arbor, MI - According to a new report, the U.S Farm Bill could bring Wisconsin a bumper crop of ducks, geese, and other migratory birds. Farm ill conservation programs help farmers restore grasslands and wetlands in the Upper Midwest. Gildo Tori with Ducks Unlimited says that's a big deal for hunters and birdwatchers in Wisconsin, who have a lot to gain if farmland conservation gets full funding.

"These farm bill programs aren't just about benefiting farmers and landowners, a lot of sportsmen and birdwatchers gain from these farm programs, especially with the Wetland Reserve Program. It will put more wetlands on the map, and the great benefit is, there's more places for ducks and geese to nest, and more to fill our skies in the fall."

Almost 60,000 acres of wetland have been restored in Wisconsin with help from the U.S Farm Bill. Current funding has limited some conservation programs to selected areas in the state. Tori notes the conservation funding would also help preserve water and soil quality around the state, using grasslands and wetlands to stop erosion and keep pesticides and manure out of waterways.

"They're filtering off run-off that's coming off agricultural lands, running into the streams and creeks and lakes and they can restore wetlands and that helps not just water quality but wildlife as well."

The report, "Cultivating Restoration," is at

Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - WI