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Gas prices could jump today in response to the Saudi oil attack; energy efficiency jobs are booming in the U.S.; and a national call to promote election security.

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Former Rep. John Delaney on the opioids crisis; a field organizer for Sen. Kamala Harris on campaigning in Iowa; and a President Donald Trump supporter who cares more about numbers than personalities.

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A “Shield” in the Works for MA Journalists and Their Sources

April 10, 2007

Massachusetts journalists want protection for their sources, and now media industry leaders and state lawmakers are crafting a “shield.” Thirty-three states and Washington, D.C., have a law protecting journalists from being forced to reveal their sources, and a bill before the House could make Massachusetts the 34th. Opponents say journalists should be forced to abide by the same laws as all citizens. But State Rep. Charles Murphy, co-sponsor of the bill, says he doesn’t view it as a privilege just for journalists, he says it protects everyone.

"It will allow people, whistleblowers, to come forward on issues that perhaps they don’t want any publicity on, but this will allow them, or at least give them the comfort to know that their identity will not be shared."

If the “Free Flow of Information Act” passes the House and the Senate, it could at the earliest become law in a year and a half. Murphy adds that right now, they’re reaching out for support from the Attorney General.

Charles Kravetz, station manager of New England Cable News, is helping organize support for the bill. He says this is a response to some high-profile federal and state cases.

"They are increasingly using subpoenas to get information from journalists, which is, we believe, anathema to the First Amendment and to the freedom of the press."

The bill is HB 1672. Find out more online at

Kevin Clay/Eric Mack, Public News Service - MA