PNS Daily Newscast - December 10, 2018 

Nick Ayers is said to reject Trump’s offer to be White House chief of staff. Also on the Monday rundown: Help still needed in areas hit hard by Hurricane Michael; and look for a domestic workers' bill of rights to be introduced in Congress next year.

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Report: Big Financial Payoff for Measure 37 Funders

April 23, 2007

Salem, OR - As the legislature considers revamping Measure 37 to minimize its financial impact on the state, a new report shows some major contributors to the campaign could get a big return on their investment. The analysis from the Money in Politics Research Action Project shows donors who funded over half of the Measure 37 campaign have filed claims under the measure worth at least $600 million. Report author Sarah Wetherson says some contributors were just average property owners, but others are in a league of their own.

“There are other folks who were able to give large contributions to the campaign who are now looking at potentially getting millions of dollars in compensation or else having land use laws waived.”

Measure 37 requires taxpayers to pay landowners if land use laws or zoning hurt property values. If taxpayers can't afford to pay, the land use laws have to be changed.

Wetherson believes that while most Measure 37 contributors haven't filed claims, those who provided the major backing are using the law to their advantage.

“I can't help but think that these folks had a sense that if they could only pass this law, they could stand to make a huge amount of money.”

The analysis is online at

Dondrea Warner/Eric Mack, Public News Service - OR