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NBA legend Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash with his daughter. And states work to make U.S. Census fair for people of color.

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Report: More Middle-Classers in ID say they Can't Afford Health Care

May 14, 2007

Middle class Idahoans and others around the country say they don't think they can afford the health care they need for their families, according to a new study that shows six-in-ten are worried about health care access and affordability. Even those with insurance don't think they can afford health treatments.

Congress is looking at several health care reforms this year, and one plan would start by making sure kids are covered. Nayyera Haq is with the Children's Defense Fund, and she says the “All Health Children Act” is important.

“It makes enrollment automatic, so when a children is born, a child automatically has health insurance. It also catches children when they go to school.”

The All Healthy Children Act is designed to cover the nine million kids nationwide without coverage, as well as kids with limited health insurance.

Lindsey Wade is also with the Children's Defense Fund. She adds that the All Healthy Children Act would simplify insurance.

“We would truly simplify enrollment and make sure that children actually do get enrolled and stay enrolled to get the benefits that they need.”

Critics of the bill in Congress say it will be too costly, but supporters say the costs are a wise investment in the future.

The Catholic Healthcare West study is online at

Deborah Smith/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - ID